Working at Hotel Garrison - Part I


Oh, how good it feels with small points of intrigue attached to my cb-2000. Normally long points punish me for erections by digging deep into my sissy clit.

i’m standing in my Mistress Sarah’s and Master Marc’s, Her Boyfriends bedroom (which used to be O/our bedroom), holding a penny against the wall with my nose, in a maid’s costume with high heels, hands holding up my skirt, showing off my striped bottom, the results of Master disciplining me with rattan cane, legs straight, feet spread apart by the width of my shoulders. i am a genetic male, but a sissy with breasts. Mistress and Master are my Owners, i am Their property, if Y/you know what it means.

Mistress has put the penny at the level of my chest so my butt sticks out. i must confess that the penny sticks to the tip of my nose after some time which makes it easier for me to hold on to it.

my name used to be Michael Wellington, but my family calls me mia (yes, no capital M). Besides Sarah, whom i must call Mistress, and Marc, whom i call Master, my family includes alice, who is another sissy live-in property. Mistress and Master call her also “the other”. She is currently dressed exactly like me, W/we are like duplicates, except alice is 22 years old and i’m 44. she’s now standing near the other corner at the foot of the bed in a similar position like me. W/we have been holding pennies against the wall since Mistress and Master decided to have fun in bed after making out before us.

i hear wonderful smacking noises, and i can imagine what They look like, fucking wildly on the bed. Mistress with Her long dark hair, full, pert breasts, B-cup, bee waist, round butt, otherwise slender and tall. Master, 32 years old, 10 years younger than Mistress, athletic, but not the bodybuilding type, short dark hair.

i’m hilarious, as i’m allowed to be as erect as the 2,5” long cb-2000 allows, and i’m allowed to be present, dressed as a maid and even showing my naked butt as Mistress and Master Marc are making love. i love my life during these moments; They still let us use small points of intrigue in our cb’s most times as They fuck.

our orgasms are totally up to their discretion and They decide on Their whim if and how we orgasm. They have said that we will never be allowed a full orgasm again, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. i don’t miss orgasms at all. Instead we get well ruined orgasms, as They call them. It means little stimulation which is stopped right as the first signs of an approaching orgasm, and result in only one or two little droplets of cum leaking out of our sex organs called clitties. The good point with ruineds is that we never lose our sex drive, we are always horny and hot.

i dare not move a muscle because i am afraid any misconduct now would ruin my small chances for release. Because, sometimes after They have made love, They decide if either me or alice is granted a ruined orgasm. We try to serve them excellently, as it makes Them more generous with ruined orgasms. They normally let us both edge after their lovemaking, and never tell us beforehand, whether one of us (until now we have never been allowed on the same day) will be allowed to continue to a ruined orgasm.

i imagine His butt going up and down, my mind’s eye sees His big shaft withdrawing and penetrating Her slippery pussy again, big ball sacks pounding on Her tender perineum. i know His Tool is so large it has widened her pussy so that if i ever were allowed to stick my pecker in Her, She would notice much notice. The wet, slurping sounds make me drift back to a memory of my latest orgasm, ruined like them all, which happened 5 weeks ago after Mistress and Master had been fucking and we were waiting by the wall exactly like now.

5 weeks ago

i hear Her passionate moans, and Her advice to Marc: “keep an steady pace now, deep thrusts, yes, yes, Aaa-aaa-aaah”. i hear Her get another Orgasm. They collapsed on the bed panting after what sounded like a very explosive orgasm. Mistress commands:

- Time for clean-up. alice – Me, mia – Master. You can let your skirts down now, girls.

    Obediently we take the pennies and put them in our pockets where they are found next time. Mistress is on the pill, so They don’t use condoms. alice does like she is taught, kneels facing away from the bed, leans back so that her upper back rests on the edge of the bed. her arms relax by her sides, hands cupped so that thumbs rest along the first joint of the forefinger with palms facing the legs – this is the standard hand position for slaves.

    Mistress straddles immediately her face. Her anus rests on her nose and she starts gulping down the precious cream. i approach Master, kneel by the bed, and as He is lying in the bed, i crawl on the bed until i can get His Penis in my mouth. i take it in my mouth first, licking it with long licks of my tongue to get all the cum and juices off and swallowed. That’s right. A cuck gets no sex, but she will have to eat Master’s cum. Finally i rub it dry with a hankie which i produce from my corset pocket. i settle in a waiting position, kneeling up.

    i hear my Wife-Owner say to Marc:

    - Would you be an angel and take care of the slaves?

    - Oh, sure, Honey. That’s a pleasure.

    i am afraid i will not be allowed a ruined orgasm as i failed His kitchen inspection: He found some rice in the sink trap. Will an especially tasty Indian style 3 course meal with home made garlic naan offset the mistake? Excel in obeisance now, slave, be good, i command myself. our Owners are an extremely clever and creative dominant couple, who demand service-orientedness and absolute obeisance from Their slaves. They are also into behaviour modification by extensive training and expanding gradually our limits.

    He’s sitting on the edge of the bed and He looks me briefly in the eye. i purse my painted lips smiling, trying to charm Him with perfect behaviour, just like i’m trained, just like they want me to do. It’s just a passing moment and He orders “Ass up”, simply by looking me in the eye and making His fingers into an O. It means to me to quickly turn around and settle on all fours so that my ass was pointing to Master, lower my forehead to the floor, and grab my ankles by putting my hands between my spread legs, and then concentrate on keeping my ass as up as i could. i was weirdly happy to be ordered to this position in which my intimate parts displayed to my Master, naked and hairless like surrendering.

    - You too, He shouted to the other, and side by side we waited, asses up, heads to the floor.

    - OK, slaves, to slave room, and change into leather corsets, fishnet stockings, leather helmets, open-eyed… and posture collars. The high heels stay on.

    alice and i curtsey deep, thank Master and Mistress and scurry quickly to change into the outfits Master described. we undress until we have only the cb-2000’s on. we tighten the leather corsets on each other, put on stockings and attach them to suspenders. It’s so nice putting on fishnets as we are totally hairless from the neck down, partly epilated, partly treated with laser. We put on the leather helmets and posture collars. i see my humiliated figure briefly in a small mirror, a stupid looking helmet with open eyes and open mouth stealing the show.

    Soon we trot out of the slave room, following the orders concerning walking style – elbows touching sides, wrists angled, fingers straight and separated, palms down, hips swaying - we enter the Master bedroom. we kneel upright by the door like we have been taught. we look silently at the floor beneath our Superiors.

    There are a lot of mirrors in the Master bedroom and from the corner of my eye i see a side view of myself: black helmet, white arm, black corset, white buttock, black fishnets. Mistress probably ignores me as Master Marc takes the lead:

    - OK, let’s go, follow!

    - Thank You, Master, we answer in unison.

    He walks past us. we rise up and turn around quickly and follow him meekly. It doesn’t matter we still have the cb on, as long as the dreaded spikes, points of intrigue are off. He had put on His boxers, but He was otherwise naked. Soon W/we are in the slave shower room – a tiled room in the basement. Mistress doesn’t turn up, only Marc and alice. i am not gay, so it amuses Her that only two males witness my sex act.

    Kneel down

    we put our foreheads to the floor, and kneel legs together.

    - Do you have something to say, cuck?

    i was in doubt whether i should answer Him kneeling down or should i face Him. i tried to raise my head, but He hissed:

    - Stay still!

    i didn’t tell you to move.

    Master, Sir, thank You for allowing this slave to speak. i cannot express how great gratitude i feel to you, as you so generously choose to pay attention to Your lowly slave and spend Your precious time to deal with this slave. i am not worth sucking Your toes, Master, but that is all i ask as it is only 3 weeks since this slave was granted a ruined orgasm by masturbation …

    - Shut up, slave. That’s boring shit. you don’t know what’s coming at you.

    - alice, come here.

    Now He whispers to alice some instructions, and T/they prepare something. Next i feel something shoved into my anus, and as it is inflated, sharp stinging starts in my ass. That something was lubricated with tabasco. i don’t have time to worry about that as He continues to inflate the plug which expands and expands. Then He stops, but adds one more squeeze making it almost intolerable. As liquid starts to flow massively in my bowels, i know i have an inflatable enema plug in my ass. i wonder what sort of enema that is and how much there’s going to be, but Master is kind enough to enlighten me as He plugs alice and opens the valve of another enema bag filled by alice.

    - All the time while your cb is off, you will be holding 2 quarts of hot water in your ass, slaves.

    The corset prevents the swelling of the upper stomach, so our bellies bulges obscenely below the corset, as the enema flows in.

    - Stand up!

      A strict command by the Man who has just fucked my wife, and weak from the enema we rise up, with a problem straightening up. i cannot look down to see my bulging belly, because of the posture collar. Finally Master takes His Key and opens the padlock holding my genitals in the cb.

      - Phew! alice, remove her cb and feed her slime to her

      alice puts the pink parts on a shelf. While she kept feeding me my precum with her finger, He kept talking.

      - We have decided that you will no longer be humping the tiled floor, gurls. We want your release to differ in all possible ways from real sex, which is reserved for alpha males. First, you will never initiate sex like alpha males – your Superiors decide when it is your turn. you will need permission to cum. After that permission you get no further stimulation of any kind – that makes your release overtly unnatural. Besides, you will not have a sex partner: only you will be undressed. you will not wear alpha male clothing, you will wear clothes alpha male’s female wears. While you don’t penetrate anything, you will be penetrated, at least in one way. you will be subjected to pain – one way or in many ways. And from now on your sissy clit will not be moving at all during the stimulation. you will not fuck anything, not even the floor. your stimulation will be totally different than that a penis gets in a pussy. And if We can think of some new ways to humiliate you, you’ll be the first to know. We thought of blindfolding you and depriving you of sight, but forcing you to look at a pair of male feet i think is even better. And one more difference - i will teach you that in practise. mia, remove alice’s cb and get on your knees both, your asses facing that bench, one on either side.

      - Thank You, Master.

      i was mixed up from all that information, and trying to digest it but at the same time i was in a bliss, because it all sounded so erotic. we knelt on the floor by a hard wooden bench, 30cm x 1m.

      - Not by the long sides, you morons, by the short sides. Now back up until you hit the bench, and bend your sissy clits all the way backward and put them on the bench upside down

      The bench was a little lower than my crotch so i could bend my erect sissy clit back, until it rested on the bench upside down, balls resting on top of its base. Now the bench prevented it from getting back to its natural position, and the other prevented the bench to yield. i was surprised it was so easy to bend my sissy clit 180 degrees backwards. my erection is maybe not so rock hard as it used to be any more now that i’m in a cb all the time. i must admit the position was humiliating, which made me all so horny. i noticed the sarcasm in my sissy clit being either locked in a chastity belt or bent upside down.

      - Now press your cheek to the floor and take care your thighs press against the bench all the time. So this is your future position for sex. The one last thing on the long list of unnaturalities is this: your sissy clit will be pointing backwards, upside down during the process. A regular male wouldn’t even get into that position let alone climax in it. Let’s see if you can get your mini climax. If you can’t, we’ll try again when you have been denied longer.

      i was still in a bliss, as my sissy clit was free, and probably i was getting soon a permission to masturbate. The news that i will not be able to hump any more was offsetting the fun only a bit.

      - This position is generic in a way that We could now give the stimulation to your clitty in many different ways. i could step on your clit now with a heavy boot, and press your clitty to the bench, and make you cum between hard bench and sole of my boot. You can imagine what other possibilities there are. As I said you will not be doing fucking motions any more. When men masturbate, they simulate fucking with their hand motions. So you will also not be allowed male masturbation motions. We found best that you learn to masturbate like a sissy gurl, which means you will be allowed to masturbate by flicking one of your fingers across your clitty, only crosswise across your frenum, not along the shaft. If you accidentally touch your clitty with more than one fingertip, you will report that to me, and fun is over for both of you tonight. If you fail to report to me, you get the Big Punishment (=long POI and one rattan caning per day for 5 days) . If your hand tires, you may change to another finger which may also be in your other hand, but you can only change it twice. - Having emitted so much precum, your clits will be slick enough for you already, ha ha ha. Begin!

      With my helmeted head down on the floor i saw Master’s bare feet in front of my eyes on the bathroom floor. i reached back with my right hand and felt my way to my ball sac and sissy clit. i closed my hand except for forefinger, and started to move it over the frenum area, side to side, and noticed it was fun. After being locked in a chastity belt, and being allowed to touch your sissy clit only in supervised showers, even little stimulation like this was heavenly. My hand also touched my balls as a nice side-effect.

      This new masturbation style required a bit of getting used to, the friction created with one fingertip was not enough. i had to get more pressure, i aligned my fingers so that only forefinger touched my clitty but other fingers were on top of the forefinger and i got more leverage to the flicking. However occasionally i lost the rhythm, it was not so easy to hold the finger at the right place. Master noticed my trouble, and rescued me.

      - You may pull the foreskin back and expose glans

      i seized the opportunity to touch my clitty with two fingers, and God it felt good to slide the foreskin down the shaft, at least once. As the clitty head was exposed, i started to eventually make progress and proceed towards higher levels of excitement. That was good, as my hand got already tired, as i had to reach very far behind my ass all the time. i changed to the middle finger of my left hand. i felt new precum lubricating the frenum and i started to hold my breath and then breath deep. Oh God, how humiliating it was to do this at the feet of Master. i sped up and flicked my finger frantically, and got myself finally to the edge by beating the clitty like i was whipping cream by hand and said

      - Master, Sir, this slave is close to cumming

      - You may not cum. Suck my toes first. When you are through with it, and have the toes of my left foot in your mouth, you may edge again.

      - Thank You, Master
        It’s going to be a long night, i thought. i had been taught what “suck my toes” means. it means i will have to first take the big toe of His right foot in my mouth and suck it for at least 15 seconds (i have to estimate the time, but if They notice i suck a shorter time than that, i get disciplined),. Then i suck His second toe of that foot, and so on until all toes of His right foot are sucked. Then i take His big toe and His index toe in my mouth and lick thoroughly the space between His toes, then move on to the next space – 4 pairs of toes altogether in each foot. Lastly i take all 5 toes in my mouth and just suck the whole foot for at least 30 seconds (the same discipline applies) before moving on to the next foot, and replying everything exactly in the same manner.

        He was so friendly to offer His foot close to my mouth so i could keep my position exactly as it was. i started licking his big toe, but was unsure of whether to continue stroking my frenum or not. i thought it better not to stroke, because unauthorized masturbation is much, much bigger mistake than not doing it. However i kept my left hand back by the sissy clit, ready to start stroking. Maybe he noticed only when i was sucking His third toe of the right foot, that i had stopped masturbation.

        - Continue to masturbate!

        - Thank you, Mahter, i said with His third toe in my mouth.

        It was a very humiliating experience to be sucking the toe of my Wife’s Boyfriend, and masturbating as commanded, in this very awkward position, with sore hands, but although the physical contact with Master was not something that turned me on, as i am not gay, i must say some very basic slave’s sexual fantasies were realized at that moment. i loved every second of it. They were looking for the ultimate humiliation, and i was happy to be the guinea-pig in Their research. While i was sucking and flicking away, i wondered how on Earth can i ask permission to cum with His whole foot in my mouth. Finally when i had sucked His left foot for a time i assumed must have been longer than 30 seconds, and sped up my work with my finger to get ready for cumming and then i started talking, trying not to bite or otherwise behave to His dismay:

        - Mahter, Hir, thih hlave ih clohe to cuhmin

        - You may cum, but continue sucking my foot until i tell you to stop

        - Oh, Mahter, Thank You, Mahter.

        i changed to my right hand, middle finger. Suddenly i felt a cat-o’-9-tales fit my left buttock painfully. He was whipping my ass during my ruined orgasm! They sometimes do such things to offset the fun. The tips hit my crack and then again the left buttock (He was standing on my right). Keeping His foot in my mouth, i managed to continue over the edge by beating my clit in a frenzy that made my whole body shake. i let go of my clitty early, because i was afraid the contact between the bench and the clit during orgasm would trigger a real orgasm, and squirting is a no-no for us slaves.

        As Master noticed i took my hand away, and remained waiting for the ejaculation, He reacted. He was not going to risk a full orgasm for me.

        - alice, stop and move the bench away from mia.

          Soon i felt the bench being pulled away from me and my clit flopped between my legs, with no contact to anything else than air. As the bench disappeared, something leaked from my clit. It was a nice feeling but not orgasmic. Maybe it was precum that the bend in my clit had blocked. After that only one more drop dropped from my clit to the floor. i had taken my hand away a bit too soon. The orgasm became ruined really badly.

          Master kept me in the humiliating posture for some time, sucking His foot, before He said:

          - Kneel up and turn around

            i understood my next task would be to lick my cum, which had without exception followed each of my ruined orgasms.

            - Okey. Now eat your cum where it fell.
              i turn around and start licking the cum from the floor…

              Back to today

              i drift back from the memories as Mistress cries out exceptionally load “Aah, Aaaah, Oo-aaaah” and Master makes those guttural noises He does as He has orgasm. They always cum noisily, i don’t get surprised any more. We get to do the clean-up jobs. Mistress seems to prefer alice to clean Her up, as She has me again lick Master clean. She gives me the creampie only once in 2-3 weeks and thus She has made me look forward to it. These instances are the only times She lets me touch Her sex nowadays.

              we wait eagerly for a possible release, but instead She says:

              - cuck, it’s time your start earning your living. Your life is going to change in a major way quite soon, and i want you to write the story of how you became in this position as our slave before that. I’ll give you the password to My computer so you can use it, but you can only use thesaurus and dictionary on the web, no other sites. Understood?

              - Yes, Mistress. Thank You, Mistress

                i was once a well paid professional in an IT company, i was a little annoyed of Her implying i am not earning a living as it was Her decision i resigned.

                - You have not used computer now for a year, so as a precaution Master will lock your PoI on now, get here!

                So now i am here, in Her study, a place where i normally only vacuum, wash and dust. alice is cleaning Master and Mistress up in the bedroom. i’m writing the story of my descend into slavery with middle sized points of intrigue locked on me. i feel my precum leaking into my panties in small squirts. The panties feel wet already. In case of a reader who doesn’t know the points, PoI in short, they are sharp spikes pointed towards the sissy clit inside a chastity device. There are baby sized, medium sized, and long points available. i have heard many males find middle sized PoI intolerable, but it has been necessary for me to get used to them, and even learn to get sexually excited while my sissy clit stays flaccid or at least semi-flaccid. i can assure all of this book is written with me wearing a cb-2000 and medium spikes. It’s of course locked on with a lock through a ring in my foreskin piercings.

                i wear them always when Master is not at home, and that is a lot. He works as a Vice president, R&D in a high tech company and travels a lot in conferences around the world. But let’s go back to the time when Mistress and i were a happy young couple.

                The beginning: my fall into slavery

                It was love at first sight. My Mistress-to-be came to talk to me in a disco when She was 29 and i was 27. i fell in love right away. She was tall and slender, and so beautiful. She was also confident and self-assured. She even had a very good position in an advertising agency and a small house in a good area. i was a regular looking guy working in IT support of a store chain, but i was very introverted, i had never had a girlfriend. i just didn’t dare talk to girls, these fantastic creatures. As this wonderful dark angel came talking to me that was my big fantasy come true in itself.

                On O/our first date i brought Her flowers, but was surprised that She just took them with a haughty look on Her face and acted superior throughout the date. She said openly that She was dominant by nature, and was looking for a boyfriend who would obey Her and surrender to Her control. She said She had noticed my shyness and that She had been looking for a nice, shy guy whom She could start training and moulding into a shape of Her liking. Having fantasized of femdom since i was 11, i was astonished how things were turning out this heavenly way. i would have been content with a vanilla relationship with a girl, and now this! i was only a little afraid whether a real dominant (and maybe a sadist!) in a real life situation would be too much for me to handle. She sent me home quite early, and informed me of the next date.

                On our second date She asked:

                -Have you had any girlfriends?

                -Well, i dated a couple of girls while i was in high school, but i only had one girlfriend for quite a short time

                -Did you have sex?

                - Well, actually not. What about you Miss, have you have boyfriends? (She had ordered me to call Her always Miss)

                - michael, I’m still testing if you are submissive enough for me, and it would help if you don’t try to lead O/our conversation. Have you had sex with sombedy else, a hooker?

                - Er, no

                - A guy?

                - No, of course not.

                - Well young guys do a lot together… masturbating together…

                - i have not masturbated with anyone else.

                - So you are a virgin?

                - Well, technically, yes.

                - What do you mean by ‘technically’?

                - Eh, i just mean that… i haven’t had sex with no-one else.

                - So you hope i would relieve you from your state of virginity?

                - Sarah, well, i hope, eh,

                - Just say ‘i want You to fuck me’

                i cleared my throat, and with a shy voice that lacked self confidence said

                - i want You to fuck me

                - I don’t know if I will ever fuck you, it depends on my whims, but if you want to become my boyfriend candidate, you might as well hear my conditions right now. I will require you to remain faithful to me from now on. You will not be fucking others as you are courting me. I am a dominant and you cannot ask me to be faithful to you. You can only hope for it.

                We started dating, and on third date, when i had only been allowed to feel Her breasts through clothes, and kiss Her on the mouth, She gave me a CB-2000 as a present. i needed to strip naked while She remained clothed, and fit myself with the CB. After watching sports from the TV for half an hour my hard-on was gone and CB was locked on.

                - You can consider that as my engagement ring. From now on, i expect that you use this chastity device daytime. As you go to bed you may pull your sissy clit out for the night and wash yourself. But you are not allowed to play with your wee-wee at home.

                However i had a key and i could anyway pull out when i wanted so it was just a chastity play that time.

                First part of protocol learned

                As W/we met at Her house She ordered me to strip naked. She took off the cb, and i stayed naked during the whole date. She didn’t take off Her clothes though. On most dates She wore normal street clothes, but sometimes She surprised me with long leather gloves, leather pants or a black short leather jacket. i usually sported a hard-on, and thought that soon enough She will put that in use. But She just used to order me around: “turn around”, “bend over”, “sit on the floor at my feet” and so on. i was allowed to kiss Her hands and legs, up until mid-thigh, and on the fourth date She blindfolded me, had me took off Her shirt and i was allowed to kneel before Her and suck Her nipples. That was bliss.

