Master Tom’s toys

‘Master Tom’s toy’ - That was what handsome looking Mr Jensen read from my right tit when i opened Him the front door. The large writing was tattooed just above the nipple of my plump size C tittie, while my left boob was tattooed in the same place with a big red heart with outlines actually forming a whip. Inside the heart read ‘Master Tom’, indicating my owner and the object of my feelings. i had bigger boobs than anyone born male can wish for, and they were totally visible in a cutout of my maid’s dress. Big rings adorned my pierced nipples, and an ornamental jewelry with bells connected the rings, and bells rang as i moved to let Him pass, curtseyed and closed the door.
As soon as i had taken His coat he stormed into the living room with a question on His lips:
-So tell me. Have you gone all the way with her? Have you got rid of her penis? Did you have it turned into a pussy!
Master Tom just laughed. I followed His guest into the living room teetering on my 6” heels and took my place kneeling on Master’s left side two meters from Him, wrists tilted, palms down, eyes fixed to Master’s hands in case of hand signals.
Master likes piercings so