                On the fifth date She showed me Her toybox. She had a collection of straps, rope, leather ankle and wrist bracelets, collars, leashes, dildos, butt plugs, harnesses, ball weights, a leather hood, spreader bars, paddles, whips, clothespegs and other clamps and some other toys that i asked Her about. Later i learned to know they were an electric training collar, but She said She’ll tell me later. She picked up a real dog collar and a leash, and She walked me around the house. She took out steel dog bowls from a cupboard, and placed them in the kitchen where they stayed from then on. She filled one up with water and made me lap it with my tongue, and continued to lead me with the leash another time around the rooms. Then She removed the leash, said Stay and went sitting on a sofa.

                - Come here

                  i approached Her naked on all fours, She put the blindfold on my eyes.

                  - Open my blouse and suck my nipples.

                  i set to the task with the vigour of youth.

                  - Put your head under my skirt and lick my pussy

                  That was the first time i got acquainted with Her sweet pussy. i got fully erect, i was so happy i was making progress with the relationship so fast. i put my head under Her skirt, and licked Her sex through Her knickers. It was dark, i couldn’t see anything, and also in the future She took care that i didn’t see Her naked. She didn’t orgasm, but gave me a lot of instructions, and said i needed a lot of training to become a good pussylicker.

                  - That will be one of your most important skills.

                  She stopped my efforts by ordering me to kneel in front of Her. Then She surprised me by putting a pair of interconnected clover clamps on my nipples and 10 clothespins to my balls and ordering me to start masturbating. i hesitated, as nobody had seen me in that favourite hobby of mine before, but started stroking, and Her presence made it a sweet experience.

                  - As my boyfriend you need my permission to cum. No exceptions to that rule!, She said as i stroked my sissy clit. Very soon, before i edged, She said:

                  - Enough stroking, stop now! When you wait for instructions, like you do now, you will be in waiting position. you kneel up one meter from me, facing my right side, unnoticeably. If i start walking, you rise and follow me one meter behind me, and as i stop, you kneel up again, similarly by my side, one meter away. As you wait your eyes will be fixed on my hands. Be attentive to notice my possible hand signals. Hold your hands cupped by your sides.

                  She went on to describe what cupped means (fingertips pointing at myself, tip of the thumb touching the second joint of forefinger). i stayed still as She continued:

                  - Hand signals include pointing at things. If I point at the floor, you kneel up in waiting position where I point. If I point at a seat, you may sit there. If I point at a table, you will first undress if you have clothes that cover your ass, leaving only possible underwear, but remove everything covering your ass, kneel on the table facing that end of the table that is furthest away from me, on all fours, lower your forehead to the table, and grab your ankles, arms touching. you can also be ordered to that position with command ‘Ass up’. If I order ‘ass up’ as you are not on a table, you will take the same position on the floor, your ass facing me.

                  She ordered me to remove the clover clamps but keep the clothespins on and started asking about my home and family, childhood, about my closest friends, which i practically don’t have.

                  - Reattach the clover clamps and masturbate again

                  - Thank You, i said as i had fixed the clamps and started stroking.

                  - Do you always use your right hand to masturbate like that?

                  - Yes, my right hand.

                  - Stop stroking! Ever done it in any other way?

                  i thought hard.

                  - Well yes, i have tried to fuck some pipes, or masturbate myself by putting my penis inside a pipe and stroking myself with the pipe.

                  - Do you have any sex toys?

                  - Er, not much. A dildo. Women’s stockings and panties. Some small straps and rings that can be used around penis or balls.

                  - Start stroking! What have you done with your toys?

                  - i press the dildo against my penis. i wear the panties and stockings as i masturbate. The straps i attach around my ball sac or round my thighs.

                  - Have you inserted anything in your ass?

                  - Well, yes, a pen as a was just 13 or 14.

                  - But you have a dildo, surely you have tried with that?

                  - Eh, (sigh), yes, once or twice.

                  - I must know everything, don’t try to censor anything from me. As long as you tell juicy stories from your teenage years i let you masturbate, michael.

                  - Well, i have inserted the dildo in my ass, greased, and fucked myself as i masturbated. i have also spinned it in my ass.

                  - Oh, goody. Where did you get that idea from?

                  - Well, it was an old story in a magazine called S.E.X.

                  - Tell the story

                  - Well it was just a story sent in the magazine by a guy who had been to a couple of Dominas in Germany. The guy was kept hanging in the air from his wrists. Weights were hang from his ankles, keeping him straight. A strap was tautened round his penis just behind the glans which he said felt nice, but then the penis head was then hit with a strap repeatedly. Then the Domina has sucked his dick, but threw him out without an orgasm. Later another prostitute hung him upside down on a wheel with nipple clamps on, legs and arms spread, inserted a greased dildo in his anus, and spun it round and round as She masturbated him to a conclusion, cumming all over himself.

                  - That’s a hot story. Have you used some other things with masturbation? You may continue to masturbate, but ask permission to cum when you are nearing orgasm

                  - Thanks. Now i remembered my oldest sexual experiences. It was even before i had cum for the first time at 13. i must have been 10. i was in my room, i had undressed, tied a string round my ballsac, and the other end to the leg of a small table i had. Then i played being a horse and pulling the table like a cart. Can you imagine? A 10 year old playing such a game. And i remember becoming oddly excited, maybe getting an erection. i was very interested in cart-pulling horses, i examined the horse harness carefully, and i even thought i could be fitted with an exactly similar harness, except for the strap that goes around horse’s tail. i thought the strap should go around my genitals. i even experimented with a string tied around my genitals which went between my legs and connected on my backside to another string which went around my waist. As boys were playing cowboys and indians and tying hands of prisoners, i didn’t want to be tied. I was afraid they wouldn’t free me. Other boys teased and beat me up a lot, maybe it was because of that.

                  - Did you tie the other boys up then?

                  - No, i was just a spectator in that game. It happened at somebody’s birthday party actually. i was somehow too afraid to go into that. Then i had a Peter Pan outfit bought for Halloween. i remember at 11 or 12 as i was home alone i dressed in the top only, which was basicly a bright green shirt with triangular cloth strips just below my belly. i had noticed it was like a very short frock which left my ass only half covered and my erect dick pointed through the strips and i stroked it.

                  - Did you cum?

                  - No, that was before i could cum. Actually i had a tight foreskin, which stretched only after i was 13 so that i could expose my penis head for the first time. And then i noticed that the ridge round my glans was connected to my foreskin with a few tiny sheer skin bridges. i didn’t tell anybody, i removed the bridges myself one by one by just pulling the glans and the foreskin apart. They were weak. Miss, i am about to cum?

                  - Take your hand off! Now! Good. Now have a break. Ass up!

                  i took ass up –position for the first time. Mistress corrected me a bit.

                  - The point of your head that touches the floor must be upper forehead, so move your head further. your fingers and thumb connect on the outside of your ankle. Legs touch your arms, arms touch together between legs. Try if you can get your ass any higher. Okay. Stay there. No fidgeting. As I order you in any position, no moving after you are ready. Now let’s wait how quickly you get that hardon go away.

                  She went to the other room, but returned soon.

                  - Kneel up! Hurry hurry! i will call my girlfriend now and i don’t want you to hear what i say.

                  She stuffed earplugs in my eyes and draw the leather hood over my face, and zipped it at the back. Then i heard a faint distant cry “Ass up!” and assumed the position again. i didn’t see anything, i didn’t hear anything. Thoughts ran through my head. i remembered more early sex acts. My hard on stayed on. Finally i heard

                  - Kneel up! KNEEL UP!” She removes the hood and plugs.

                  - OK, boy, what else do you remember about your stroking habits?

                  - Well, now i remember that i used to fuck my ass with round chair legs. i must have been an innovative kid. Another thing…

                  - Start stroking again, but look at my crotch. I will stroke my panties, and copy my rhythm, you may not stroke faster than i do. And remember to ask permission, if you approach cumming. Continue your story

                  - My mother cut a sweater into pieces, and i took arm parts, which were like bands, maybe 15 cm wide. They fit exactly round my thighs. They were like tops of stockings. i used them a lot, all around our apartment if i was alone, and a few times almost got caught, i had to run to my room. i masturbated with the arm strips on my thighs.

                  - What S/M sex magazines did you have?

                  - i have a lot of those S.E.X. magazines. Most of them had some S/M stories sent in by the readers. i bought in an adult bookstore in London some Centurian Femdom magazines and some magazines in a local sex shop. Slave piercing concentrated on frenum piercings on male slaves turned into sissies. Most had big breasts and ass but still a chastised dick.

                  - Tell me more about your other favourite stories

                  - One dealt about a lazy husband who’s wife moved in with a dominant woman who started to dominate them both. She made the man a sissy servant for them both, wife sucked Dominant’s pussy as husband tongued Her asshole. Sometimes the dominant had the man fuck her wife as she watched, but he needed Her permission to cum. Another was about a man who was turned into maid clothes by his wife as he has passed out drunk, and he woke up tied, in a maid’s dress and rubber pants, and She turned him on his belly, beat his ass with a crop and the friction caused him to cum in his rubber pants. May i cum, please, Miss?

                  The slow stroking had prolonged my getting to the edge, but now i was there.

                  - From now on call me Mistress or Madam

                  i stopped stroking to postpone orgasm and only held sissy clit in my hand.

                  - Mistress, may I cum

                  - You may

                  It was all i needed and i exploded all over Her wooden floor.

                  - Take your hand off, She said. i unwillingly removed my hand as spasms were still continuing and remained kneeling, hands cupped by sides. my erection dropped.

                  - Now you will get moist tissue paper and dry and wash the floor. Be swift and don’t miss anything

                  i remember Her voice becoming especially stern for the first time as She said that.

                  This is Sarah Cunnington talking, Mistress-owner of mia. Reading this I notice it is time to give some more insight into mia’s story. I tell you a bit of my background first. I have been a dominant since I was a child. I liked pets, and tried to train them all. I even taught dog tricks to my cat! I knew a dog would suit me best, and I got one at the age of 13. After that my favourite hobby was agility training. I got the thrill from being in control and dominating these animals. My dog was a poodle, and part of the fun was to decide upon its clip. My friends of course knew of my strong will, and when I started dating boys, they suggested I should find a boy I could train like my dog. It was only a joke then, and my first boyfriend I chose because of his good looks, intellect and sense of humour. I found out that all nice, attractive hunks were lazy and bossy and the affairs broke up because of quarrels.

                  Then came the Internet and I starting looking for information on female led relationships and I found the Elise Sutton site. The story about a woman who wanted to lead men like a circus animal trainer leads trained bears appealed to me and everything snapped in place. I found a local group of dominant women and got together with them a couple of times and met also their subs. I loved the way they controlled their subs in private and public and started looking for a male sub of my own to be trained as my slave while I engorged myself on more ideas how to humiliate and degrade men. I started dating Marc, the kindest of my old boyfriends again, I enjoyed tying him up and fucking him from above but he refused to become my servant or trained dog. Not even rim my ass! So I dumped him and continued my search. I was concentrating on shy, kind men whom I thought would be easiest to tame.

                  Once i ran into michael (that i would rename as mia) that seemed like an excellent candidate. I picked him up and started training him. Learning that he was a virgin was a huge turn-on for Me. I remembered another true story from the Sutton website about an older woman who picked up a young guy who was a virgin, and kept him virgin, never allowing him to fuck her or anybody else, keeping him as a virgin forever, allowing only supervised masturbation.

                  mia’s sexual background seemed to combine strong sissy and pony slave tendencies. He seemed genuinely heterosexual. I kept her in the dark and told her (I’ll refer to mia as “her” as it comes naturally, though she was “him” at that time) very little about My life and my history. On the first dates she did ask Me all sorts of questions, but mostly I just answered that I’ll tell him in due time. Quite soon she adapted, and stopped asking.

                  This first supervised masturbation session mia just described was carefully planned. The up—and-down-exercises trained her to focus on Me, and My instructions, and associating her fun with My presence, and also introducing pain-pleasure combination to her.

                  After that date i was able to control myself at home with the cb-2000, and it became very rare that i masturbated in the nights. i felt Mistress’s control even though She wasn’t there, and i wanted to be able to follow Her rules. It was more fun to masturbate with Her if i had been able to control myself and had not masturbated at home. i liked that feeling.

                  Dog play

                  Next time Mistress made me wear a wide black slave collar with D-rings all around it and ball weights all night with a one kg additional weight hanging from my ballsac between my legs. i was naked, and had to hand wash Her dishes as She didn’t have a dishwasher. Then i had to clean up Her house. i was also made to put new sheets to Her bed, and while i was doing that i noticed something that the old sheets had stains that reminded a lot cum stains, but i was afraid to ask Her, as She had clearly indicated Her sex life was Her own business. And maybe it was just Her own leakages.

                  I continued seeing Marc and meeting with him between dates with mia. We fucked at my place and occasionally at his. It was Marc’s cum mia noticed on the sheets.

                  I used intentionally puppy play, because it is a natural way for a new slave thinks to learn instant obeying under cover of just playing.

                  As the chores were done i reported to Her and She put a leash on me and She taught me the first formal dog positions.
                  - When i command “Puppy mode” it means you remove all possible clothing you have. Neatly, in a pile, get on all fours. Now put your knees 30 cm apart, and hands similarly apart, chin up, eyes looking straight ahead, tongue sticking out and wrapped over your chin as far down as you can get it, and arch your back, stick that butt up. Good. That’s my dog. That’s the way I want to see my dog, eager and panting.
                  She approached me from behind, and quite surprisingly sank Her teeth to my right buttock. i cried out, but She continued, drawing on me buttock with Her teeth, then changing to my other, similarly available buttock and dug Her teeth into it as well as a beast of burden. i couldn’t help but continue sobbing the whole time, it really hurt.

                  - That was yummy. i like biting my boys. Now I’ll train you to heel. When i say ‘heel’ you take a position on my right, your nose next to my right knee. You may close your mouth after i give this or other commands after ‘puppy mode’, but if i say ‘Pant’ you’ll need to keep your tongue out over your chin as long as i tell you to stop it. As i move, you will keep your head next to my knee all the time. it’s that simple. Heel!

                    i closed my mouth and moved to Her right. I felt the leash tighten. She started walking, i followed by her. She turned to the left and i had to pick up my pace to keep up with Her. After one round She talked to me again.
                    - Good boy. Now W/we’ll train some fetching. Get a bone from the toy box. Bring it in your mouth, as a dog you will bring everything in your mouth if possible, and never get on two feet of course unless asked to carry something that doesn’t fit in your mouth.

                    i approached Her with the rubber bone.

                    Present the bone to me kneeling up, holding your hands in front of you like paws. The name of this position is ‘beg’. As a dog has brought me something in its mouth, it will present it to me this way.

                    She took the bone from my mouth and threw it in the back of the room.

                    - Fetch!

                    i scurried away like a good dog, dug my head under chairs to get the bone and brought it back, raising myself to offer it to Her, who just threw it away again. The ball weights that had been fun at first, caused a dull ache in my balls that got nastier as i had to move about tracing the ball, and Mistress just told me to hurry and show Her what an eager little puppy i was.

                    But then She threw the rubber bone without ordering “Fetch”, and caught me leaping after the bone too early.

                    - a bad puppy. No moving before the command. a bad puppy must be punished. Get the clover clamps.

                    i went on all fours to the toy box and brought them in my mouth and knelt up. She reaped the chin from my mouth and fixed the clamps on my nipples.

                    - Heel

                    She fixed the leash again and walked me into a closet and fixed the leash into a cloth rail, saying “As a punishment you will spend some time here and so you’ll learn to concentrate on the commands better. And as an extra punishment you will wear medium PoI until our next date.”

                    After maybe half an hour, which i spent on all fours in the dark, She appeared and said “Beg”, took off the leash and clamps making me sob in pain, and commanded me to shave my pubic hair saving only a triangle, which She draw on me skin with a marker pen. i would also shave my crotch, stomach, chest and armpits. She said i must always shave them before O/our date. i was quite happy for the order, as i had had fantasies of being made to wear women’s clothes as women’s slave. She loaned me Her lady shaver for the job.
                    After i was totally hairless, She commanded me to fetch the clover clamps, attached them to my nipples again, ordered me to squat and

                    - Put your left hand under your thigh to your penis, and start stroking with that hand.

                    Again She made me pause and resume numerous times, asking me about my fantasies, and i told Her a lot about my fantasies, serving a sadistic dominant woman with a female slave, both dressed similarly, being in a secluded garden wearing only a rubber mask, rubber stockings ending in high heels and a rubber corset, being made to walk over a bed of nettles so that the nettles brush my crotch, and finally being made to squat over the nettles, only for the fear of the two Dommes in command. Eventually She said, “bring yourself to the edge, and ask permission”.

                    - May i cum, Mistress

                    (long silence) – No, stop stroking

                    She had me wait until the hard-on was gone, and then:

                    - You may cum, but you will need to cum in 20 seconds. After 20 seconds its hands off for you, boy, whether you have cum or not.

                    She started counting down from 20 and at 8 i exploded on the floor.

                    - Hands off!

                    This time She was quicker. Just the first gob of cum had spurted. With a sigh I took my hand away, and sobbed as the last gobs had to leak out on themselves, without the necessary continuing of the manipulations.

                    - Oh what a mess you made on my floor. Now put on the cb with the points, and then collect all cum with your bare hand, take it in the toilet, flush it and take out the mop and mop the floor and all my floors as well.

                    The medium PoI were a nuisance. Whenever i got aroused, they bit into my skin, and left a row of red marks that grew into little wounds. Next days, as they hurt even more, and i tried to adjust the cb so that the spikes didn’t hurt the same spots all the time.

                    Advanced puppy play and countdown method

                    The following date (and the ones after that) started by me undressing and showing Her my shaved body. After that i cleaned up Her home and washed Her dishes. Then we had a little puppy fetching play. She made me drink a bowlful of water, and had me on all fours as She was sitting on the sofa, and said: “Bring me a glass of wine.” Sipping Her wine She said

                    - you know, puppies also obey hand signals, and I want to teach you know these hand signals also. For instance, as I clench My fist you will “sit” on your haunches, squatting down, hands on the floor. We’ll try it out now.

                    She gave the signal. i dropped my naked butt on my bare heels. She continued teaching:

                    - The hand signal for “beg” is forefinger pointing up, as it is your tallest puppy position, and “Stay” is 4 fingers up. Easy to remember, on all fours, four fingers. “Ass up” equals making Mistress’s fingers into a O, the figure represents my asshole, also easy to remember, as my asshole is easily accessible as i’m “ass up”. As I hold My hand straight with fingers extended and palm down, I want you to lie down on the floor on your belly, and if My palm is up, you will lie face up. Always take care you will be able to see my hands. From now on – in puppy play – don’t look me in the eye, look at my hands. Now we’ll try.

                    She held Her hand palm down, i got on the floor, my head towards Her, tilting my head up to see Her hands. She iterated between Sit, Lie down face up and Lie down face down some 15-20 times.

                    Finally She taught me to “Roll over” by making vertical circles in the air with Her forefinger. After that W/we trained me for a long time, it seemed that She wanted to choose every succession of the orders now that She had such an easy way to command Her puppy. “Stay”, “Lie face up”, “Roll over”, “Sit”, “Stay”, “Lie face down”, “Sit”, “Roll over”, “Stay”…

                    Eventually She again supervised my masturbation. She even had a hand signal for that: She made stroking motions with Her hand. It meant: “Kneel up, and bring yourself to the edge”. i started happily and frantically jerking off, and remembered to ask

                    - Mistress, may i cum, please

                    - No, hands off!

                    i waited in the position Mistress prefers, until the erection subsided. This time Mistress let me get to the edge each time i stroked, but didn’t allow release. Without explanation She ordered me to put cb-2000 on. That was quite a struggle with blue balls, but Mistress made me watch TV until the clitty softened and could be captured inside the cage.

                    On our next date training of non-verbal commands continued. We rehearsed the old commands, She made me fetch a rubber bone which She had placed inside Her dirty sock, and we practised heeling, left turns and the difficult right turns. i remember She held the leash tighter than before.

                    She removed the leash and told me to “Stay”, walked away and told me to heel again, without leash. As i could heel without a leash, and stay as commanded, She told me to “sit” as She taught me further hand commands.

                    She practised new and old commands on me with hand signals: “Sit”, “Ass-up” - She felt my balls - it was a reward for good performance - “Lie face up”, “Beg”, “Roll over”, continuing the roll over signal until i became dizzy.
                    i tried to ask Her if i could use the toilet, but She silenced me immediately with “Puppies don’t talk – they bark. If they want to pee they bark four times. If asked something they answer by barking. One bark means ‘yes’ and two barks mean ‘no’”.

                    i barked four times. She ignored my plea, i just had to keep my legs crossed. She didn’t even say when She would let me to pee, to not know if it is going to be 5 minutes or 2 hours was more tormenting than holding my pee.

                    She commanded me to “sit” and taught me to “bark” which She signalled by putting Her fingertips together first, and then opening Her hand, and repeating it. i had to emit exactly 5 barking noises at each sign. Finally She taught me to lick Her sex at the mere sign of Her pointing Her crotch with Her forefinger. She emphasized that i will continue licking until commanded to stop, and said it is intentional that my tongue gets tired, as training my tongue is also essential. Next came licking Her feet, obviously at the mark of Her forefinger pointing Her feet, and She said basically this will apply to Her pointing at any of Her body parts: She points, i will lick it.

                    Finally She put a leash on me and lead me to the toilet. She raised the lid and seat of the bowl.

                    First raise the lid and seat with your mouth in puppy mode and with your hands in other modes. Get on all fours before the bowl and crawl backward until your ass touches the bowl. Lift your knees off the floor and back a little more, put your cb over the rim of the bowl. Now you may pee if you are alone. If there is someone else in the toilet, you wait until you get permission to begin. This is how slaves pee.

                    - you may pee now

                    The odd position made peeing difficult, but i succeeded.

                    - Do you need to have a shit?

                    i barked once.

                    - Okey. Now always, whenever you have a shit, you will squat over the bowl, lid and seat raised, so that your ass does not get in contact with the enamel. That is also your peeing position always, unless you are in puppy mode. You can use only this toilet in my house. This way your ass doesn’t get in contact with my toilet. And always ask permission to use toilet.

                    She waited outside as i pooped and wiped, and i joined Her on all fours, took the leash and lead me back to the living room. We rehearsed licking Her feet, presenting my ass, licking Her pussy (in the darkness under Her skirt), and all the old hand signals time and time again until i started to obey the signals automatically, without thinking. Finally She gave me the stroking sign and automatically i obeyed that as well. Now She made alternate between fast and slow stroking, with a break in-between. Every fast stroking ended in edging. She elaborated on the stroking hand signal: as i was ordered to “edge” or given that hand signal i was supposed to kneel up if i wasn’t already kneeling, stroke myself as fast as i can to the edge, and take my hand off automatically, AND SO EARLY THAT NO CUM IS LEAKING, cup my hand to my side and just kneel up. She emphasizes, that taking my hand off too early, before i get to the edge, is also forbidden. The rhythm of Her hand signal determines between fast and slow stroking.

                    Suddenly She stood up, and told me to heel (without leash). We walked to the bowls at in the kitchen.

                    - Make me a dry Martini

                    i stood up and prepared it, offered it to Her kneeling.

                    - Beg, She said as She took the glass.

                    i raised my hands as paws before my nipples.

                    - I didn’t like the sight of your semen on my fine hardwood floor. From now on, W/we will think of something else. This time i will allow you to cum in the dog bowl, but it’s becoming boring to see you cum as you still have not managed to give me any orgasms, so as a price, you will have to remove your cum from the bowl with your mouth, and spit it into the toilet. If you are willing to clean up your cum that way, you can now ask permission to cum.

                    - Mistress, please Mistress, may i masturbate. i would like to shoot my load into the dog bowl, please
                    - And what else? Try again

                    - Oh My Mistress, please may i masturbate, cum in a dog bowl, lick the cum up and spit in the toilet, please?

                    The prospect of being made to lick my own cum from a dog bowl made me even hornier and my hard-on throbbed.

                    - you may, but as I said, don’t ever spill your sticky goo anywhere on my floors again. But let’s get you some clamps first. Bring the clamp box.

                    i brought it very awkwardly in my mouth though it was a bit heavy for that. She placed some clothespegs on my balls first, then applied the clover clamps on nipples, two clothespins on my ears, one in my nostrils pressing at the middle between them and finally three on my foreskin near the glans, so that where the frenum was pointing down, one peg was pointing up and one to each side.

                    - Get on your knees, support yourself with your left hand, and spread your legs so that you are absolutely sure you will be able to aim all your semen into the bowl. Start!

                    i sprang into action, on all fours, then spreading my legs. It still seemed the bowl was quite far, so i lowered my butt, bending my knees further. Now the distance was maybe 4” and reaching back between my legs i got hold of my stiffy and started stroking. i noticed the pegs on my sissy clit made regular stroking impossible. I had to experiment stroking only the underside and mainly just fondling the frenum area. It was so humiliating scene, i loved it. The peg in my nose started troubling me, and it took some time to near the edge, but maybe only 5 minutes, and to be sure, asked

                    - May i cum now, Mistress?

                    - (angrily) Yes, i already said that

                    The sensation overwhelmed me, i had not cum during the previous date, and had not masturbated at home. Sobbing from mixed emotions i shot my load, looking at the bowl, aiming while cumming. It was the first time i had to concentrate on something else while i came, my orgasm was no more the center of my universe, not even momentarily. i milked all the cum in the bowl and She said:

                    - Put yourself back in the cb, and put some tissue inside the cb to prevent leaking.

                    i was going limp after the release, so i succeeded. The thought of having to take my cum in my mouth started to make me feel sick. i knelt up by Her hands cupped as i was ready.

                    - Lick as much goo in your mouth as you can, go doggy style into the loo and spit it in the toilet bowl. Then come and get another mouthful. As you are ready, stay in the loo, your head in the toilet bowl, and watch your semen float in it.

                    Now i was in it for good. i had to push my head into the cold metal bowl, and cautiously lick some of the slime into my mouth. The texture reminded me off egg white. i continued lapping and collecting cum into my mouth, and then closed my mouth and made my way as quickly as i could on all fours to the slave toilet, which was in the other side of the house. After spilling the load out into the enamel bowl, which was degrading in itself, the pungent taste of cum still remained in my mouth as i crawled back and collected another mouthful. i had to make five trips to the toilet. After that fourth the bowl had so little left that i just licked it clean, and spilled mostly saliva into the toilet bowl. It was humiliating to keep my head in the toilet bowl, and watch my cum ready to be flushed, and wait until Mistress gives me permission to raise myself and flush the toilet.
                    I planned the above session as follows: mia was left without orgasm last time so she was extra horny. To get to orgasm, she will promise to take his cum in his mouth. It is easier to persuade her as she doesn’t need to swallow it yet. By making her empty Her mouth in the toilet I made her hold the cum long in her mouth and get used to the taste. Swallowing his cum is just a small step after getting used to licking cum and holding cum in your mouth. Same tactics i later used to acquaint him with piss and shit.

                    The maid date

                    For the following date – i think it was O/our 9th date - She ordered me to get my ears pierced. She opened the door wearing leather pants and leather gloves, took my bunch of roses, handed me the Ladyshaver and said:

                    - Shave also your legs slave, you will be my maid today.

                    As i was working with the Ladyshaver, She placed heart stud earrings in my ears, ‘you will wear these for all O/our dates’, dropped me my clothes for the date and the cb key. They were a pair of black stay up’s, white high heeled shoes of my size, a condom to protect the clothes and a long, frilly white apron that resembled a dress. It had a tight, buttoned waist. It hid everything on the back, but had a slit up till waist.
                    As i had them on, She taught me how to “Stand up” – with hands cupped, legs together, shoulders back, facing Her, looking attentively into Her eyes.

                    - Your hair doesn’t fit in the picture

                    She went to Her wardrobe and came back with a white maid’s cap that She pinned to my hair.

                    - That’s better

                    Next She taught me to “turn around” by making horizontal circles in the air with her fingertip. She reminded that a vertical circle means “roll over”.

                    - When I want you to continue doing something until I signal otherwise, I say ‘continue’ or I draw a lying figure 8 in the air with my forefinger. That’s the sign for indefinitive.

                    This way She kept me turning over in my apron. The feel of the apron on my bare thighs, and the silken feel of the stockings against each other turned me on, and i sported an erection, which pushed against the hem.

                    Next She gave me the O-sign, and as i knelt and grabbed my ankles i came to think O-sign may refer to my anus which shows as take this Ass-up –position.

                    - If you are wearing a dress when you are ordered Ass up, first draw your hem up and expose your butt. NOW DO IT.

                    As i had my ass bare and had grabbed my ankles again, She felt my ass crack with Her foot.

                    - Edge.

                    i was happy to get to masturbate this early in the evening. i knelt up, gathered and raised my apron with my left hand and started stroking with the right one. It felt funny stroking a sissy clit in condom, and it took a little longer to edge. As i got to the edge, i let my hands down, cupping my hands.

                    Next She taught me to “Bend over” , signalled with a snap of Her fingers. At that i needed to stand up, turn my ass to Mistress, if necessary remove trousers and briefs and pile them neatly, spread my legs 50cm apart and bend my waist so my back is horizontal, raise my chin and look forward and if necessary keep the skirt hem up, supporting my elbows at my sides, or in case of no hem, cross my wrists at the small of my back. i was never to replace any clothes removed because of any command without being told to. The position made me feel very exposed and vulnerable. i moaned in ecstasy as She touched and grabbed my balls from behind, and ground my buttocks with force. Then my maid training started in earnest, first with curtsey training. She gave me a pink girly notebook with painted flowers on the cover. A small pink pen was attached to it.
                    - Write on the cover: ‘a slave’s Rulebook’, with small a and s and a capital R. You will write here all slave protocol you learn as W/we progress with your training. Write down: There are 3 types of curtseys that you will be taught: the bob, the curtsey and the royal curtsey. The bob means just bending your knees like you were going to sit, legs together, looking at my hands, like always. Try it out. No, no, not that deep.

                    She gave me the sign to continue, and i kept on bobbing for Her.

                    That’s Ok. The curtsey is much deeper, but otherwise similar and you need to pick up your hem with both your hands, if you are wearing a long skirt, dress or apron, that comes down below your knees, and raise it so that your knees are showing clearly. If you are carrying something, you will not try to raise your skirts. Now put the book on the table and start curtseying for me, sissy.

                    i performed a curtsey after another, for 5-10 minutes. She gave me instructions like “Deeper, and no sideways movement, your hands must not be in front of your legs – raise the apron from the sides, keep your upper body still, raise the hem higher, if your knees don’t show, I’ll punish you, take care the hem is horizontal while you raise it

                    As i had been performing flawlessly for a minute or two, She said: “Write down again. The last and the most difficult one is a royal curtsey. You place your right foot behind the left one, spread your knees while bending them, not akimbo, just slightly and demurely. This is the deepest curtsey, your knees end up in 90 degrees angle. You grab your hem – again only if you are wearing something covering your knees – raise your hands to the sides as far as they go until your skirt is spread out as wide as it can be. If you are wearing a very wide dress, don’t raise your hands more than to horizontal level. And if you are wearing a short dress, just raise your hands at sides, wrists angled so that your palms face the floor, fingers spread.

                    Again i had to repeat royal curtseys until i could do it gracefully – flawlessly, and automatically, each time the same way.

                    - Next you will write down your walking rules. As a maid you will keep your elbows pinned to your sides when you walk, and turn out your wrists so that your palms are nearly horizontal, fingers apart. You will put one foot directly in front of another, toes straight forward. That will make your hips roll, but you will exaggerate that and wriggle your butt like a tart. Place the ball of the foot down first, don’t rest your weight on your heels. If you don’t have shoes, you will walk tiptoed. Look straight ahead, no peeping. Now you will try to walk. Walk in a small circle and perform a curtsey after every 4 steps. First a bob, then a curtsey and finally a royal curtsey and repeat that until I say you to stop!

                    Again She corrected me many times, improving the angle of my wrists, the swaying of my hips, made me lift my legs higher and push my shoulders back. There is a rather large mirror on Her living room wall, and during every round i could see myself in the mirror. Seeing myself made me understand how ridiculous i looked and my clitty sprang into attention utilizing its freedom under the apron.

                    - Bend over, She commanded. As my butt was fully exposed and presented to Her, She switched on a vibrator i had not noticed before and pressed it against my perineum, hard, making my whole crotch vibrate. Then She grabbed my sissy clit from behind! The moment i had been waiting for, as it was the first time She touched my sissy clit. A major step in my naïve fantasy of becoming Her dominated sissy husband.

                    She started stroking my member talking to me:

                    - What a little rubber dicklet I found here under the apron.

                    i was in ecstasy, moaning already from her first touch. i felt Her leather gloves.

                    - I think we should call it your clitty, as it is attached to a prissy sissy maid. If the maid is meek and obedient, She may have her clitty played with

                    She bent my clitty backwards and did a few strong strokes which made me think of a quick release, but then She let go of it and brushed my upper thighs with Her fingertips and held my balls in Her hand.

                    - Now we will learn more manners. Continue writing, i will now teach you the standard slave protocol, which you’ll need to write down and memorize. Take this vibrator away first.

                    As i got back She continued:

                    - Kneel up and write down.

                    She started laying out the rules that would become a big part of my life story.

                    From now on your life will be divided into four modes: slave mode, which is either maid mode and puppy mode, public slave mode, relaxed mode and free mode. During maid and puppy mode all basic slave mode rules abide with some exceptions. During your working hours and if you are at your home you are in free mode. From leaving your work, until you get back to work or to your own home you are in slave mode. When W/we go out together you are in public slave mode. you’ll enter puppy mode, relaxed mode etc as I say so. In all modes, except free mode you need my permission for everything, for using the toilet, for eating, for drinking, anything which entails you moving . Until now you have been allowed to talk to me as you wish. From now on, in slave mode and public slave mode you will speak only when asked a question, besides saying ‘thank You Mistress’ when necessary. If you think I should know something you know, including your need to go to bathroom, you may ask a permission to speak by raising your hand. you will be punished for asking a permission to speak without a good enough reason. In slave mode and public slave mode you will speak with a soft tone, and you will not use any vulgar language men use. You cannot say ass, pussy or cock. Instead use such words a small child would: poo-poo, wee-wee or polite words like “my behind”. In relaxed and free mode you may talk normally.
                    After every command I give you in slave mode, you will say “Thank You, Mistress” and bob - provided you are standing up, otherwise you nod, if you can - and you may say “Thank You, Mistress” after anything I perform on you whether it causes you pain or pleasure. So thanking Me is voluntary and you can use that as a means of communication.
                    In slave mode you will curtsey every time you enter or leave the room where I am. The first time you see me each day you will perform me the royal curtsey and kiss my feet, and also when I send you to bed or to your home. Also if I decide to introduce you to somebody else as a sissy you will do the same to Him or Her. You must sit and stand daintily, with knees together and keep your skirt always modestly lowered. I will require polite and respectful demeanour in every other sense too.
                    I will use relaxed mode sometimes if I want to use your intellect or your social skills, maybe watch a movie together as if W/we were equals. But it is always me who decides if I allow you the privileges of the relaxed or free mode. In relaxed mode you will be allowed to sit on furniture and you will not follow me (like you do in slave mode if waiting for next order and I walk). And as I said you may talk freely in relaxed and free mode. It means in relaxed mode you can ask permission to do whatever you like: read, eat, listen to music, use Internet or watch TV. In slave mode you cannot ask permission for anything that is for your own pleasure as that would be asking to speak without a good reason.
                    you may not ask permission to any sexual deed in any mode, nor can you ask for sweets, candies, chocolate or ice cream in any mode. They are treats you are given if you are good. you may watch TV only a maximum of 1 hour per day. To watch a movie that is longer, you must beforehand save TV time by watching TV less than 1 hour per day. The average shall not top 1 hour per day. In relaxed mode, formal walking, standing and sitting rules (I will go through them later in detail) don’t abide, but you must still behave well like a girl in the fifties good manners books. If I leave a room, you may stay in the old room or move to the room where I go. I can give you an order also in relaxed mode, and giving you an order puts you in slave mode (or public slave mode in public) until that order is carried out.
                    In free mode you are allowed to make decisions on your own, except for masturbating, having sex, and buying anything else but food, tissue, medicines, basic cosmetics or flea market clothes. You may never buy alcohol, tobacco, drugs, red meat in any form and things like sweets you are not allowed to ask for. When you purchase food for your home you buy simple, cheap food. you will not eat in a restaurant in free time. you will make a lunch box for work. You may try to call me anytime to ask permission to buy something else. The TV rule and shaving rules abide also in free mode. You will be punished for each mistake or flaw.
                    Let’s leave public slave mode for later. And finally, you will need a maid name – be it mia! You’ll from now on respond to “mia” only.”

                    Now you know the basics of being my maid. Now we must rehearse. First make me a G&T.

                    Thank You, Mistress.

                    i bobbed, my first time in action. i remembered to curtsey when leaving the living room and when retuning with the drink. i handed the glass to Her with a bob, backed a few feet and knelt up in my waiting position hands cupped.

                    She smacked Her tongue disapprovingly.

                    - mia! you are kneeling in the wrong place. I was talking about my right side, which means my left side when you are looking at me. What are you, a stupid airhead? You must be punished. That means medium points in your cb until our next date.

                    - Yes, thank You Mistress, i bobbed.

                    - Now you will wash my toilet from floor to ceiling.

                    She went on to detail what tools and substances to use, and the next hour i spent washing the floor, washing the bowl, the basin, and scrubbing the tub and cleaning all the cabinets while Mistress was sipping Her drink and talking on the phone. She came to inspect my work two times, and felt my buttocks under the apron both times.

                    Before the evening was over, She made me rehearse walking and curtseying once more, this time carrying a glass of water on a tray. i had to walk a tight circle again, curtseying after every 4 steps. It was worth looking Her in the eye each time i passed Her, as after numerous rounds She surprised me and gave the wank-signal with Her hand. i knelt up, laid the tray on the floor and edged, just to be ordered to masturbate again, 5 times in total.

                    - Now I will start counting down from 40. In 40 seconds I will reach zero. You will start stroking when I say 40 and continue stroking until I reach zero, and exactly at zero two things will happen: you will take your hand off your clit and start cumming. If you edge before I have reached zero, you take your hand off and the fun is over for tonight. No semen showing before zero. So take it easy. 40, 39, 38…

                    i started stroking, mesmerized of this new method Mistress introduced. How humiliating to masturbate kneeling and be allowed to cum only at the exact moment decided by Mistress! And to ruin my own orgasm, and just kneel in attention during the spasms! Oh how the thought turned me on. i kept a steady, slow rhythm as She approached 20, after 10, 9, 8 i started speeding up, in fear of not reaching orgasm at zero. The result was i had to take my hand off at 3, as i edged.

                    - Not exactly a bull’s eye, mia, is it?

                    Mistress had fun on my account. “Well, to show you I am a good-hearted Mistress i will give you another chance. But it’s on one condition. To get another try you will have to fuck yourself in the ass with one of my dildos. I want a good show, different positions which I will decide and you’ll need to continue until I release you. you may now very politely ask permission for another try.”
                    - Please, Mistress, may i have another try to orgasm, please?

                    - Definitely not good enough. Orgasm is not a suitable word for a young girl like you. Even though W/we know you are a total slut, you must act demure.

                    - Mistress, please, may i please make another try for release – please?

                    - But what do you want to do first?

                    - ..Mistress, please Mistress, may i be allowed to eeee… fill my behind with Your … massaging tool, and give Mistress a nice show by making love to the bulgy shaft, please?

                    - That’s better, that was excellent. Now you have understood. A sissy maid like you should really forget her clitty and try out the pleasures of her sissy pussy. And appreciate the chance to borrow Mistress’s nice vibrating dildo. Get the dildos!

                    i sprang in action, not forgetting to bob and thank Mistress. However i was so anxious that i forgot my proper walking.

                    - mia, stop at once. Have you forgot everything. Small steps, foot in front of another. I don’t want to remind you of that any more. That’s maximum spikes for you all until the next date!
                    - Yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress.

                    i bobbed, minced my way to the door, and curtseyed. i had not even tried maximum spikes, i was worried of what they will do to my clitty until next date.

                    i knew already Mistress’s dildo box in Her bedside drawer, and minced back with all 5 dildos, one smoothly shaped, a black penis shaped realistic one, a straight cylinder-like, one consisting of beads getting bigger towards the bottom and a ribbed dildo.

                    - Let’s see. I’ll give you one of these as your own. I don’t like this bead dildo. It’s meant for anal play, so it will be perfect for you. The beads will spice up the feeling nicely when you push them past your sphincter. W/we’ll call it ‘mia’s Boyfriend’. Now walk to the bathroom.

                    i swayed my hips walking before Her.

                    - Fill this bag half way, to the line. Before anal sex you must always clean up your bowels with a sufficiently large enema. We’ll start up with just 1 qrt of nice look warm water.

                    As i was ready, She spoke again.

                    - Hang the bag in the hook. Ass up!

                    She shoved something in my ass, and i felt water pouring in me, in my ass. She was standing beside me and witnessing my humiliation. i felt embarrassed, but couldn’t do nothing to stop this from happening. As the water flow stopped She removed the nozzle.

                    - Now keep it in for a minute, and it’s time to expel. … You may use the toilet now. Take care it’s spotless as you leave the bathroom, She said, and walked out.

                    As i was ready, i reported to Her in the living room.

                    - Get Astroglide from the toybox.

                    i bobbed, went my way again remembering to curtsey. Upon my return She simply shouted:

                    - Ass up!

                    As i was grabbing my ankles, She continued:

                    - Now take Astroglide in your hand and lube your ass by inserting two fingers in.

                    i first circled my lubed fingers around my hairless asshole, and then inserted one and then another finger, making sure the passage got well lubed.

                    - OK, now lick your fingers and lube the dildo in your mouth!

                    i certainly was not happy to push fingers that had just been entering my ass into my mouth, but in my mouth they got – it all came so quickly, what could i do? Soon i pushed a dildo in my mouth for the first time – that was easy.

                    - Ok start fucking your ass for me, sissy. Kneel up and push it in, all the way. Keep looking in my eyes over your shoulder while you do it.

                    i stuck out my ass a little and helped with my left hand opening my buttocks, and started ramming the first bead in my asshole. It hurt when the bead was passing the sphincter, giving a momentary release when the narrow part settled in my hole. Gradually the bulky and the narrow parts enlarged, and as i pushed the fourth bubble in i thought it would be the biggest i could manage. i kept looking back at Her, and the pained look in my face gave my anguish away. As i had a few times started to push the fifth bead inside, but never succeeding, She said

                    - That bead dildo is for beginners. You will be trained to accommodate bigger one’s in the future. I will decide how large. Always obey me. I gave you an order. Push it all the way in. If it is not inside you in 30 more seconds, there will be no prize for you, only a punishment.

                    i knew there was only one more bead to push in, but it seemed so enormous. My asshole hurt already, and i was afraid it would tear. Hardening myself i tried to start pushing it in, but it was too much. i withdraw it until the fourth bead was at its widest, and decided to do one more big and quick push, and with that i rammed it in so that its rubber base rested against my shaved ass.

                    - Good, i knew my sissy will be a good slut and accept the dildo. Now you will remove the dildo all the way from your ass, give it a kiss, and push it back in without any whining.

                    i had come this far, i would not let go of my prize now. Bead after bead i withdrew the dildo, drew it carefully, not soiling myself with the very slimy looking dildo. It looked disgusting and smelled foul. And i would have to kiss it to be allowed to cum. Oh no. Slowly i put it into contact with my mouth.

                    - Blah, you call that a kiss? Do it properly, open your mouth and give it some tongue.

                    i let my lips and the tip of my tongue touch the slimy surface.

                    - Now slide it back in!

                    i put it back behind me, trying to avoid it touching my skin, and started sliding it in. It slid easily at first, but my ass was already sore from the earlier invasion, i was a virgin, had never taken a dildo before. Two last beads were a nightmare, but i did it for my Mistress, and stretched my ass again for Her taking the pain.

                    - Good. Now keep sliding the biggest bead in and out until I say stop

                    i wanted to cry out ‘No i can’t take it’ but i pushed it out, the pain being now very sharp, a tear appeared. Mistress’s commands provided me motivation as did the prospect of getting to masturbate for Her, so i continued fucking my ass until She said

                    - OK, you may stop. Now wash it up – hurry, hurry

                    With a “Thank You, Mistress” i withdrew the dildo slowly and carefully and scurried to the bathroom. Doing the slut walk with a sore asshole added to my humiliation. i returned with a washed dildo, curtseying and resumed the waiting position with the dildo still in my hand.

                    Now remember, boy, this will be the only time, EVER, that you will get to countdown’s the same night. You will need to learn, and control your body. I want to play you like an instrument.

                    And She started another countdown from 20. Now i accelerated to quick stroking only at 4, and it was a bit too late. As i let go at zero i felt a few twitches inside me, kind of a mini ejaculation in a very slow mode, something moving in my urethra, and then nothing. i had stopped a moment too early to get a ruined orgasm.

                    - Oh, that’s all you could manage?

                    She made fun of me again. “Not much. Were you afraid you will have to lick it up again? Well, that’s right. You will lick up and this time also swallow all your cum drops. Now take the condom off, stick your tongue in it, and lick up all the precum. You will wash that condom until it is clean as whistle, and you will reuse it hundreds of times.”

                    i tongued the condom, and She continued

                    - Roll up the condom as you have the root clean, and continue, until you have licked and sucked everything. also in the bubble at the end.

                    The smell and texture of precum and cum were familiar, and swallowing the little amount of cum was easy.

                    As i was ready: “I will allow you to use the bottom drawer in the toilet for you dildo and condom. Book a table at Ritz restaurant for Thursday at 6pm, and pick me up here at 5.45. Wear a dark suit and these stay-up’s which you hand wash today evening. No man socks. Now put on the cb.”

                    As i was thinking about icebergs, working on getting my semi-erect clitty in the cb. She got something from a cabinet and continued:

                    - This corset will improve your figure. W/we must get you some feminine shapes, and the most important tool is the corset. You will wear a corset always under your maid’s dress. Get used to it tomorrow, wear it to work, and on the next date as well. This model doesn’t have garters, but you don’t need them with your stay up’s. Purchase women‘s panties and wear also them under your suit. And… bring all the cb parts here in your drawer next time and now put the long points of intrigue on as soon as you get home, for the rest of the evening. Take a picture and send it to my email.

                    As i was ready:

                    - Get into your clothes on and get the fuck out, slave!

                    i made the royal curtsey and kissed Her toes on each foot, undressed the lovely dress and put on my clothes.

                    Next date was going to be on my birthday. i was turning 24. She knew it, of course.

                    My fantasies were making mia a cuckold, either a sissy maid or a puppy slave, naked with paws and a dog helmet or a maid, but after this night i knew she would become my cuckold maid for the most time. Now I was accustoming her into longer CB spikes that would eventually teach her to be only semi-erect in her cb instead of full erection, even when she was excited as hell.

                    Next i planned to take the D/s into the public. I wanted to see if she will be afraid of showing her subservience to me when others see it.

                    Thursday night at the Ritz

                    i had two long days to endure with the biggest cb spikes. They allowed practically no hard-on. The pain in the base of my clitty was horrible with every erection. A row of little cuts was developing on my clitty. After that the spikes hurt even more, and i tried to shift the position of the cb so that the spikes would not rest on the existing bruises. i got it that i must really work on obeying Her and fulfilling Her expectations, as this sort of punishments really hurt and make your life difficult. i had ‘a slave’s Rulebook’ at home and studied it and tried to memorize it.

                    The corset was very confining, but i liked it. It was a hidden constant reminder of my status. It made bowing a little difficult, but didn’t prevent anything, and really improved my figure. i had it on when i shopped for my first women ‘s undies at a department store. The selection was vast, i settled for a few pairs: one boxer type, regular and thong-like but a little wider patch at the bottom. All had wonderful silk-like fabrics. Women’s undies and stockings feel so nice.

                    i was looking forward to next date enthusiastically and finally, at the right time, i rang Her bell with a box of finest Belgian chocolate. As She opened the door i performed the royal curtsey in the corridor with my suit on, as i was a little unsure what to do. i was anyway seeing Her for the first time in two days.

                    - You greet me in my department, not in the corridor, funny. That’s one demerit.

                    She let me in and i gave Her the present and kissed Her foot. She took my present without thanks, but ordered me to kneel, the door still open, and kissed me on the mouth from above.

                    - Keep your head tilted up and open your mouth

                    She collected saliva in Her mouth, and spit forcefully in my mouth.

                    - You may close your mouth and swallow, slave. Show me your pretty undies and i will give you two birthday presents!
                    i bobbed swallowing Her saliva and said “Thank You, Mistress.” i piled my suit at the door, opened the boxes in my corset and stockings, and felt my clitty swell against its boundaries. There were a Braun Slik-epil epilator, a silver chain and a beautiful maid’s dress. i curtseyed deep and said

                    - Thank You very much, Mistress

                    - That’s your new slave costume. Put the chain around your neck.

                    i examined the chain and the in the middle of it was a plain plate that read RESERVED. it has a small lock, which i closed around my neck.

                    - I have the only key. you are now engaged, and you will wear that chain forever. At work you may keep it under the shirt collar if you can. During free time it must be visible. you will epilate all the places you have been shaving before O/our next date, epilate daily all the hair that’s long enough to epilate. It will hurt as an epilator pulls the hair out, it’s like a set of tweezers. Speaking of them, you will not use the epilator on your balls, you will pluck your ball hair with sac with tweezers as epilator is not good for loose skin. Take your other presents to your drawer.

                    - Thank You, Mistress

                    As i got back and knelt in waiting position She continued
                    - With an epilator you will not grow stubble, and your skin down there will be soft and smooth. You will also need to buy exfoliating cream, and use it on your pubic area once a week. Men have a tendency for hair growing inside the skin at the pubes and exfoliating will help with that. That should keep the in-growns away.

                    I had not had a slave that epilates before, but i had asked my dominant friends some tips.

                    - I’ll teach you soon basic make up. If I order you to become a maid, you will automatically apply the basic make up. And you will not cut your hair. you have nice thick hair, you’ll let it grow and wer it on a pony tail at work, at home in a bit more feminine style.

                    She went on talking.

                    - I said last time that you should memorize the slave protocol. Can you repeat it now word for word?

                    - Yes, i think so, Mistress.

                    - Tell me about the basic slave mode.

                    - Well, i need your permission for doing anything at all, moving, eating, drinking. i will say ‘Thank You, Mistress’ when you command me and bob, and say the same if you give or do something to me. i will adopt the waiting position 1m to your right whenever you have not given me any other orders. i may not speak at all unless asked a question. i may ask permission to speak, but only if i have important information for you. i may ask to go to the toilet by raising my hand. As i see you first time that say, i will perform a royal curtsey and kiss your feet. i will curtsey each time i leave and enter the room where you are. i may not watch TV more than 1 hour per day, in any mode, the average of 1 hours per day may never be exceeded. i will squat over the toilet bowl, not touching the rim when you give me permission to pee or poop.

                    - Now compare it to your notes and tell me what you forgot.

                    i thought the list was complete but suddenly my brain was hit by fear as i noticed i had forgotten not one or two but four items.

                    – i will also do a royal curtsey and kiss that person’s feet if you introduce me to Him or Her as a sissy. i will not use vulgar language, only words like ‘poo-poo’, ‘wee-wee’ and ‘my behind’. i will sit and stand daintily with knees together and skirt lowered and i will be polite and respectful in all my manners.

                    - So you forget 4 items, you idiot! That’s four more demerits. You seem to really want to explore your limits today, do you?

                    - No, Mistress, but i’ll try to take anything you meter out to please you

                    - That’s the right attitude. Now get your notebook, my slave trainee, i will first give you formal sitting rules. you need formal sitting rules only seldom, as you sit down only when you are ordered to when you are in a slave mode. you will sit with your back straight, knees together and put your hands on your knees, or on the table if you sit by a table fingers a little apart, thumbs nearly touching, hands straight. you look at my hands or my eyes if i look you in the eyes. In relaxed mode you may move about, but keep a good posture. Now I describe the public slave mode.

                    i knew to kneel up one meter to Her right as i was ready with my pen and notebook.

                    As W/we go out, you enter Public slave mode. It is otherwise similar to slave mode, but waiting position is standing behind a cart if W/we have one otherwise 30 cm behind me to my right, eyes on my hands or in my eyes if I turn to look at you. Without any orders from me you do nothing else but follow me on my right side, 30 cm behind me, exactly like when heeling: when i turn, you will turn too, and maintain the distance all the time. When it occurs to you we are going through a door that has to be opened, also a car door, you will take as many quick or running steps as needed to be able to open it for me so that the door is open when i reach it. When i stop, you stop, maintaining your distance. When i give you an order, instead of bobbing you nod. When we go into a shop, you take a shopping cart only if i order or point at it, follow 30 cm behind me with the cart, taking care you don’t ever block my way with the cart – that means if I walk into a narrow aisle where the cart would block my way if I turn around you wait at the nearest wide aisle. When i give you an order, instead of bobbing you nod and say ‘Yes, Mistress’ load enough so that I hear it. It doesn’t matter if somebody else hears it. I may use any of the dog commands in public, especially stay and heel. If I buy something, you will ask if you may carry it for me and act accordingly. When you get it that I am going to sit down by a table, you will again take quick steps or run so that you can pull out my chair for me and settle it under me. You may sit only if I give you permission, and of course you may not ask for a permission. When I sit down, you stand at attention by me: hands cupped, feet together. Except if I sit in a car, in which case you will sit in the car, in the driver’s seat or beside me if I drive. The slave rule for asking permission to speak abides also in public slave mode. So you never open your mouth if not spoken to and you do nothing else without My order. You may not buy or order anything for yourself when W/we are together. If a clerk asks you something you will answer ‘i’m just browsing’, or in a restaurant ‘She will place the order.’ Otherwise you may just use words ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘thank you’, ‘sorry’, ‘Ma’m’ and ‘Sir’ and ‘please’ and the phrase ‘I don’t know’. When talking to women, end everything with ‘Ma’m’. Understood?

                    - Yes Mistress, thank You for the new rules, Mistress, i nodded.

                    - Put your clothes back on, we are now leaving for Ritz.

                    Soon She walked out Her door and towards my car, and the right back door. i followed like She wanted, taking care to pass Her to open the car door for Her, close it for Her, and quickly scurry to my place. As i sat in the driver’s seat, i was wise enough to just wait silently with my hand’s in my lap until She commanded

                    - to the Ritz

                    She was happy with me.

                    - I tested you if you listened to my orders. you are not to open a conversation. It was right of you to just wait silently until given an order to drive. Continue the same way.

                    As W/we drove, She ordered “Stop here and go stand at the next corner. i’ll whistle when i want you back. Remember the meaning of My whistle, I’ll use it also other times.”

                    i walked to the corner and just stood there. It must have looked odd, and i felt my status standing where, not knowing what comes next, no control of my life. i noticed She made a phone call and whistled me back like to a dog.

                    At the Ritz She said “Leave me at the door, and go park the car. As W/we leave you also pick me up at the door.” After parking the car i hurried to the restaurant, found Her sitting at the lobby.

                    - Change my shoes

                    She gave me Her purse, and i found high-heeled evening shoes inside. i crouched down, removed Her shoes and replaced them. She stood up.

                    - Now remember the manners, slave. We are in a fine restaurant.

                    i trailed Her to the restaurant hall, and She asked the waiter where O/our table is, and all i had to do was draw Her chair. i remembered to keep standing by Her until She said “you may sit down”, and i took a place opposite Her. i already knew not to start reading the menu, though the waitress brought one to me. i just said “Thank You, Mam”

                    Mistress read it and when the waitress returned with “Have you decided what you would like to drink?” She said

                    - A glass of Château Beychevelle 2004 for me, water for him

                    - Okey, would you like to order food right away?

                    - Yes, I’ll have langoustines and the pigeon and crayfish bouquet.

                    - And for you, Sir

                    I expected Mistress to answer, but She just smiled. i had to mutter:

                    - She orders for me, Mam

                    She turned to Mistress.

                    - I’ll just feed him a little something from my plate, he’s on a diet

                    - Okey, Thank you

                    She was smiling and turned a bit to look in my eyes with a playful look in her eyes as she removed my plate. The drinks were brought, and She started sipping on Hers, i left mine untouched as She didn’t order me to drink.

                    - You have been a good girl, mia. You are learning well. I believe you have potential of becoming a good slave. But you must try 100% all the time to make it reality

                    i was glowing inside. i was so happy too.

                    - Thank You, Mistress, i am so happy you chose me. This is the best thing that ever happened to me. i look forward to becoming your maid. Couldn’t W/we meet every day. i would so much like to move in, and be your maid all the time.

                    (angrily) - mia, that was totally inappropriate. We are not in relaxed mode now. i did not make you a question. The correct answer would have been “Yes, Mistress, Thank You, Mistress”. And to ask if you could move in would have been inappropriate also in relaxed or free mode. You are not allowed to ask for sexual deeds, and that includes also big changes in O/our relationship. I know very well what you would like. Leave thinking to me. I don’t want to hear that sort of talk from you never again. I want you to just wait for things to happen to you, don’t try to influence ANYTHING. Don't try to speed things up, slow them down, change anything, maintain anything. The only thing you can do is learn My rules faster and obey them faster, and control your urges to disobey and rebel.

                    The first course was served to Mistress. She started eating and continued: “You will at times feel the need to rebel, because i will make you do all sorts of things you don’t like to do. Like domestic chores. Do you enjoy them?”

                    - No, Madam, i mumbled.

                    - However, you have not seemed reluctant to do my chores plus your own. Do you like orgasms?

                    - Yes, i do, Madam. Very much, Madam!

                    - Have you noticed how exciting it is to be denied the right to orgasm, though it means giving up your favourite thing?

                    - Well, yes, Madam, it’s so nice to be horny, when it’s You that denies my orgasms. It’s delicious.

                    - Would you like to service other men?

                    - No, Madam. i have never had any sexual feelings towards a man, i said shaking my head and smiling nervously.

                    - Good, what about getting your genitals pierced?

                    - Madam, i am afraid it would hurt very much. i don’t want to be pierced, but if you want it…

                    - That’s exactly my point. You like to be forced to do things you wouldn’t like to do. You don’t like to service men, but you would like to be forced to it all the same. You have no interest for piercing in itself, but you would like someone to force you to go to the piercing studio and take a ring in your clitty so you could be tethered by your cock, wouldn’t you?

                    - Well, i think You are basically right, Ma’m, but…

                    She interrupted me raising Her voice.

                    - I am totally right, SLUT. It may just take a while for you to admit it. I can make you do things you couldn’t now imagine, and I will: things I choose for you. Things I want you to do. It will be fun to watch you succumb to my will. You are in love with ‘being forced to’ and the more someone like you hates something, the more satisfaction he gets from being made to do it. In your case that includes pain in your sensitive places, abstinence from full orgasm, being made to service men and anything else you hate. you’ll need me to decide what you will be forced to, when, where and how.

                    As She had eaten nearly all of Her hour’s douvre She said

                    - you may now take my plate and eat my scraps.

                    i was so hungry now, watching Her eat the magnificent food, and i quickly wolfed the few pieces down. As i was ready, She said:

                    - The plate is not clean. you must eat everything i give you to eat.

                    The plate had only a little traces of coriander sauce left.

                    - You my use your finger or lick the plate clean.

                    Oh no, we were in a fine restaurant. How could i start licking my plate here. They would throw me out. i scraped everything up with my knife and fork – fresh coriander is definitively not my favourite - then looked around a little, and as no-one seemed to notice, i wiped the plate with my finger and ate it from my finger.

                    - Good girl!, said Mistress. “Now dig into my handbag. You’ll find a butt plug and key to your cb. Take them, go to the men’s room, insert it in your ass, remove your cb and return right away.”

                    i peeped into the handbag, and saw a red butt plug, not very large. i had not seen it before, has She purchased a new one? It was not my business to ask Her. i took it out with the keys, hiding it under my hand, raised myself, and tried to walk naturally into the wc, hoping that nobody notices the red plug under my hand. In the loo i went into a stall, dropped my pants and panties, admired my stay ups and corset for a while, lifting my shirt to see the corset. Then i washed the plug, dropped to my knees and put it at my opening. My ass was still a bit sore from the use it took last time, but the plug was not very large, and i was able to shove it in straightforward. As i raised myself, i came to think about another thing. Is there a risk that it slips out? As the plug wasn’t so large, i had to hold it in by tensing my butt cheeks. Then i removed the cb, washed the parts and put them in my pocket. My stroll was probably a bit different as i returned through the restaurant clenching to prevent the plug from falling on the restaurant floor. As i sat, the plug was pushed in my ass and its head pressed into something inside me.

                    Soon the waitress arrived with the main course. Just as she was laying it on Her table, the plug in my ass started surprisingly growing and filled my ass totally. i grunted as it grew uncomfortable to bear, but my ass accommodated it in time, getting used to new bigger size and submitting to it and giving it the space it needed. As the waitress poured more water to me and Her, the plug started vibrating with an audible buzzing sound that was not difficult to identify as some sort of vibrator. The vibration was strong, different from anything i had felt in my ass before, and it felt like it made my whole bowels and organs vibrate. It made me jump a little, probably the waitress noticed that too. The waitress smiled at Her and me with knowing eyes. i must have blushed profoundly. She wished “bon appetit” cheerfully and left.
                    - Don’t worry dear, I’m in control of that

                    - Yes, Madam

                    - Are you hungry, slave

                    - Yes, Madam

                    - Good.

                    She started eating Her magnificent looking dish.

                    - Put your hands under the tablecloth and start masturbating slowly.

                    Did She think i was getting bored with nothing to do? The tablecloth was hanging low, and as i pulled my chair close to the table, i could indeed conceal what i was up to. i opened my zipper, and started working, moving just a couple of fingers along the shaft, trying not to move my arm and draw attention. All of a sudden the plug grew even more. What i had thought was its maximum size turned out to be just one setting on a scale. Now the pressure in my ass became unbearable. Combined with the intense buzzing it made me want to squirm violently, i had to prevent my body from moving. The pressure was tremendous, the feeling beyond uncomfortable. The pain and pleasure combination together with stroking my cock was crazy and resulted in myself breathing uncontrollably, and letting out small whimpers and i had to purse my lips to keep myself from becoming too vocal.

                    - Don’t even edge, just slow masturbation.

                    She said that peacefully, it was like a voice from another galaxy. The vibration and masturbation in a public setting made me staring into the distance with a perplexed look in my eyes. The buzzing was so loud, that i feared all the time that somebody notices it. i couldn’t focus my eyes on anything, but i remember a blurred image of Mistress eating slowly and elegantly and occasionally gazing in my eyes with a sharp and curious look on Her face. As She set Her fork and knife on Her plate, She switched off the vibration, deflated the plug to its original size and said: “Stop stroking, close your zipper.” As my hands returned on the table, She continued.

                    - Now it’s your turn to eat, take my plate and make sure to get it clean

                    The portion had been so large that there was still a nice pile of scraps left. i dig to it enthusiastically, i was so hungry.

                    The waitress had left U/us in peace, but now that she returned. Mistress ordered coffee for Her and the bill, and As the waitress was still within a hearing distance, She said to me:

                    - mia, lock yourself up again.

                    i was sure She overheard it and i blushed red, while my cock swelled. i got worried: can i get it down again? i tried to reply discreetly:

                    - Yes, Madam

                    - What did you say?

                    - Yes, Madam, i replied with a louder voice. i knew She wanted the waitress to hear that too.
                    In the toilet i got myself soft with severe concentration, and as i returned back in the cb, Mistress was drinking Her coffee and the bill was on the table.

                    - you will pay the bill, slave.

                    As my card had been charged: - Get the car, wait in front of the door, and keep the motor running.

                    As She got in She handed me a tennis ball.

                    - Put it under your butt, under the base of the plug - to make yourself uncomfortable. That’s a prize for your good behaviour. And you are back in slave mode now. Are you still hungry?

                    - Yes, Madam

                    - I’ll offer you something at my place to pay you back

                    At Her place i remembered to open Her door, i understood already forgetting something like that could mean my head cut off. i followed Her in wiggling with my ass full.
                    At the door: - Strip to you undies, dear.

                    Soon i was in my cb, butt plug, stay up’s and corset.

                    - Heel

                    A familiar dog command! i jumped to Her side, dropped on all fours, followed Her to the kitchen, first to a cabinet, when to the work-top and to my bowl, where i saw from close distance brown stuff dropping into the bowl.

                    - you may eat.

                    i knew it was dog food. i was so hungry it wasn’t totally disgusting, though it was slimy and cold. i wolfed it down. After eating in Ritz with my money She made me eat cold dog food for my hunger. my clitty was straining in its prison. i was so excited. i had to concentrate in keeping the butt plug still in. my plugged ass was sticking up as i ate.

                    She waited for me to lick the bowl clean, and said

                    - Good girl. You’ll be hear again Saturday morning at 10 for the whole day. Now remove your plug, lick it clean, wash it up and you are dismissed. You know what undies to wear from now on.

                    Saturday at Her place – new ways of feedback

                    i used all Saturday morning epilating. It hurt like hell and the skin become red and a bit swollen. Even plucking hair one by one from my balls hurt every time: a little, sharp pain.

                    The Saturday date started with a royal curtsey at Her door, and me giving Her flowers. She was again stunning in a partly unbuttoned shirt, leather skirt and high heels and She didn’t react to my present any way.

                    - Strip to your undies. Keep the panties on, so you won’t be dripping precum all over my floors. The cb stays on as well from now on. you’ll find a maid’s dress in the closet over there.
                    i was so happy to put a corset, a bra with fillings, stockings, gloves, heels and a black maid’s dress on for the first time. It was made out of shiny black latex, it had shoulder straps, padded cups, white decorations at the hem and at the top, the very short hem was ruffled and puffed up by a petticoat. It was very tight-fitting, hugged tightly my corset at the waist. i was surprised that i got very turned on having to put it on. The caress of stockings as they brushed against each other, and the silky hem touching my thighs was exquisite. It was a dream come true.

                    You will have a busy day today, lots and lots of work. If you do a poor job, I have a lot of methods to correct you. I can change your points of intrigue into medium or long ones. I can make you repeat the whole task. But that’s not all to come. I’ll install a set of toys on you that allow me to give you direct feedback, and not only negative, also positive. First take a 2 quart enema, plain cold water. Go and prepare everything, I’ll come and open the valve for you.

                    i thanked Her, bobbed, and soon i waited with a bag of ice cold water, having installed the nozzle in my ass, holding my ankles with my hands, panties around my knees, keeping my butt up, waiting for Her to snap the valve open and the water to fill my bowels.

                    Making the slave wait in humiliating positions and situations is a big part of my slave training philosophy. Being a voluntary part of the preparations for a humiliation, maybe painful, is part of a big slave’s surrender to me.

                    She came in, pressed Her shoe against my mouth as a signal for me to kiss it as She released the water.

                    After emptying my bowels: - Now bend over, darling.

                    My clitty throbbed as i piled neatly my removed knickers, spread my legs like an obedient slut and bent at the waist, holding my hem, keeping my naked white ass easily accessible. i became a passive object for Her manipulations. “Turn around!” i turned to face Her, thinking that i should stay bent over. She stuck a white egglike thing in my mouth. A lead connected it to a smaller cylinder. “Turn round again!” i now understood that She had just forgotten to lubricate the egg and did it in my mouth. Now She pushed something, probably the egg, past my sphincter making me wince and pant.

                    - This is a pair of bullet vibrators. The larger one is originally meant for a pussy and the smaller for a woman’s asshole. Instead you get the larger one in your asshole and the smaller is for your sissy clit head, but obviously W/we cannot get it in place now. We’ll take your cb off later and place it inside there. Obviously the vibes can be switched on and off only with My remote control. Now, do you guess what this means? When you are being a meek, obedient and efficient sissy slave, I can give you an instant treat by massaging your anus and prostate or your p… er clitty head. For as long as I will. Maybe you will even learn to leak a little sissy cream inside your cage while I press a little button in my easy chair. That would be appropriate, wouldn’t it: no need to remove your cb for your moment of fun. Ha ha ha!

                    She burst in laughter.

                    - Then there’s the negative feedback.

                    i was still bent over as i felt Her hand touching and moving my cock cage and totally exposed balls and something coarse being drawn around the base of my clitty and balls. i had to stair to the opposite wall, and my hem would have eliminated any possibility of watching what She was up to.

                    - I fixed around your genitals an electric training collar for small dogs. If you have done your slaving job poorly, I will deliver electric shocks with it to your clitty. There are settings from one to four. This is the smallest shock (i felt a sudden shock, a very odd feeling at the base of my clitty). I will use it to call you. For instance as you are vacuuming, and can’t hear, it’s easy to summon you with a small electric shock. I will use stronger shocks to punish you.

                    A yelp escaped from my lips, as a strong unpleasant tickling feeling blasted on my sissy clit.

                    - This is the lowest of the punishment levels, so remember to be a good sissy.

                    - Put the panties on and then you’ll vacuum the whole house. Don’t slack, I’m going to check out some of the most difficult places. Never put away the cleaning instruments without me ordering so, in case I find faults and make you redo everything or some part of the task.

                    i spent the next hour vacuuming. When you are allowed to do it in a maid’s dress and stay up’s – and something in your ass - at least a person like me doesn’t consider it a tedious job at all. It becomes play. i just had to clench my ass a bit to keep the bullet in my ass from falling out.

                    She sat in Her easy chair reading a book, zapping my balls once for: “mia, get me a cup of tea!” which propelled me to the kitchen my high heels clicking on the hardwood. i made deep curtseys entering the room She was in, happy for the right to wear this splendid uniform in front of Her. As i brought Her the tea She opened my cb and fixed the small bullet vibrator (it was just 5mmx25mm) in the top of the cock cage, against my frenum, and locked the cb right back on me. i knew now that erection is a privilege, not a right when at Her presence.

                    As i was ready i reported to Her. She checked under her queen size bed and behind the toilet of the adjacent bathroom but found nothing. i had been careful.

                    - Bend over, She ordered. i removed my panties and piled them neatly, then separated my legs, bent at the waist and lifted my hem exposing my naked butt again. She gave me the first positive feedback. She switched the anal vibrator on, making my knees bend as the lovely vibration hit against my prostate gland making my clitty harden in its prison and sending little squirts of precum to my knickers. A deep exhalation escaped my lips as She then switched also the clitty vibe on. It was like being masturbated with very small motions. This was so new i so many ways: being passive and even totally immobile while getting fondled, being fondled by vibration, in a maid’s dress, submitting my right for sexual pleasure to Her, having my ass displayed, having my ass used etc. Suddenly She said sternly

                    - you seem to be a natural cleaning sissy. But remember that the fun stops immediately if you move even an inch! A sissy must learn to get her sexual pleasure by serving Others with her mouth and ass. It will be extremely rare that a sissy gets this kind of clitty pleasure, and the strict rule for that is: a sissy’s clitty is never fondled unless the sissy stays perfectly still. Men get their orgasms by actively fucking women, sissy’s fun must be the exact opposite of that. Sissy’s clitoral fun must be purely passive. But the better you learn to perform as ordered, i mean sexually, the more often I may choose to give you sexual clitty pleasure. The ultimate goal is that you will endure being passively manipulated like this for as long as I wish, and as I give you command, you will cum right away. I will try to train you to cum on command. The easier you are to train, the more fun it will be to me and the more you get chances to cum.

                    It was pleasurable, i thought maybe i could get off on the vibration, but She stopped it short.

                    - Now put away the vacuum cleaner and prepare us some lunch. I have chosen an enchilados recipe which you will find on the kitchen table, and prepare enough oatmeal to fill your bowl to the brim. Before you go, you may lick my shoes clean. Always the right one first.

                    She sat down and i knelt in front of Her and starting going through Her shoe with my tongue. As i was ready,

                    - Lick the sole clean as well.

                    After licking only Her right shoe, She got tired of that.

                    - Scamper into the kitchen and prepare the meal.

                    It is quite complicated to do enchilados especially if you cook the cheese sauce yourself like She assumed me to do. While the filling was cooking, i prepared microwave oatmeal. It became quite stiff. i filled my bowl with it. As the meal was in the oven, i traced Mistress from the living room, curtseyed and asked where to lay the table. She ordered me to lay it on the kitchen table.

                    With everything ready i told that to Her with another curtsey, pulled Her chair as She arrived, asked what She would like to drink, poured red wine, settled the enchilados on Her plate and presented the salad bowl low enough for Her to easily serve Herself. She ate and i waited silently standing two yards away. i took care to pour more wine as Her glass was half-empty.

                    - Are you hungry, boy?

                    - Yes, Mistress (bobbing)

                    - I have a bag of dog treats in that cupboard, take one.

                    i opened the cupboard and found a bag of beef jerky treats.

                    - Now get before the mirror, kneel up, and place the treat on your muzzle. Waiting position.

                    First i had a problem just holding the jerky on my nose. It dropped off.

                    - Careful, She shouted angrily.

                    i picked it up, and by putting it horizontally on my nose tip i succeeded. i saw my humiliation in a mirror: A guy in a maid’s dress waiting silently, on her knees, hands on sides, balancing a dog treat on her nose. She walked to a cupboard, took a bottle and poured something into my bowl.

                    - Fling the treat in the air, and catch it in your mouth.

                    Oh, more dog tricks, i thought as my sissy clit stiffened in its prison. What a genius of a Mistress! i lowered myself a little, then dipped my head up, the treat was in the air - and fell on the floor.

                    - Try it again until you succeed. You have a lot to learn, slave.

                    i picked it from the floor again, settled on my nose, bent my knees, flipped it in the air, feeling it touch my face and fall to the floor. i understood to keep my mouth wide open. However it didn’t help. i couldn’t control the jerky treat at all – until at about 10th try it landed in my mouth. i kept it in my mouth without swallowing as i remembered She didn’t order me to eat it. After a while:

                    - Good boy, you may eat your treat.

                    - Thank You Mistress, i said after swallowing.

                    - Now your meal. slave feed is not supposed to be appetizing, as you are about to lose some weight, so i seasoned it with vinegar this time. Now i’ll teach you the more formal slave eating ritual. As I say ‘Prepare’ you will get into Ass up, kneel and grab your ankles, but instead of pressing your forehead to the floor you will stretch out your tongue and touch the rim of the bowl with it. Then as i say ‘Eat’, you will start eating as quickly as you can. I will give you 2 minutes to eat. You will need all the food in your bowl to get enough nutrition, the next time you’ll get to eat anything is after 6 hours. you won’t get to eat even my toenails before that. So put effort in to it. slaves, also the kitchen slaves who make elaborate meals for Superiors eat foul food and eat it quickly and efficiently. And don’t think I wouldn’t know what is an efficient eating performance. Superiors have for long benchmarked slave eating, and in YouTube you can find model performances with various meals like slave gruel, prison loaf or water. So I know how quickly a slave can gulp down meals of different sizes, and you will be trained for the maximum speed in due course. If you finish before the 2 minute time is up, you will be instantly rewarded, otherwise punished. As your bowl is empty and licked, you will lick my plate clean. Put my plate next to the bowl. Now, Prepare!

                    i settled myself on my knees, gathered my hem up to show my panty clad ass and stocking tops along the protocol, and grabbed my ankles, noticed that it strains the neck when you must hold you head up to touch the rim of the bowl with your tongue. i somehow guessed that She would keep me waiting in this utterly humiliating pose. i had no idea how much time passed, probably not more than a minute until She tossed me the eat-word and finally allowed me to sink my face in the now cold and sticky oatmeal, biting and gulping down large chunks of the foul tasting substance. i hogged like it was my last meal.

                    - Stop!! Now lick my plate clean!

                    As the plate was shining:

                    Drink water from the water bowl until i say stop!

                    i still had oats on my face, making the water oaty.

                    - Stop!

                    i thought hard what position i should take, and decided to take the Prepare-position, my tongue to the water-bowl.

                    - Wrong! When i stop you, you stay in Ass up

                    i immediately starting placing my forehead to the floor, but “Wrong again! Did I tell you to correct your position. You only move after given an order. Now correct your pose!”

                    As i had pressed my forehead down i noticed Her moving around my bowls.

                    - You have about one fifth of the gruel left. So. What mistakes you will now be punished for? If you answer wrong, you will be punished for also that.

                    - Mistress, for not eating fast enough, for taking a wrong position after eating and… to correcting position without being told to

                    - Exactly. Now go wash your face up first.

                    i obeyed and returned with the usual curtsey.

                    Bend over. Now you’ll need to know the punishment rulesAs I punish you, you are allowed to scream, if you are not gagged or if I don’t specifically ask you to keep quiet. You are not allowed to move from the punishment position that is normally Bend over. I require you to stay put in moments of ecstasy, and in pain. I don’t tie you up. It’s an important part of this ritual that you show your compliance by taking the Bend over -position and exposing your butt and keeping it available for me to hurt whatever way I like as long as I like. There are other punishment positions you will learn later, but the idea is the same. In all these positions your sensitive areas are exposed and vulnerable. I know it’s especially difficult to keep the pose as I give a strong and painful blow on your tender parts. i understand if a very strong blow makes you momentarily lose your balance, and give you three seconds to return to the original position to wait for the next blow. During the punishment I will play out a tape with another slave counting seconds so that W/we both now the time limit. I won’t tolerate any fidgeting from a regular blow or from electric shock levels 2 or 3: in such a case I will inform you about extra punishment such as doubling the rest of the punishment. If you won’t get back in position in time or try to evade, you will also get an extra punishment: I will make you put on the medium points of intrigue and wear them until our next date. It will mean you agony each night. After each stroke or shock given in punishment position you will count and thank me. After the ordeal you remain as you are until i give you a new command. Now turn on cd 5.

                    i tried to digest all this new information and orders as i operated Mistress’s sound system. A male voice started reading ‘1,2,3,4,5,…’. i assumed the interval was one second. i had time to turn to Mistress and start bending my knees for a curtsey, as She ordered me to bend over. i turned to face the stereos again, and lifted the dress as i bent my back so much that i assumed it was about level.

                    She kept me waiting until 45. “Oooh” escaped my lips and my knees bent a little as a strong shock zapped my genitals. ‘Thank You, Mistress, one’ i counted. i thought She would have appreciated i thanked Her, as i must thank Her for everything She does to me, even correct me. However She seemed to take that for granted. It’s hard to describe the pain caused by a shock to your clitty – i hope you won’t have to experience it to find out. Though the electrodes are at the base of the clitty, you can feel the electricity all along the clitty, even in the head, which is… spooky.

                    - slave, you almost squatted. This was only level 3, and you must learn to take these motionlessly. As an extra punishment for fidgeting you will get another punishment session later today.

                    This was going to be a long night. i emitted a strong exhalation as She zapped my sissy clit again at 59.

                    - Thank You, Mistress, two

                    - That was better, sissy, but NO MOVING AT ALL. (She stressed each word) Your knees were OK, but you fidgeted and moved your fingers. I’m now punishing you for taking the wrong position after eating. It was just for your stupidity so that is the smallest one. We’ll move to your bigger errors only after you have taken 3 level 3 shocks motionlessly. I know you can do it. Just concentrate, learn.

                    The counting slave continued in the background and Mistress zapped me again in the middle of Her speech, at the word ‘learn’. No matter how you know that a new shock is coming, it surprised me every time, and each time it scared me out of my wits.

                    - That was good, your fingers were OK. Concentrate on your legs. No jumping. Just relax.

                    ZAP. After 99 the slave started again at 1. After about 10 shocks i started to fear the next shock more and more. This served not be relaxing but by keeping my rear muscles tense all the time. That helped, and i stared stiff and motionless at the wall above the stereo system as zap #14 was accepted.

                    - Good sissy, i knew you could make it. (ZAP) But why did you lose concentration? That was lousy. You jumped.

                    - 33, 34, 35, read the slave. Was it already 3 seconds? ZAP

                    - Fingers … (ZAP) That one counts. Now just one more and you are through, but not altogether of course.


                    - A good one, and you lose your concentration again. We’ll have to work on that. In a few months you will be taking all number 3’s without a murmur. Or without a motion at least


                    Thank You, Mistress, 19.

                    - Yes, W/we are through. Next you will be punished for your bigger mistakes, and I will use level 4. you are allowed to react as you wish. So now W/we will both concentrate on the seconds counting. Remember – 3 seconds recovery time. If you exceed it, it’s points of intrigue on until next date.

                    ZZAP. If level 3 was agony, level 4 was HELL. It was like a kick of a mule to one’s groin, with the exception that kick was given to the INSIDE of your CLITTY. From head to root. The movement of electricity is a mystery to me. Both electrodes were at the base of my sissy clit. Did the power travel from the one electrode at the base to the glans and back to the other electrode at the base? After the first shock i was down. i dropped nearly to one knee, pushed knees nearly together and emitted a loud cry that was not longer for fright, but for pain, shock and despair. Writing about this afterwards, see the beauty in this setup: how elegantly Mistress just reclines in a chair and presses a button in the remote, how appropriate to control and punish the male slave by pain that the slave feels only in her former sex organ, which Mistress has turned into a pain vessel and receptor for Her long-distance-punishment, how appropriate to make the slave submit by keeping herself as Her target from her free will. But as the ordeal was on, i just wanted it to stop, i hated it.

                    As i tried to regain control of myself, She shouted:

                    – Get up, get up! Just one second left, you missed it.

                    It took me 7 seconds to get back for the next shock.

                    – Thank You, Mistress, 20, i managed finally.

                    – Now it’s points of intrigue for you. Get the medium points from the toy box right away.

                    – Thank You, Mistress

                    i ran on my heels, i was in deep subspace. As i got back and curtseyed She threw the key on the floor between my legs.

                    – Take the cb off so much that you can insert the points.

                    – Thank You, Mistress

                    i dropped to my knees, opened the lock, took away one spacer, inserted the points and relocked it. It was relatively easy as my clitty was only semierect after all these shocks. Before i could put the key and spacer anywhere, She shouted:

                    - Give me the key and take the spacer to the cb bag in toy box.

                    As i got back She was quick again:

                    - Bend over. Level 4 shocks are supposed to be painful. They are for bigger punishments. You ate too slowly. Now you know what happens if you eat too slowly. You got yourself into a mess. You don’t want to be punished for this offense ever again.

                    ZZAP. i cried from pure pain now. my poor clit felt like struck by lightning. But i was up in seconds, hem held up by quivering hands. Why can’t it be easier being a maid? She continued talking all the time.

                    - Next time you will not chew on your feed. you bite big chunks and swallow them. Bite – swallow –bite – swallow. Next time you are fed you have not only emptied the bowl in 2 minutes, you have also licked it clean. Understood?
                    - Yes, Mistress


                    - AAARGHH…. Thank You, Mistress, 22

                    i was as vocal as could be now. The pain seemed to grow and grow and blow my clitty. i didn’t know yet what kind of ordeal was left. i got up in about 3 seconds.

                    - Goood. Gooood, She said in a soothing voice. “That’s my sissy. Always willing to endure more for Mistress, always pliable. That one counts. I will reward you with a little break. But you will be even better. Much better. you need to change, and I will change you. I know what you will be like when you are trained. you see now that I don’t ask impossible things from you. Just to take some pain in your clitty as a form of correction. A certain degree of self discipline when being punished. The pain is necessary to make you a better slave. you will have to know that massive pain is what you get if you don’t change as I want. you have only one way to go, the change. you will be trained to eat your feed quickly. A bit faster than you think possible, yea, but you’ll know it is possible, and you’ll learn it yourself. You’ll learn to obey excellently, which includes not correcting a wrong pose without an order to do so. Now W/we’ll take easy the rest of this part. you’ll just need to take number 4 properly once more for your eating problem and twice for the pose correction mistake. Then W/we’ll do something totally different before your other punishment session, which will NOT be using the training collar. Now W/we’ll continue.

                    ZZAP. My reaction was a high pitched cry which cannot be written in letters. But the break was enough: i could get back up just in time 58, 59, 60: three seconds.

                    - Great!! Now you have whitewashed two of your sins. You should feel so happy now. But still one to go.

                    ZZ-ZZ-ZZ-ZZAP She must have pressed the button a long time. My cry started with the zap and both went on some seconds. i was horrified. It was hell already and it just got worse.

                    - Thank You, Mistress, 23

                    i gasped with pain.

                    - It took 5 seconds. I gave you a long shock to show you where is still unused scale, and as I think you should have known better than move without an order. I tolerate nothing that breaks my rules, sissy. That means you will have to memorize my rules and learn how to interpret them in any possible situation. you cannot say that you forgot a rule – that’s no excuse to ME. If I condemn you for breaking my rules, long level 4 shocks will be part of the sentence. You will try ANY POSSIBLE WAY to avoid that sentence.


                    - Thank You, Mistress, 24

                    A regular #4 was now horrible but nothing more. i went down like always with level 4 but recovered in 3 secs.

                    - You see, this is not even difficult with short shocks


                    - Thank You, Mistress, 25.

                    i was in total agony, sweaty and spent, but i was up. The horrible ordeal was over, and a dark cloud had covered my brains: how can i memorize all these rules?

                    - See. That’s it. When you try enough to comply with my requirements, you can fulfil them. Now replace the cd with Louis Armstrong with Ella Fitzgerald CD.

                    - Thank you, Mistress

                    i bob and try to focus on all i had learned. She moves to Her easy chair.

                    - Bring the Faulkner book… Clear up my dining table up clean up the kitchen thoroughly, but bring me a glass of wine first.

                    With the usual thank yous and bobs i disappear in the kitchen.

                    Next half an hour i spent doing these chores, concentrating, the punishment had a longstanding impact on me. As i thought She could come and check the kitchen up, i reported with a curtsey.

                    - Fill my glass.

                    - Thank You, Mistress

                    i brought the bottle from the fridge and poured more wine to Mistress.

                    - Bring a tray from the kitchen.

                    - Thank You, Mistress.

                    i returned the bottle and got back with a red and white dotted tray.

                    - Put my glass on the tray. Kneel up so that you can hold the glass about 10 cm from my right hand with your back straight and elbows to your sides, but locate yourself as far for my feet as possible.

                    – Thank You, Mistress

                    So i had to position myself at the side of the easy chair, as far from Her range of vision as possible. As She read Her book the next maybe half an hour i had now time to think that it is my service that She wants to see, not Her servant. Then:

                    - Put the tray on the coffee table.

                    As i had done it and bobbed and thanked Her, She pointed to Her crotch with Her finger. i knew to kneel in front of Her, and She departed Her legs and pushed my head under Her skirt. It was dark down there. i knew better than to start doing anything down where without orders, so i just stayed in that dark sanctuary until

                    - Lick My thighs and panties.

                    i mumbled the ‘thank you’ there i was and started following Her skin with my tongue.

                    - Get the black leather blindfold

                    As She was fixing it over my eyes, She said

                    - My naked body is too sacred for your eyes. If you happen to see me naked, you must always cast your eyes down, fixed to my feet. you will only pleasure me with a blindfold on. And this is not negotiable.

                    - Take my panties off with your hands.

                    She helped me by raising Her a little so i got the panties past Her buttocks. i had to back from under Her skirt, to get them off and peel them.

                    - Now I want a really good pussylicking performance. Put all you effort into it.

                    i started with flicking the tip of my tongue at Her clit and circling it with my tongue, continued with long licks along vulva, dropped by at Her vulva, pushing my tongue in and out. i knew i was doing Ok as She was pressing my head to Her crotch.

                    - Get on the bed on your knees with a strap in your hands and the long spreader bar fixed between your ankles.

                    - Thank you, Mistress, i said drawing my head from under Her skirt, stood up, bobbed and felt my way over to the toy cupboard.

                    The long spreader bar was really long, like 1,5 meters. My posture was odd, knees wide, wide apart as i knelt there. She appeared.

                    - Take your dress and bra off.

                    It was troublesome with the bar, but i piled the maid’s dress with aprons on the floor. She ordered me to turn (takes a lot of space) and strapped my hands a bit tightly together at wrists behind my back.

                    - On your back!

                    i fell on the bed on my hands. She straddled me and sat on my chest. My clitty throbbed, points of intrigue dug into the clitty making excitement agony. Erection stayed, pain stayed as She raised Herself and brought Her nipples near my head for me to suck and then i felt the bed sag under Her as She put Her knees on either side of my head, and felt Her moist, hairy pussy land on my face, and started eating Her out while bearing the pain in my clitty. She was moist, i gulped down Her juices as my tongue hurried all over Her pussy. After all these punishments this was a heavenly place to be, feel Her sex all over me. She rubbed Her clit against my nose. my breathing was not Her biggest concern. i was interrupted by a medium zap on my clitty.

                    - Move that tongue. More effort!

                    As i had continued for a long time, the pain in my clitty had caused it to soften just enough to make the pain endurable, the result was some kind of semierection. She was panting hard, but no climax yet, She got a vibrator and ordered:

                    - Lick up and down the clitoris as i use the dildo on me.

                    i had to bend my neck to reach Her now as She was kneeling over me. My efforts were doubled as She put my clitty vibe on as a mark that She was nearing orgasm. The vibration caused my clitty to harden again, and the pain was back as bad as ever. She grabbed a handful of my hair pressing my head up, which helped my straining neck. Finally She came yelling loud and freely. i was extremely happy when i could get Her to cum, for the first time. She cut my vibration off again as She recovered from Her orgasm.

                    i awaited a reward, even a humiliating, ruined masturbation orgasm, as i had blue balls (i was already keeping myself chaste while at home according to Her rules). But She freed my hands:

                    - Remove the spreader bar, put the toys away and get the candy box.

                    As i returned the room with the candy box and a curtsey, She took some for Herself, and

                    - Take it away.

                    No candy for me.

                    As i returned She sported a new implement of torture, a sturdy, perforated leather paddle. i knelt in waiting position near Her.

                    - W/we have still the matter of your other punishment to deal with. Your mindless fidgeting and the whole fuzz you put about with the training collar caused it. So now W/we’ll leave your clitty in peace and focus on your buttocks. Let’s see if you can handle the conventional punishments better.

                    - Play the counting cd again.

                    - Thank You, Mistress.

                    - Bend over. I have a perforated paddle in my hand. This first time you’re allowed to move and react to each blow, but in 2 seconds after each thud I want to see those buttocks exactly as they are now, still, and ready to take the next blow. Only those blows count, and I’ll add to your count one extra blow each time you fail to get back in position. So you better learn quickly.

                    She didn’t say how many well received swats i was going to receive, which added to the punishment the element of uncertainty. As my eyes were fixed away from Her, the blows came as a surprise. WHACK.

                    - Oooooh.

                    The paddle came down on my right buttock so hard i uttered a load moan. The sound filled the whole room. The impact was great, plunging me forward, moving my upper body up, making my legs buckle at the knees and bringing my knees near each other. i nearly lost my balance on the high heels that made it so difficult for me to brave the swats. The slave on the tape had uttered three numbers as i was up again. Then i remembered:

                    - Thank You, Mistress, one.

                    i recovered my position and tried to steel my butt for the next blow.

                    - Oh boy, instead of deducting one from your total i have to add one.


                    - Oh-oh!.

                    The next stroke met my left buttock and the sting made me yelp.

                    - Thank You, Mistress, two, i whimpered.

                    She kept a rapid pace and didn’t talk to me. My knees gave way, but i recovered in 2 seconds. 10 seconds passed with my naked ass as a free target for a large, heavy paddle with holes. THWACK! She must have brought the paddle down on my ass as hard as She could. The thud was like thunder and made my ass sting with fire.

                    - Thank You, Mistress, three, i nearly moaned.

                    i had to concentrate and overcome my self-defensive instinct and the pain accumulating from the repetitive strokes to force myself to lift my ass back into air. i was now continuously sobbing and letting out short breaths and moans. THWACK!

                    - Aaargh, thank You, Mistress, four, i cried out loud.

                    Mistress had laid another brutal slap of the paddle to my ass. The hit nearly lifted me off me feet and made me lose my balance and stumble on my high heels, and it took nearly 4 seconds before Her target was still and available again.

                    - The last one doesn’t count, and I’ll one more to your number. Had you been a little quicker, you would have two lashes less left. Now you are back to the original total.


                    - Thank you Mistress five

                    The paddle hit my ass hard exactly in the same spot as the earlier one, causing me to sob loudly, but i could maintain my footing, and managed to offer my ass to my tormentor quickly enough for Her standard. My ass was burning and tears started to wet my eyes. i couldn’t bear this much longer. i just wanted to jump up and down to get rid of the stinging pain, but i knew i was not allowed to do that.

                    - Do you like being paddled, mia, She asked, surprising me by hissing directly to my left ear.

                    It was difficult to answer. i liked being humiliated in girls’ clothes and being spanked on the naked ass, and i liked Her eyes on my buttocks, but i didn’t like the harsh pain.

                    - Mistress, i would like it but i don’t like it as it is so painful.

                    - Yes, you are not supposed to like this. This is a punishment, and you should hate this, and you will hate this when W/we are through.


                    - Thank you Mistress six

                    She had paddled me with all Her might again. i wailed, it was like my ass had caught the hell fire. My ass wiggled up and down, but i kept my footing. But got back to position in time and thanked Her like always. A wait of 15 taped slave utterances and THWACK!

                    - Thank you Mistress seven

                    She brought the paddle down on my ass again with such might i couldn’t take it. i fell from my heels and stumbled. The stinging pain in my ass grew in intensity again and i was now sobbing all the time. i was too late again. i could just pray silently that the ordeal would soon be over.

                    - Now you have worked off one from your total, not much. Concentrate. I want you to take this pain from my paddle! Submit to the pain, She barked.


                    - Thank you Mistress eight

                    The paddle hit my ass again with all its might. i took a deep inhale and let out another sobbing moan. The sting was blazing, and i wanted to rub my poor buttocks, but i stayed in the position my Mistress desired of me, only bent deep on the knees, but stayed on my heels. Her words had motivated me. i wanted to show Her my true strength as a submissive.

                    - Now your figure is down to three. Original was five.

                    Now three seems such a low figure, but at that time i was startled as i thought i could now way bear three more blasts, and i let out a whimper. i wanted to beg Mistress to wipe out the remaining three. i thought i could take no more. As if She had heard my thought She stroked my hair and said compassionately:

                    - You can take it. I know you will try hard – to please me. You have come a long way, and i will continue to change you, but you will become a good slave over time.


                    - Thank you Mistress nine, i sobbed.

                    She delivered another blow with fierce power. i cried out load, my ass was on fire, but now there was even a hint of pleasure in my voice. i swayed on my heels but didn’t blunder. Her words had given me more motivation. i remembered the smells and sights under Her. i felt W/we were a team. A pot and a lid, Paddler and paddlee, Owner and dog, Master and servant, connected by a paddle during each smack. THWACK!

                    - Thank you Mistress ten

                    She struck my ass again with full force, knocking me nearly from my feet, but my renewed willpower helped me from tumbling even though yet another wave of shuddering pain was forced through my buttocks to my brain. My brain knew better than to interfere with a similar final blow that would finally end my ordeal for today. She gave me time to recover. A slave repeated meaningless numbers on the tape. My ass was beaten badly. Worse than ever since i was born. And yet i like a lunatic bent my waist and held my hem up to let my punisher finish Her work and bring Her paddle down on my bruised ass with the last thunderous blast. THWACK!

                    - Thank You, Mistress, 11

                    -That’s my sissy. you are through now. i had faith in you all along. I knew you could take it.

                    – Thank You, Mistress

                    These words were music to my ears. Mistress praised me for my submission. i hid these words in my heart and cherished them. She doesn’t waste nice words on me, so each time She says She’s pleased with me is a Christmas to me. They help me through a year of pain and suffering.

                    i had to wait in the bend over –position with a hurting and smarting ass

                    - Step into these.

                    She had appeared again and held a pair of plastic panties before my eyes, i took them and started putting them on. She stopped me as they were around my thighs. They were spacious, like babies panties.

                    She had rubber gloves and She put some greens in the back of the panties, and drew them carefully up so that the greens covered my red, hot butt. There was a chain with a lock hanging from them and She locked the panties on pulling tight the chain running inside a channel by the waistband.

                    - Now you are locked in plastic adult baby panties, and i filled the backside of them with nettles i collected especially for you. No matter what you do, nettles will be stinging you time and time again, adding to the heat from the spanking. i require perfectly normal service from you with or without nettles panties. So get used to them quickly. Now you’ll wash the windows, i show you were the equipment is.

                    She didn’t care that i was going to be seen from other windows in my maid’s dress as i washed Her windows. i could do nothing to hide me. Did somebody pay attention to a short haired maid, it didn’t matter. The nettles really stung me all the time, they caused a constant smarting, and new bites against new spots in my butt every time i moved. Did i get used to them? Maybe, but i was very aware of them all the night. Probably the welts caused by the paddle added to the sensation.

                    As windows were ready and equipment cleaned and back in the cupboard She ordered me to warm up a meal for Her and wait on Her again, then She repeated the Slave eating ritual. As i waited in Prepare, with my tongue to the bowl, She poured some kibble into the vinegar-flavoured oat meal, making a balanced diet, i guess. Anyway it was so bad i would have been in real trouble getting it down without me being so hungry. She sent me home without sex this time.

                    Better cunnilingus

                    i was weekly cleaning Her house in the maid’s dress, and preparing a meal for most of our dates at her or at my place, as She decided. i was still looking forward to fucking Her for the first time. Normally She had me tongue Her to orgasm.

                    She ordered me to read “She Comes First - A thinking man’s guide topleasuring women” and rehearse different cunnilingus variations on Her. She took to the habit of giving me detailed instructions how to tongue Her, like “lick the alphabets for me” or “dog licks”. She also taught me to excite the opening of Her pussy with a vibrating dildo while licking Her, but that was the closest to fucking Her yet. And She did not make exceptions to the blindfold rule.

                    Then She had bought a new toy. She had made me take off the maid’s uniform and She had tied my hands behind my back.

                    - Kneel up. Do you know what this is, slave?

                    - Mistress, a queening stool, i guess, Mistress

                    - Yes, you know it. Good. What is it for?

                    - Enabling Mistress to sit down comfily on slave’s face, Mistress

                    - Yes, i may sit and watch tv, relax, while your tongue’s busy working and pleasuring my pussy, or maybe my anus. I just have to put you in the chair the other way round for that. This is also comfy for you as you may lie on the floor, and your head hangs softly on this small piece of leather. if i decide you are too comfy, i will of course tie you up in some more awkward way. i could add little spikes under your butt, or tie a ribbon between your balls and big toes, tight.

                    She put a blindfold on me, took me by my posture collar to the chair.

                    - Kneel! Turn around!

                    She dragged me down, guiding me aggressively in place until i felt the back of my head settling on a taut surface and was ready for the first session on the “manface chair”.

                    i guess i would have loved to see Her pussy landing on my face, but i had to content myself with a slight breeze and scent  as She settled on my face so that my nose went well inside Her pussy and my mouth touched her clit. i started my routines, long licks, circling the clit, flicking my tongue over it. my nose and mouth area became soaking wet as all her juices poured over me. As She ws close to cumming She became jerky and anxious. i noticed it and doubled my efforts. She came twice in a row.
                    Taking my pleasure in the queening stool is great, and i do it 4-5 times a week still today. I think sissies like it too, judging from the bulge in their cb’s as they are put in the stool. Somehow being able to sit normally, without any strain makes me easier to pleasure.
                    Once W/we had a long session of cunnilingus in a queening stool, with me in my full maid’s attire except for panties removed, my wrists tied together and to the top of my cb behind my back (bending my genitals back). i had also a long spreader bar between my knees and the middle of the bar was fixed to my collar with a short chain so that my knees rested around my elbows and my crotch and butt were easily accessible. The electrodes of training collar were pressing against the base of my sissy clit, and the small bullet vibrator was as always against my sissy glans in the cb and the bigger bullet in my rectum. As i was doing poorly She shocked my sissy clit on the full level. Ouch! As i was doing progress, She vibrated my anus and prostate with the big bullet and once She was really happy, feeling an orgasm starting to build up, She occasionally pressed on the other button, making the small bullet vibrate against my sissy clit. She took care not to make me cum anyway. As She had cum two times my tongue was really tired and the tempo of my flicks had dropped to one per 1-2 seconds. She raised Herself, but just to get a penis whip and a rattan cane. She sat back on the stool and i started licking Her again, as She had not told me to stop. Now She told me to stop, and started alternating flicks with the small whip on my balls which made me feel bad all through the stomach with cuts on my upturned buttocks with the cane. After some 20 blows on both, She said:

                    - I would have wanted a third orgasm, you lazy slave. Tongue is your most important muscle, slave. I want you to start practising it, from now on twice a day. You will do it without having to be ordered to, once as you are epilating in the morning and another time as you get into bed in the evening. This is what you will do…

                    Then She went through a program of tongue extensions, extending my tongue as long as it goes and keeping it there for 5 seconds, repeated 5 times, 5 tongue retractions, touching the roof of the mouth for 3 seconds, 5 times. Then alternating between these two again for 5 times, 3 seconds each. Next rehearsal is pressing the tongue against the back of the upper front teeth and opening mouth as much as i can (5x5 seconds). Next is tongue elevation along the plate, starting with tongue against the front teeth and moving the tip along the roof of the mouth to the very back, repeated 5 times. Then an easy part, keep the tip against left cheek then against right cheek, 10*5 seconds against both. After these come tongue milking, taking hold of the tip through tissue paper, and stretching your tongue as long as it goes for 20 seconds, a rest of 5 seconds, and repeat, 10 times. Next tongue resistance rehearsals: stick it out and try to press it down with the tip of My shoe, press up with the tongue, 5x3 seconds. Next the same, but sticking it out at the corner of the mouth, pressing it from the side, 5X3 seconds both sides. Next pressing your cheek with your hand, and pushing back with your tongue through the cheek 5X2 seconds. And finally sticking it out again and pressing against the tip of Mistress’s shoe 5X3 seconds.

                    i have been sticking to the training program since that day, completing the tongue exercises twice a day. Sometimes She wants me to do it as She watches, or videotapes it. It must look funny, especially if you know why i am doing it. She made a lot of videotapes of me, and put them on a file server in the net so that i can also access them from home.

                    My tongue has extended remarkably because of the training regime. i can now easily touch the tip of my nose with my tongue, or extend it under my jaw. A few weeks later She sent me to the piercing parlour again, this time to get a tongue piercing. It hurt a lot but She likes my tongue stud and it has helped Her to orgasm.
                    I recommend having a slave’s tongue stretched. Relaxing in a queening stool, a long and flexible tongue is bliss.

                    Moving in

                    Suddenly in September She told me to move in. She didn’t let me keep most of my stuff that She decided to be donated to charity. i got to sleep in a former storage room with a tiny window. Actually it still served as Her walk-in wardrobe, i was allowed to prepare myself sleeping place there each evening using a thinnish mattress. All my stuff had to fit in the same closet in 4 boxes on the floor. First evening as i had moved in She offset my happiness by applying a drop of Tabasco in my chastized sissy clit slit, and making me crawl naked on the balcony and spend next hour or two there in Ass up -position. During the time i was on the balcony, i heard conversation, Mistress was talking to a female. She had a visitor! i was shocked and stayed absolutely still not to attract any attention. i never knew who it was and why.

                    i had to put my mattress away each morning, from day one, and wake up at 5.30, remain naked, shave and epilate, brush my now long hair that She insisted i curl with rollers after each shower. It was now quite feminine even then worn in a ponytail. Next i had to silently tidy the house and prepare breakfast for Her to be ready at 7.00. Then i woke Her up kissing Her hands, shoulders and cheeks. i would dress her up and serve breakfast, then get dressed and leave for work at 7.30.

                    As i returned home it was back to the maid’s dress with the exception of some occasional pup days. Preparing dinner, then massaging Her as She browsed through tv channels, doing the laundry, reading Her aloud, or whatever She chose. When She retired She normally had me brush Her hair and get Her nightgown,

                    i was allowed to masturbate to conclusion if i had obeyed Her well all night. Otherwise i was allowed just to edge myself, and as a punishment i was not allowed to take off my cb at all. Later She changed it so only after three excellent nights i was allowed to masturbate to conclusion. That happened maybe once in two weeks.
                    In October Marc took a long trip to Europe. I had fallen in love with Marc so I didn’t want to fuck with casual acquaintances. I like fucking, and didn’t want to give it up even for a while so I decided to instead use mia more intimately during Marc’s trip and have her move in. I also continued to twist mia’s sexuality and had her stop masturbating with hands.
                    i was so happy to be with Her every day. Of course She went to parties quite often and had female and male friends also visit Her house. Sometimes i had to spend those times silently in the closet in maid’s dress, sometimes She told me to put on street clothes, and serve in relaxed mode. She didn’t take me to any parties, She had some friends to go with Her. Instead She made me learn manicure and pedicure, nail lacquering and other feminine skills, which She then utilized.

                    During weekends i had to trail Her according to my rules, being constantly at Her beck and call. The only exception was a couple of hours She let me use for net porn weekly. That was the only hobby She accepted. She supervised the use of my computer. She had installed Netnanny in my computer, so She needed to unlock it first for my net porn surfing. She was in the same room during my net porn sessions, during which i of course wore chastity belt with points of intrigue. It was quite easy to adapt to that. She allowed only Femdom, Fem/tg-dom and Gay/tg-dom.

                    Soon I got used to her presence and browsed freely my favourite porn which consisted mostly of tv's with boobs, dominated by males or groups of Females, and also cuckold porn. Later as marc joined O/our household He also supervised some of my net porn sessions. No dominated women were allowed. Sometimes my fun was offset by clamps in my nipples and/or balls. In those cases I was allowed to ask for my hour of porn to be terminated earlier.
                    Supervising a sub's net porn is quite informative. I was happy to learn that her favourites coincided remarkably well with My plans.
                    i thought She will never let me have sex with Her, but i wanted to be her slave anyway. Then in October happened something i considered as a major breakthrough. It was a Saturday full of vacuuming, washing the floors, washing the kitchen and doors in maid’s dress. She told me what She wants for dinner, and told me to examine what ingredients are missing and go to the mall for them. After eating a dinner of enchilados, salad and raspberry parfait with coffee She relaxed on a settee said

                    - I’m so happy you are becoming so talented as a chef

                    - Thank you, Mistress

                    - Sit here by me

                    - Yes, Mistress

                    i carefully sat by Her, remembering the slave way to sit, back straight, hands on knees, legs together. She grabbed my throat and threw me on the sofa on my back, climbed on top of me, bit my neck and sucked my ear. Then She kissed my mouth. She pinned my hands down and sucked my other ear getting my crazy.

                    - you are going to be my fucktoy today, She said, rolling me over and unzipping my maid’s dress.

                    - Get into the bedroom!

                    i wiggled my ass there in my usual manner. She slapped my ass.

                    - On the bed on your back. Remove the heels.

                    i settled there with my hands by my sides and legs together in my bra, panties, corset and stockings. i was dripping massively in my panties. Finally i was in bed with Her. What a progress, i thought.

                    She straddled me and bitch slapped my both cheeks. She took Her blouse away and leaned forward. i saw Her bare breasts for the first time! i was in for a rare treat as She informed:

                    - you may suckle

                    i had to raise my head quite strenuously to reach her perfect white titties, and i sucked and sucked, trying to keep my neck from giving way. my chastized sissy clit was in agony as the regular medium points dug into its root. Much later She raised Herself and placed a blindfold on my eyes.

                    - Take my pants off!

                    She guided my hand to the buttons and soon She was naked. Now She sat on my face and i noticed She was quite wet, actually sipping. i did my best pussylicking routine, but just as i thought She would be cumming She rose up and left. i waited passively, and soon She returned, placed something on my belly, ordered me to turn around and i felt some straps tightened round my crotch. i heard Her open Her bedside table drawer where She keeps Her dildos and i guessed She was fixing a strap-on dildo on me.

                    - That’s nice, now you have a cock.

                    She let me lie there passively as She straddled me anew and started grinding the dildo attached to me. Soon She rose.

                    - I want it from behind

                    i quickly climbed up and felt Her ass, oh God how exciting that was.

                    - I’ll guide it in myself

                    i took hold of Her butt with both my hands and started moving.

                    - Take it easy at first, it’s a big cock

                    i slowed down, and soon got into the right rhythm. i couldn’t believe it, here i was, fucking my dear Mistress. It was bliss, even though the points of intrigue tormented me much those days, i still couldn’t control my sissy clit like i now can. She climaxed and threw Herself on the bed. i turned to where i thought She was and continued kneeling, hands by my sides, i was in slave mode.

                    - That was nice.

                    She was still panting heavily.

                    - A good boy to take care of her Mummy like this. I hope you were not too disappointed by not being able to use your own sissy clit

                    She has started calling it a sissy clit.

                    - Mistress, well i hope i can use my wee-wee sometimes.

                    The words 'cock' or 'penis' was off limits for me.

                    - Boys have wee-wees, you have only a sissy clit, She snapped and continued

                    - A sissy clit is not meant to be in a pussy. you must understand that you want to be my sissy slave, not my lover. They are two different things. If I would use your sissy clit sexually, you would be my lover. you will always be my sissy slave, and if I want a lover, I take one. Is that understood?

                    - Yes, Mistress

                    - So, do you want to fuck your Mistress with your “sissy clit”?

                    i coughed a bit and formulated

                    - No, Mistress, a sissy clit is not meant to be in a pussy, Mistress, but i can fuck you with a dildo, Mistress

                    - Good, I knew you are a quick learner. And what if I want a real cock in my pussy? What then my sissy?

                    i thought for a moment.

                    - Mistress, You will have to take a lover to get a real cock, Mistress

                    - Excellent. Maybe you'll get a prize for quick learning later.

                    In the evening, after i had touched my makeup, came the time to collect my prize. But it turned out something else than i imagined. First She ordered me to change into a slutty tight evening dress with shoulder straps that ended above my stocking tops. Corset, stockings and heels stayed.

                    - Here’s a gift for you, sissy.

                    She threw something red on carpet. Those were bright red knickers with velcro straps at hips. They could be removed with one motion!

                    - Change into them now, take the old ones to laundry. To the bathroom. Heel!

                    Mistress was walking quite quickly, so i had to walk with my knees not touching the floor, on my hands and feet.

                    - Prepare an ivory soap enema: 2 quarts of warm water and a quarter of a soap bar into the enema bag.

                    i already knew enemas were not my favorite stuff. That smell of shit, the cramping and how She didn’t let me expel the enema, but hold it in… Anyway, what could i do, but teeter on my high heels to cut and grind the soap bar, open the hot water tap, and ask Mistress:

                    - Mistress, how hot water i must use?

                    She comes to check on the water, and turns it a bit towards hot. Oh no, She’s going to make me take a hot water enema. i poured water into the bag until it showed it contained 2 qrts, and squeezed the bag until all the air had left the inflatable enema nozzle, which is always attached to O/our enema bag, and hung the bag from a hook on the wall. She had followed my efforts and shouted

                    - Ass up. Remove your knickers. Keep your hem up to your waist. You may rest your wrists on your hips.

                    i was kneeling with my cheek to the tiled floor, knees together, ass upturned and exposed naked by my own hands, ready to accept an inflatable plug in my ass and then 2 quarts of hot water and soap i had prepared myself. She kept me waiting for a moment.

                    - Before we start, I want to point out, that if any of your garments gets even one drop of liquid during this process, you will get disciplined.

                    With that She shoved the nozzle in my anus. It was dry, and She needed to force it in. She pumped the bulb once, twice…five times until i felt like i would be bursting that very second. However i was happy that i could not expel anything too early and get a punishment. It always surprises me when She lets the hot water flow in my bowels. The bag hook is purposefully set quite high, so the water flow is pretty forceful. i started to feel cramps right away, and a sort of sick feeling took over when the first half quart was in me. i started to have real trouble holding my skirt up like She ordered. i think i maybe drooped a little, as Mistress so sternly cried out:

                    - Keep that ass up, no moving, no slouching!

                    i got strength from that, and managed to maintain the position and even hold up the hem and keep my naked ass exposed to Her, as She removed the hose. i was anxious to get to expel, the cramps were going over my tolerance, and i was feeling so sick , and the need to go was so big you only know it if you have experienced an ivory soap enema yourself, Dear Reader.

                    - You may lower the hem now, mia. Next you will be carving yourself a nice, fat ginger plug, and present it to me here. Only after i have accepted your work you can use the toilet. You may run. Go!

                    i don’t know whether you would call it running, but i was stooping fast, wobbling on my heels, nearly bending over, holding my stomach, to the kitchen, to the freezer, to get a ginger hand. With shaking hands i cut and peeled it, then carved off a small ½’ ring at the base, making it look like a tiny butt plug. The plug was done, and i was done as well. i tottered to Mistress doubled up, holding the plug in my hands like a precious jewel. i collapsed onto my knees in front of Her, offering the plug to Her like a sacrifice. She was annoyed.

                    - i’m not counting on your feminine charms, mia, but you are wearing the sexy maid outfit, so i presume some feminine swaying of the hips at least, She said taking and examining the plug at the same time.

                    - i’m sorry, Mistress

                    - You will be disciplined for that, but i accept the plug. you may expel on my mark.

                    i fled to the toilet, lifted the seat, sat down as low as i could without touching the rim. i had to wait the last agonizing moments as Mistress looked down on my misery, until:

                    - You may expel

                    i was so concentrated on my bowels, i missed the added humiliation of having to wait for a permission to expel an enema. i quickly opened the valve of the plug, and in a seconds i expelled the plug, and the enema started to explode out of my anus, surging down to the toilet. An enema wears your strength, so you need a lot of self control not to sit on the rim. And if you raise yourself even a little, part of the surging water may miss the toilet. After the water flow stopped i noticed that Mistress had left the toilet at some point. i started to examine my stocking tops and skirt. They were intact. i wiped my butt with my slave wash cloth and continued to wash the toilet. However, i felt more water entering my rectum, and had to sit over the toilet again and start it over. i checked my appearance, straightened my outfit and finally reported to Mistress, whom i found in the living room. i knelt near Her head bowed.

                    - Aha, sissy. Let’s check you up. Bend over.

                    i stood up, turned my ass to Her, spread my legs and bent my waist, keeping the skirt hem up. i felt Her come near and feel the insides of my thighs, both the stockings and the skin on top of them.

                    - Clean as a whistle. That’s the way to go. Now prepare yourself another 2 quart hot water enema, same temperature as before, and take enema position.

                    i thought the enema business was over and the evident figging session would start, but now i needed to mince over to the shower room, fill the enema bag again, prepare everything and holding my skirt up offer my butt meekly for the insertion of the enema plug. Soon Mistress arrived, and again pushed the plug in, inflated it and let the hot water surge in my bowels. This time there were no real cramps, but when most of the bag had flown into me, i always feel the fullness and the need to void, which cause discomfort and humiliation. As the bag was empty, i got a nice surprise.

                    - In the toilet slave. You may expel on my mark

                    i hurried into the toilet, squatting down nearest the rim, holding on to my hem, now really minding my stockings, not wanting any water on them, and Mistress’s reprimand.

                    - Go!

                    At once the valve was open, and the water, this time it really felt and looked like water, gushed out of my ass. It is really strenuous expelling enemas without the right to sit on the toilet. i was already hot and bothered from the enema, and it took surprisingly long time to get all of the enema out. All the time i had to squat, and strain on my legs became horrible.

                    As the water flow had stopped and it didn’t start anew as i stood up and stated to walk, i dried myself thoroughly, and to my delight i had managed to dance through these two enemas without getting my stockings or skirt dirty. i reported to Mistress who checked my bottom and legs again.

                    - Lucky girl, seems you succeeded without further discipline so far. Heel!

                    i followed on all fours as Mistress strolled to the bedroom. There She told me to stand up and as i stood at attention She used Her key to open my cb-2000:

                    - Remove the cage.

                    As i was ready She tied the middle part of a long string tightly round my sissy clit, in the groove behind my glans. She pulled the string a few times, noting that it won’t come off. Then She tied a small vibrator to the underside of my shaft with two straps, one in the groove on top of the string and one round the other end of the vibrator.

                    - Now you’ll have to get rid of the stiffy. Think about your work for a moment.

                    Miraculously my hardon softened just enough for Her to pull my sissy clit past my ballsac between my legs, and tie one end of the rope to a D-ring of my corset at my left side and the other to my right side. She pulled it back as far as She could, and my glans rested near my asshole after that stint.

                    - Attach the strap on harness on me.

                    i fetched it, tied it around Her waist and between Her legs. She was wearing a flannel shirt and jeans. i felt like a demure girl.

                    - Attach the black dildo.

                    i knew it was found in Her drawer and attached it. i was thicker and longer than my own sissy clit, 12” to be exact.

                    - Get the K-Y jelly.

                    As i knelt before Her with the tube, She said

                    - Now lube me up. Take jelly to both your hands and lubricate my penis, and be careful, that’s for your own good.

                    i got nearer, squeezed jelly to my hand and lubricated Her penis which i knew would soon be digging into my clean ass.

                    - Get in front of the mirror

                    i admired my humiliated, feminine image for a second. Suddenly She snapped Her fingers. The sign to Bend over! Immediately i raised also the hem and kept it up and my buttocks available. i could still see my image in the mirror, and Mistress behind me.

                    - your job is now to hold up your skirt. Letting it down will automatically lead to discipline.

                    - To help you, i will lock your wrists to your corset.

                    She locked the wrists to the D-rings at the sides of my corset, so i could rest my wrists on the chains, as i held the hem.

                    - i will not bother tie your legs, but each time your heels move, you will get one demerit. Keep your voice down, too.

                    Now She proceeded slowly, but sternly to push the ginger plug in my anus. The burning started immediately. Clenching my buttocks would just make it worse. i could do nothing but hold my position and look as Mistress went to the wall to the bedroom wall to pick up the sturdy, spiked paddle. Oh no – my ass is going to hurt for the rest of the week! What if i start to cry? With firm steps She returned to me, and brought the paddle down on my right cheek with full force. i could see my eyes open wide, and though i tried to grind my teeth my mouth opened and let out a whimper. i could see the paddle going down again, and i couldn’t help but clench my ass, which made the plug burn in my asshole. As the beating continued, alternating on my left and right ass cheek, i did what i could without moving my feet. i bent my knees a little, brought the knees a little closer, clenched my ass around the ginger plug, groaned and moaned, with growing voice.

                    - Would you like to get your ass fucked slave, or would you like me to continue disciplining you?

                    - Mistress, this slave would prefer an ass fuck, Mistress. (– SMACK –) Please , Mistress!

                    - Beg for it, girl.

                    - Please, Mistress, fuck me in the ass. Please, fuck me for good. (SMACK) Please, Mistress, Madam, would you care to fuck this sissy slave with Your cock. Mistress, Master, please make – SMACK - me Your slut.

                    - Okey, sissy, it’s time your ass gets a royal fucking. Remove the plug and put it in your mouth.

                    The ginger which looked clean but wilted still burned in my mouth, and a lot of saliva started forming. She stepped behind me, grabbed my hips as i continued to hold up the hem for Her, and pushed the black intruder in my ass little by little, as my hole stretched and it hurt like hell. This was a new and bigger dildo than the one’s i had been using previously. i saw my face become distorted as She slowly entered my rectum. The beating had heated me up, the plug made my asshole smart and now She started fucking me in earnest, plunging in again and again. my trained ass started to adapt. The ky jelly was working and the long shaft started sliding in and out. i was fucked. i really was fucked in the ass! i have to start accepting this, i thought. She will want to fuck me in the future, i’ll must come to like this, i tried to assure myself.

                    Then the vibrator tied to my sissy clit came alive. Mistress turned it on and i started panting as pleasurable and painful sensations were mixed together. The vibrator tickled and massaged my sensitive g spot also, and after weeks of denial i was drawn towards a climax while i held my hem and looked at my surprised eyes in the mirror. Mistress continued to hold me in place and shove the slick phallus in my sissy pussy time and time again. It was bliss, but i could not get off… until She turned on the vibration in the black phallus! Strong vibration deep inside me, massaging my prostate in a novel way, and i asked hastily:

                    - Mistress, i am close to cumming, Mistress!

                    - you may cum, sissy, She said

                    She started to withdraw, switched off both vibrators. i pushed my orgasm, but She was ruining it effectively. It became a race which i lost. As She withdraw totally, i just felt a pain in my ass. No ruined orgasm.

                    - Turn around. Notice how clean the dildo is. Wasn’t it worth taking nice enemas? Now take the ginger to trash.

                    As i returned with my usual stride, my ass hurting at each step, She continued:

                    - Take my dildo in your mouth as far as you can

                    About half of the dildo remained outside my mouth as i couldn’t get it further.

                    - My my, W/we have a lot of work ahead of U/us. Now suck it and as you think it is thoroughly cleaned, lick the root of my cock clean.

                    As i was using my mouth to clean Her cock up, She continued talking

                    - you will want to take these enemas, isn’t it nice to lick and suck a clean cock…


                    i have never masturbated by stroking with my hand after that. Sometimes i was allowed to hump the floor, mostly She used vibrators on me.

                    She even told me to cum on command. For that She made me strip to my corset, stockings and heels, She tied my hands behind my back and freed my sissy clit.

                    - Raise your legs above your head

                    She pulled my heels forward and down until my ankles could be tied to the lower headboard corners. In this position my legs were spread very wide while my sissy clit hung just a few inches from my nose. Then She tied my hands to the footboard, tight. i was fixed. This became called ‘In your mouth’ –position. Now She produced the vibrator and pressed my sissy clit against my stomach with it, switching it on, holding it there with Her hand.

                    - Try to get to the edge first. As you are close, start regulating your pleasure by relaxing your sissy clit muscles if you are too close, and stretching the muscles as you need more pleasure to stay on the edge. As you strain the muscles, you press tighter against the vibrator. As you are close to cumming inform me

                    It really worked. Tightening my clit muscles was practically the only thing i could do actively, and doing it brought me closer the edge. i kept them pretty much contracted first, as i needed to get excited, but soon the foremost worry was how not to cum, i informed Mistress and i tried to keep every muscle relaxed all the time. She had me keep from cumming quite some time

                    - Cum now, instantly

                    i stretched my muscle again, the tender underside of my sissy glans pressed hard against the plastic penis that gave me such wonderful feelings. She must have noticed some contractions in my ass, and She suddenly pulled the vibrator away. my sissy clit bounced back and pointed at my face again.

                    - Catch it in your mouth. Catch it all!

                    i was hanging on the edge for a few seconds and then a large squirt of white cum spurted lazily out from my sissy clit. i opened my mouth and got most of it, there was more to cum and i strained my neck now to get a better position for catching my semen in my own mouth. Second and third spurt came one after another, then a streak of slime started growing and dangling from my rapidly diminishing clit. i hunted it in my mouth by leaning up

                    - Show me the load

                    Submissively i opened my mouth for Her.

                    - Now swallow

                    i swallowed the load, also on command. That was my first cum-on-command. Later it didn’t get repeated as She moved on in my training. However cumming in my mouth became ever so popular and maybe i some day learn to cum on command with the kind of stimulation i now get.

                    In the coming weeks i fucked Her with a strap-on six times in total. She climaxed each time. In October She started going out more and never wanted strap-on any more, just occasionally some head. i have never fucked Her again even with a strap on. So already 5 years ago i was totally cut off from her pussy.

                    As a reward She might tie me up legs spread above my head and my cock pointing into my face, stuck 50 needles in my buttocks and give me the most wonderful ruined orgasm by using a Hitachi prostate massager She had bought without me knowing. As i was not getting any stimulation on my cock/clitty i couldn’t get off, but She helped me over the edge by pressing another vibrator on my frenum for a short while. As i cried out for permission to cum, She granted it, but removed the vibrator and quickly pulled out the vibrator as well. However 5 spurts of semen landed directly in my mouth and i was happy with the trade-off.
                    As Marc returned I had started fucking Marc again at his place. Now I could use sissy for what I intended her: as a domestic servant, my cuckold slave and an object for my sadistic and dominating tendencies. I wanted to move on quickly and start to work mia’s psyche, remodeling his identity.

                    Into 24/7 chastity

                    One November evening She let me stay in Bend over and hold the hem of my dress up while She lectured me:

                    - mia, you have now passed the first level studies in my obedience training. I believe you know now how to obey instantly, and without thinking. you have been progressing well enough, even for my high standards. Anyway, this has been just the beginning. I am a believer in Female supremacy. you’ll need to understand that you have only one goal in life: making Me, your Mistress happy. you are no more male, nor female. You will be unmale. unmales are chivalrous, well-mannered and always polite. you will not try to persuade me, because you don’t have your own opinions. My wish is your wish. your only desire is what i desire. you will want me to control all of your eating and all other bodily functions, piercings. you will want anal sex with you as the receiver and getting other people involved in our sessions, among other things.

                    She went on to describe what my life is still today. Then She showed me the plastic panties. She had cut a small round hole in the front, and another somewhat larger at the back.
                    - Until now you have been able to pull out of your cb, so in the future you will be wearing these lockable baby panties on top of your cb. Try them on.

                    She tossed them to me, and i started to put them on, placed the cb-2000 through the front opening. The sides of the opening were reinforced, and only half of the cock cage fitted through. i could not access the base of the cb, and thus couldn’t pull out. The other hole allowed pooping.

                    - These will stay on day and night, and I will supervise your every shower from now on

                    It took time to get used to the plastic panties. They were spacious enough, but also hot and sweaty, and the leg openings were really tight. I could massage my cb through the plastic, but that was no way going lead to an unauthorized cum. Sleeping in a cb-2000 was also painful at first. i used to wake up at 4 am because of severe pain behind my balls. But miraculously the body adapted after 5 weakly slept nights, and after a few weeks i woke up only occasionally.

                    W/we started to shower together. First the blindfold was placed on my eyes, then i soaped Her under the shower, getting wet myself. Then She opened my cb lock and i was allowed to slide my hands over my hairless torso and even my sissy clit and soap it, wash my ass thoroughly with soap, wash my long curls, while She was blow-drying Her hair watching me. my sissy clit used these daily moments to sport a hardon, which was otherwise not possible. Later i learned that an erection every now and then is necessary, otherwise they become painful. Well i noticed that in the cb-2000 most of the erection actually happens inside my body, my pubic area becomes bulbous and hard, and i can feel the root of my sissy clit deep inside me.

                    New ways to masturbate

                    As She got me in escape-proof chastity belt and my sexuality fully under her control, things started to progress. i worked daytime and was Her maid during evenings. She had me work my ass off cleaning Her house, making all meals for U/us, also massaging Her, washing Her feet… She no more gave me permission to masturbate, but nearly every evening She chose a toy – a dildo, a butt plug, a cucumber… and had fuck myself with it kneeling on the living room floor, while She watched tv. Buzzing of a vibrator in my ass became a common sound. It never failed to excite me and the finale was me licking the floor clean of my precum. i always wore cb-2000 with points intrigue during these exercises, and i learned to stay semi erect and avoid the harsh pain of the spikes. One evening She gave me a rare order.

                    - Get a pen.

                    i teetered to Her study and got one.

                    - Place the pencil in your cock cage, push the sharp end into the hole near the end. At the side. Now start pushing it back and forth. Try to excite yourself, rub your g spot with the pencil. Let me know if you are getting anywhere.

                    i started rubbing my sensitive spot with the pen. It worked out fine, sissy clit did not get too erect and get in pain, and the rubbing felt nice. i was happy as She let me work my g spot for a long time, maybe 45 minutes, and then surprisingly, i started to get more and more excited.

                    - Mistress, i am close to cumming, Mistress

                    - So there is still possibility that you cheat. What a bitch! You can cum inside a chastity cage. I’ll have to check you don’t have any pens or sticks with you in your sleeping closet.


                    In December She had started to draw a smiley on a wall calendar each day. i needed three consequent smileys to get a chance for a ruined orgasm, just one frowning face or a straight mouth ruined it, and a normal day meant a straight mouth. Just my best behaviour earned me one smiley, and getting three in a row took 2 to 3 weeks on the average, so i was constantly frustrated and horny.

                    She had been fucking me each time She allowed me a vibrator induced orgasm, but those days She invented the “penny-against-the-wall”-trick and changed my masturbation policy. She had me remove my dress and plastic panties, removed my cb as i was wearing heels, corset and stockings, and had me tie a shoelace again round my sissy clit, in the groove behind the head. She tested the string and ordered:

                    - Get the red butt plug

                    - Ass up, plug yourself

                    It was always very humiliatingly sexy to kneel ass up in front of Her and push a blunt intruder in my anal canal. Luckily the red one is not very large, the black ones are larger.

                    - Stand up! Spread your legs.

                    Now She pulled my organ back between my legs using the string, and tied my hands together behind my back using the other end of the string. She split my balls in the process, my sissy clit divided them. Then She ordered:

                    - Stand up

                    That meant i closed my legs so that my balls were behind my thighs and stood at attention, hands against my buttocks, of course. She placed a penny on the wall and knocking Her head to the direction of the penny ordered me to hold it against the wall with my nose. As i stood up holding the penny, She said

                    - Start tugging on the string with your hands. This is the only way you are allowed to masturbate from now on! And if you drop the penny, fun is over

                    Each pull of the string stretched my sissy clit even further back, but as the string was knotted at my g spot, where foreskin and glans meet, it was pleasurable and little by little i got more and more excited. Soon She switched on the vibration of the plug which stimulated my prostate and lead to increased precum flow. In this position the head of my sissy clit rested near my anus, so i could feel the vibration of the butt plug even with my sissy clit. However this was not enough to make me cum, even though She let me continue for a long time. Now She introduced another vibrator, and pushed it from behind between my sissy clit head and my perineum. As She switched on that vibrator as well, i got a new spark. With renewed energy i continued pulling on my sissy clit, and now each pull brought me closer to the edge.

                    - Mistress, i’m close to cumming, Mistress

                    - you may cum, stop moving as you are over the edge

                    She switched off the butt plug and pulled off the dildo right as i stopped moving. The spasms were so strong i dropped the penny. It was a good ruined orgasm, as the string was taut all through the orgasm and provided a little feeling of touch. Semen landed behind me on the floor. She had me stand up for a few minutes more.

                    - sorry Mistress, i said with a faint voice.

                    - you dropped the penny. That cost you 7 days with longest points of intrigue and sleeping without the mattress in your closet for 5 days and going to bed with half the usual evening feed for 3 days. Keeping hold of the penny is the most important thing as - or if - you get to masturbate again. It is not about your pleasure, it is about My control and your self control that must not be compromised with something as trifle as your sexual pleasure. Is that understood?

                    i confirmed and repeated what She had just said.

                    - Now lick the floor spotless and wash the whole floor

                    - Yes, Mistress, thank You Mistress, i said trying to look happy and smile to get back in Her good books as soon as possible.

                    Next time i had the row of three smileys just after Christmas (She was very happy with the Christmas dinners, my cooking skills had improved a lot) She had me masturbate in a similar manner, added the butt plug vibration after 15 minutes and after a lot of pulling of the string She finally pressed my tied clit head a short time with Her vibrator. That got me so excited i could finish me off on my own, tugging away. As i finally got permission and came, i concentrated on not dropping the penny and it didn’t.

                    Orgasm with a string and vibrating plug only

                    The following time came only 3 weeks later, in January. This time She had me work my clit with the string a long time without any vibration at all, then switched on the butt vibration, and as it was only nearly enough to get me off, She said:

                    - That’s enough, no more of that this time. you must learn to cum with less and less stimulation to your clit. you will try again as you have a double smiley.

                    One double smiley can be given after especially excellent service, and after next Saturday i got one as my home made hamburgers had literally melted in Her mouth.

                    She had bought a new butt plug for me, inflatable as well, but longer. She called it Boy. Next time i was allowed to masturbate She switched on the new plug on medium setting right as i started yanking on my sissy clit head by the allowed way of string pulling, and had me continue for 29 minutes, then switching to full speed and voila: i came. The new plug got a better contact with my prostate. The last pulls brought me a little step by step closer, i asked for permission, the permission was granted provided i stop moving right after getting over the edge, and for the first time i cummed with the stimulation provided by a string attached to my sissy clit and butt plug alone. Unfortunately enough i dropped the penny as the spasms went through my body.

                    Getting rid of the string

                    Next step was to get rid of the need of the string. For the sake of variety the next time i had given myself enemas and greased my ass according to Her instructions in my corset, stockings and heels, She tied my hands behind my back, freed my sissy clit, tied this time some thick yarn around the knob and ordered me on the bed on my back. The yarn was decisively thinner than the shoelace She used earlier.

                    - Raise your legs above your head

                    Now She fixed my slender ankles to the lower headboard corners, spreading my legs very wide and making my sissy clit hang just inches from my face. She proceeded to tie another string round my head so that the knot rested in my opened mouth, and connected the two strings, pulling them taut. my tied clit head was now 4 inches from my mouth, tied to my mouth, pointing to my mouth.

                    - Now you may masturbate. The only way doing so being popping your head.

                    i started, but as my head rested on the bed, all i could do was a little nodding movement. However, the effect on my sissy clit was quite nice. Thin yarn didn’t give exactly as much stimulation as the shoelace, but it worked much the same way. She went to Her drawer now, produced the new butt plug, Boy, shoved it in one swift movement, and started pumping it 1,2,3,4…10,11,12 squeezes. The pressure in my anal canal added to my excitement and erection and my pulls became more purposeful. The vibrator of the new plug was really strong. She switched it on full speed, i suppose, and again i succeeded in tugging myself to the edge, staring at my stocking tops, shaved thighs and crotch, shaved balls and my own sissy clit. i mumbled a plea to be let to cum, and as She gave it, She switched the plug off, deflated it and pulled it away. i had to stop moving myself too. The spurts of the ruined orgasm were not very big, and only three dollops of cum dropped lazily from my sissy clit to my waiting mouth. There they stayed until i got the command to swallow.

                    This position has always been easier for me, i suppose the reason is that Mistress leaves my eyes open in this position so that i can aim in my mouth.

                    Mistress thought this ‘in your mouth’ –position was more humiliating to me, and next time i scored three smileys some 3-4 weeks later in February. She repeated the same procedure described above – but as She had the vibrator started, She took a heavy perforated paddle and started banging my buttocks with it repeatedly. The blows heated my buttocks with a warm glow and added to the eroticism of the situation, and i was mumbling my plea quickly. This time She decided i was due a full orgasm and i was allowed to continue tugging, and also She continued smacking my butt and Boy continued it’s vibration. Now the slit of my sissy clit opened in front of my eyes as big squirts emerged from my clit with speed, and some of them landed on my nose as well.

                    The punishment followed immediately, She just took Her ball punishment crop, a short riding crop with a wide leather tongue in the end. She hit mercilessly on my just emptied balls, ignored my muffled cries of pain and pathetic attempts to avoid the cruel implement, and this way trained me quickly to concentrate on getting it all in my mouth, nothing else.

                    Waiting for Her to return from clubbing

                    During the spring She used to go out clubbing and partying with Her friends every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Sometimes She made me do tedious tasks like vacuuming all the books and shelves in Her library room in the mean time. Other times She put me in bondage. i got perched in my maid’s dress, on my high heels, my hands tied behind my back, elevated slightly and tied up to a chain hanging from a ceiling hook so that i became stooped.

                    Now She placed a penny on the wall, i had to move further a little and raise my hands a bit higher to get there, and nail the penny to the wall with my nose. In that position i had to remain. i had to stay put the whole evening while She was partying and having fun, doing God knows what with God knows who. If the penny drops, the rope keeps me in place, but as Mistress returns i get one or more of Her usual punishments of long points of intrigue, hard floor to sleep on or constricted diet. i still have permanent weight losing targets, and my corset is laced tighter little by little, She awaits some progress each month. If She stays out very late, i cannot keep that position motionless enough and i drop it.

                    As She gets back She’s sometimes playful – if She finds the penny still in its right place. She feels my full and aching balls in my knickers and calls me Her ‘good, obedient hubby’. Maybe She takes my knickers down, pats my hard cock cage and bites my buttocks fiercely, making me cry out in pain. Of course the penny must still stay put. Once i dropped the penny because of the biting and got all 3 punishments for 5 days. After freeing me She often ordered me to lie in Her bed on top of my hands, and She settled on top of me, kissed my painted lips calling me Her girly boy, sweet sissy. Many times the evening ended with me in the queening stool, licking Her to two or three orgasms while She used the vibrator on Her. This might be the case even if i had dropped the penny – it was about her pleasure, my doings wouldn’t interfere with She getting Her pleasure.

                    She might also talk about the highlights of the evening, Her friends’ boyfriends, or if She danced with some guys or if She saw a goodlooking hunk. A few times She told me She had been kissing and cuddling with a cute guy in the club. Some other times She didn’t talk much, wasn’t interested in me but headed to bed.

                    How She got me to accept Her boyfriend

                    In May She said She had met a handsome guy called Brad, danced and kissed with him – She even mentioned about making out with him.

                    As i was polishing her shoes the next time She was going out She said

                    - I have a date with Brad. It’s possible We go to His place and We fuck. What do you think about that?

                    i thought out a little and answered

                    - i am only Your slave so i cannot give you any advice on that, but in any case i hope i can stay as Your maid and go on living with You.

                    - Good. That was the right answer. I’ll give you a big merit for that.

                    i knew that meant a smiley on my calendar!

                    - While I am fucking with him i want a little extra agony for you. Get the tabasco.

                    - Drop your knickers and raise your hem

                    She examined my cb, and told me to pull back the foreskin. i can do that without taking the cb off, pulling the skin between bars. Then She tilted my cb up and dropped a droplet of Tabasco exactly in my glans slit. Then She set me up in the usual bondage with the penny and left.

                    All sorts of thoughts ran through my head that night. The smarting in my sissy clit made keeping still extra difficult. i was hilarious and bulging in my cock cage one moment and the next i was in misery. Is this over, i thought. Will She throw me out? Will Her new boyfriend accept me? Will they involve me in their lovemaking? Will He dominate me? Will He fuck me? Is He fucking Her right now? i was in complete darkness. Figuratively, but also concretely, as She had taken to using a rubber helmet on me as She left me in bondage. It didn’t have eyes but it was open from mouth to nosetip. i had to use it also on the queening stool.

                    As i hear the front door open my clit was still smarting. Was He with Her? Had She fucked him? Was this really happening? She was alone, but whether She had fucked him, remained a question mark. She came to me and said:

                    - Still here? Hot and bothered? (feeling my balls)

                    - you have managed to stay still even with Tabasco. I must raise your bar higher.

                    (freeing me) - On the queening stool!

                    Once my head was placed inside the stool, She continued.

                    - you’ve got a big merit point today for not trying to influence me. The prize is that I will give you a full orgasm next time you have four smileys in a row, and you can try angling right away.

                    It was now 3 months since my last full orgasm. As i had learned to come in my mouth with routine, She had replaced the yarn with a fishing line and “angling” became a synonym for masturbation in O/our household.

                    - As an extra gift I will let you know in a special way whether I fucked with Brad or not.

                    Now i felt the familiar tickling around my mouth and noise as her hairy pussy settled on my face. i thought for a second She had not fucked him and wanted my tongue to give Her pleasure instead, but then She moved a little so that Her pussy was right above my mouth and as my i pushed my trained tongue deep inside Her, it was met with a flood of thick liquid. As i lapped some in my mouth i noticed the unique taste of male semen. Each lap brought a big dollop in my mouth, my mouth got full and i had to do something with all that liquid: i swallowed it to make room for more strong tasting mixture of Their cum. No discussion, no other choice, and i didn’t even know if the guy was tested. It was all based on trust.

                    She must have plugged Her pussy to save the cum for me. WHAT A WAY TO THANK ME! my first creampie!

                    Soon i was hunched on my shoulders, tied so that only my head could move, a fishing line tied tightly around the sensitive knob of my sissy clit, tugging the cord with my head. Of course it was difficult to get off by pulling on sissy glans with only a mere fishing line, but the new vibrating plug was shaking my ass and Mistress was giving my buttocks efficient blows with Her paddle, and i was already trained to get biggest part of my stimulation by my prostate. However, i had had two unsuccessful tries with three weeks intervals to get off with the fishing line. This time, maybe because of the turmoil in my head and the taste in my mouth caused by the creampie, i succeeded for the first time, and my toes curled and fingers twitched – as everything else was tied up – when my semen flowed in my mouth in a few lazy spurts. i had at that point been without a ruined orgasm for 2 months, my record so far, because of my failed attempts at cumming this way.

                    Actually I had started to date with Marc again, and sissy was eating Marc’s cum. We started fucking regularly, but I wanted sissy to believe I was fucking a myriad of men, and she still thinks she has eaten cum of tens of lads whom I have fucked while she held a penny against a wall or washed ceilings. Of course I would not have let anyone cum in me without a condom if I wasn’t sure he was not carrying HIV or some other disease. That time I saved him Marc’s load using a plug, she’s right. After that I brought her a cream pie about every other time I fucked with Marc.

                    I added a new rule to sissy's masturbation regimen: after getting three smileys in a row she had to wait until I had fucked with “a guy” and she got to masturbate right after she had licked me clean. No pleasure for Me, no pleasure for her. This way mia was conditioned to look forward to Me being fucked by studs.

                    Later, after she had dutifully licked me clean one more time – I think it was in September – I told her that those were greetings from Marc. I told him finally my boyfriend’s real name, and that I had now find a great guy, We will be going steady.

                    The “sissy blow job”

                    Next She started using a posture collar on me while masturbating with my head. That limited my possibilities to move my head to a minimum, I could only make tiny jerks on my clit. She bought a Jennings dental mouth gag to keep my mouth open during the sessions, and tied the cord to the sides of the gag. Now there was not even a tiny possibility left of cumming without getting it all in my own mouth.

                    In July She made changes again. The posture collar stayed, but She no longer connected my mouth with my sissy clit and stopped using the open mouth gag.

                    'Now I'll learn you the sissy blow job', She said. 'From now on you may only blow on your sissy clit with your mouth. I don't allow any contact for your sissy clit during masturbation. You must get off by the cute looks of your corset, stockings and shaved thighs, the vibrator against your prostate and my paddle on your backside. The closer you get your sissy clit against your mouth, the more you can blow, but no touching it with your tongue and lips!'

                    This last step was really a difficult one. i blew and blew, She was banging my ass, and my prostate got massaged with Boy, but I just couldn't get off. 'The time is up', She declared and sent me to my chores. i could try again approximately in 3 weeks. It didn't work out the second time any better.

                    my spine had become so pliant i could have sucked myself at that time. i blew air all around my glans, especially on the sensitive underside, until the vibration and the horniness took over and a small squirt of thin semen spurted out, followed by lazy stream of cum. i nearly fainted, my toes curled inside my pumps and a great kinky feeling of relief filled me up as the dollops shot in the back of my mouth. i was cumming without any stimulation on my sissy clit. And it was not a regular orgasm, it was like getting milked. Essentially it was a prostate massage milking. The result was a leak, not a full-blown orgasm.

                    -  I'm so proud if you sissy. Savour the taste in your mouth now, you have earned it. I'm going to have a nap and you can swallow as I return!

                    i stayed awake, mouth full of semen, happy from my Mistress being content at me.

                    Forcing her to come out of the kinky closet was my next tool in this. I had got acquainted with a local FemDom group, a group of 5 Female Supremacy supporters. The woman who visited us as sissy had moved in and was perched was the leader of the group. She was very interested in my case, and later suggested to use us as as an example for possible newcomers to the group. They had an agenda to propagate the gospel of FemDom, and they wanted to recruit new members.

                    The visit of the Girls

                    In August, as i had again been three weeks without masturbation, She said a group of Her Girl friends was coming over in a few days, and i was to arrange all of the food and drinks and serve them, but i was allowed to dress normally.

                    - However, you will confess to them your status as My slave. I would reveal it anyway, but if you confess it yourself, you will be awarded with an orgasm right on that day. And I mean a full orgasm. Don’t worry, those Girls like well-behaved boys and I will praise you for being a very good and nice mate.

                    First i was shocked, and went through all possibilities in my head, but then i finally gave in and cooperated with Mistress. She had not allowed me a full orgasm in six months, and not even a ruined in 9 weeks, so the prospect of getting a full orgasm was too much. She insisted i memorize my “confession” which She wrote.

                    i greeted the Girls at the door dressed in street clothes, with my hair on a ponytail. They were eight beautiful and self-confident Girls, some as young as Mistress, one seemed younger, a couple of them being much older. i had not met any of them beforehand, but they seemed nice and cheerful. i politely served them drinks and went to the kitchen to prepare salads chosen by Mistress as They remained chatting in Mistress’s large living room. i had laid the table beforehand, and as i had everything ready i reported saying

                    - i have a little dinner prepared for you ladies if you care for a bite.

                    - Don’t urge us, handsome, We talked about biting already, answered one dark-haired beauty.

                    As They were sitting down by the dinner table i collected their drink orders. Mistress had informed that i will not be joining them eating. As they had eaten and i had just finished pouring them coffee Mistress asked me if i had something i would like to tell Her friends.

                    It was so difficult. i still had the coffee pot in my hand. i hesitated for a moment, and cast my eyes to the floor before i knelt in the middle of the floor as ordered by Mistress and began

                    - Ladies, i would like You to know that Susan is my Mistress, and W/we are active Female supremacists. She is teaching me to become unmale, a new sort of male that is not aggressive, but compliant, that dedicates his life to the wellbeing of the Woman that has chosen him. An unmale is passive in decision making but active in household chores. i take care of all routine chores automatically. Unmales are not all similar – some may serve naked, some in formal male costumes, but She wants me to be Her maid. Mistress is my Leader, i worship Her. i would like to also disclose some intimate details, if you don’t mind, Ladies.

                    As no-one said anything i continued. i didn’t know how shocked they were, as i dare not look at them.

                    - Mistress decides on my sexuality also. i wear a chastity device, and She decides when i may take it off and what happens then. She uses sexually only those parts of me that i have in common with female maids: my tongue and my ass. i have not and will not be allowed to have penetrative sex with Her. Therefore i constantly train my tongue. She may also take a lover or another unmale, while i always remain totally monogamous to Her – i mean She will always control my sexuality. i get off on serving Her. Tonight She promises to give me a unmale orgasm, if i reveal my inner self to you. Thank you for listening.
                    i remained kneeling and looking down. Something rushed in my head, a warm glow. i had done it, how will they react, i hesitated.

                    - Oh, wow, Susan, are you kidding or is this for real?, asked Kim.

                    - It’s true, every word. michael’s the sweetest, and most chivalrous man there is. Please call her mia in the future, her gender really is unmale. I am the center of her universe, the light of her life. I am proud of mia’s braveness to come out and confess this to you voluntarily. But now mia, strip and show Girls your chastity belt.

                    i had not anticipated this. She had not mentioned that i must strip naked in front of strange Ladies.

                    i undressed until all i was wearing was the pair of lockable plastic panties with the pink cb-2000 peeking through.

                    - There’s practically no way he’s can touch himself in those pants, and i hold the key. Well, boys can have accidents without ever taking pants their off, but that’s another story… Show yourself to the ladies, mia.

                    - Yes, Mistress

                    i curtseyed for the first time before a group of people, and went from a Lady to another. No-one touched me, but they watched closely, ‘he’s shaved very well’, ‘what a nice pink package’, they admired the lock visible through the panties, the pink bars, the backside hole.

                    - Put your dog collar and leash on, Mistress said as every young Lady had got Her chance to see my plastic pants and chastity cage.

                    - Yes, Mistress

                    All my slave mode rules dashed into my head, and i had to tiptoe out of the room, hands by my sides, tilted wrists, wiggling my naked butt as i went. i heard someone call Mistress why i walked in such a funny manner, and Mistress answer Her.

                    - she has strict code of conduct, which tells her how she must walk in each of the modes, what she can talk. she has been taught to obey different hand signals, a myriad of rules. i’ll show you more later if you wish.

                    - you are in puppy mode now, said Mistress as i got back.

                    i immediately dropped on my knees, spread my legs, arched my back, and opened my mouth, head straight ahead towards Mistress with my tongue pulled out and down as far as it goes, panting, eyes fixed on Her hands. She raised Her forefinger. i took the beg-position kneeling up, paws folded. Her finger made a circle, i threw myself on the floor, starting to roll over until She stopped. Four fingers down: back to the basic doggie position. ‘Oh, how many commands he knows!’, said one of the girls, some others just giggled wildly. She took my leash and hissed

                    - Heel!

                    The Girls discussed how well-trained i was as i followed Her on Her right side on all fours my nose next to her right knee all the time.

                    - Anyone else want to try. It’s a nice dog.

                    - Brenda, you must try. Walk a boy, said one of the Ladies.

                    my Mistress stopped walking.

                    - Stay!

                    She gave my leash to the other girl.

                    - Just say 'Heel' when you are ready.

                    - Heel, said a new girl voice and i felt a rush of sexual excitement as a new woman was holding my leash and making me obey.

                    Later two other ladies also walked me. They encouraged each other to try me out.

                    Next Mistress placed a dog cookie on my nose. She snapped her fingers, and that was the sign for me to throw the cookie in the air and catch it in my mouth. After numerous rehearsals i got it now right every time. The girls applauded.

                    - Now fetch me the ball.

                    i walked on all fours out and returned with the rubber ball in my mouth, knelt up in ‘beg’. She took it as i stayed in stay-position threw it into the den. i still looked at Her. Everyone was waiting for something to happen. Then She hissed ‘fetch’ in a low voice between Her teeth, and i sprang into action, dressed only in collar and cock cage i wiggled out, found the ball, and returned it kneeling with folded paws.

                    The night was long as i got an urgent need to pee. So once as She took the ball i barked four times.

                    - Oh, the doggie needs to pee. Anyone want to see how a housebroken canine pees?

                    - Me! Me! Yes!

                    Many voices shouted simultaneously. She had me heel into the bathroom and as everyone had a good view, i backed to the toilet bowl until my thighs touched it, then raised my cb package over the rim and waited

                    - The dog may pee, said my Mistress, and soon the pee gushed out

                    - Do you need to do the big business?

                    i barked twice, a negative answer.

                    - Ok. Feeding time is always everyone’s favorite in zoo. I’ll show you that and then W/we move on. Prepare.

                    With real dog food in my bowl, i was waiting naked ass up on the kitchen floor, with my tongue extended to the rim of the food bowl, waiting for the command to eat it, while 9 Women stood around me. i was afraid that was all i was getting to eat tonight. At Her command i started gulping it down in an experienced way, and even licked the bowl clean, everything in 2 minutes.

                    - That’s a good puppy. I reinforce good behaviour with a little vibration into her sissy clit

                    A little buzzing sound was hear by the Ladies and felt by me, i was happy. It had taken effort to learn to eat so quickly as She required.

                    - you are in maid mode now, hurry and dress up appropriately

                    Now i had to put on my maid’s dress in front of all these Girls, i thought as i tiptoed out again, in a feminine caricature, while oddly still the leash dangling around me. i had to quickly think how to apply the rules right in such a situation, and not ruin my chances for the promised cum. So i made a regular curtsey on leaving the room and a royal curtsey on entering the room in my full maid’s dress and cap. Mistress approved this and never complained.

                    - you will be serving drinks.

                    i quickly got a pen and paper and scurried from one lady to another taking their drink orders.

                    - i’m sorry Madam, W/we don’t have all the ingredients for sex on the beach, sorry

                    And so on. Soon all Ladies had Their glasses full, and i stood by at attention, ready to fill any glass that became 1/3 full. But there was no chance for any refills as Mistress declared.

                    - Listen everybody. You might remember that I have promised mia an unmale orgasm as she volunteered to come out of the closet. I decided to order her to masturbate right now. Would you be interested in watching how she masturbates without hands and cums in her own mouth?

                    A few Ladies answered Yes in an excited manner, and eventually all of them joined. i had had no idea that my prize orgasm would be given in the usual humiliating manner while all the Ladies would be watching! i was partly looking forward to my prize, partly intimidated by having to perform before Them.

                    - However, first I’ll give her an enema, as anal sex is her addiction, she can’t cum if her backside is not filled. Go to the bathroom mia and prepare yourself a hot water enema. Come and tell me when you are ready

                    She didn’t mention that i need a vibrator in my ass only if being masturbated without touching my sissy clit!

                    As i informed Mistress, She called all the Girls to join Her and watch. Soon i was waiting in the bathroom with my exposed ass up, enema nozzle in my asshole, hot water bag hanging above me and water slowly flowing from the bag into my colon.

                    - he must be dying of humiliation now, commented one of the Ladies.

                    The ladies left as i was given permission to expel the enema.

                    In the guest room Mistress ordered me to remove the maid’s dress and knickers and get on the bed on my back, legs up. Chastity cage was not removed. i was tied in this position, cage hanging above my head.

                    - mia, show the ladies how a sissy slave boy is allowed to masturbate.

                    The Ladies started laughing outright as i started quite noisily blowing air on my clit head.

                    - she is not allowed to touch Her sissy clit at all when she masturbates. She may only blow air on it. she is still learning the new method, it may take time

                    - Does she always cum this way?', asked one of the Girls.

                    - No, always passively, but I have tried different methods: clit drawn back between her legs, pulling a string attached to her clit. I have trained her gradually into an anal orgasm. I'll show you now. It seems to go nowhere, mia. Would you like me to help you

                    - Mistress, yes please, mistress

                    She went to get Boy, pushed it forcefully in my washed rectum, inflated it to the maximum and switched it on.

                    - That plug is her favourite, W/we call it Boy. She's so addicted to it She never cums without it. But she also needs to have her sensitive buttocks slapped to cum

                    She got the heavy perforated paddle, and as She gave me the first blow, She doubled the speed of the vibrator. My sissy clit bulged behind the bars, i blew as much as I could, and as a warm glow spread to my buttocks as they were repeatedly hit, the absurdness of the situation made me drift away, the giggling Girls were present but they were not present, I was falling in my own world, consisting of a pink package against a pale skin background.

                    - Now that you are here, could someone – Irene? - fuck her a little with the plug?

                    - Sure, Sarah.

                    As strong hands started pumping the plug in my colon something snapped. my humiliation witnessed by strange Girls, the view of my shaved crotch, and Her heavy perforated paddle banging loud on my ass, and of course the effective vibration deep in my ass suddenly became too much.

                    i had to plea: - Mistress, may i cum, Mistress

                    - Be my guest

                    Soon, to the delight of the Girls, thick stream of semen started to flow out from my constricted excuse for a male organ. i tried to catch everything in my mouth, but spasms I went through caused some to land on the side of my mouth. All the time She banged my ass with heavier blows than before.

                    - she succeeded! Now We've seen it. It's possible for an unmale to cum without any stimulation on the sissy clit. The constriction of the cage is enough to give her a full orgasm

                    The Girls chatted amongst themselves the rest of the evening, as i stood in the corner unless some of them shouted 'sissy, fill up my glass'.
                    Five of My friends, including Irene, were Mistresses. The three others didn’t know about the D/s lifestyle, and I used this situation to show them how natural D/s was and maybe convert them too. We dominants encouraged them to walk mia.

                    As mia was changing into maid costume questions started showering on me: How i had managed to tame him, what is this tongue training in practise – i’ll make him show you - do i keep other men, how often do i give him an orgasm, which way and on and on. It went on after mia's milking. As a result two of those three newbies became practising Mistresses!

                    Getting her to accept my Boyfriend

                    After the first creampie She started cuckolding me routinely: i helped Her dress up and make up for Her night outs. After She returned, She placed me in the queening stool where i found out if Her pussy was intact, or did it only taste fucked, or if She had even saved me the full load some Bull had deposited in Her pussy.

                    The next blow came in September as i was in this usual position, coping with an exceptionally large amount of cum flowing in my mouth.

                    - That what you are gulping down is actually Marc’s greetings to my slave. I wanted him to send you regards in such an intimate way, because Marc is someone you will get to know. He’s a wonderful guy, I think I’m falling in love with him. We will definitively start seeing each other. What do you think about that? Should I be going steady with Marc? Think.

                    She stood up to let me answer. i didn’t know if she was looking at me as i had my helmet on. i used some time for thinking and formulated the following:

                    - Mistress, most of all, i want you to be happy, so please start seeing him, if it pleases You and makes You happy. i want to emphasize that with this i don’t try to suggest any of the alternatives, i don’t want to interfere at all, please don’t consider my opinion, Mistress, as you decide.

                    - Good, that’s another merit point for you. As I have fucked Marc the next time, you’ll get another try of a full orgasm. You don't need to wait until you get 4 smileys.

                    She had another datenight with Marc next weekend and I managed to get off hands free again, She had me trussed up again, plug was humming and She was banging my ass. As She had my ass worked up, She put the paddle away and started fucking me with the plug. That's when I squirted. A little first, but a few more spurts followed, so I suppose it was a kind of a milked full orgasm!

                    END OF PART I

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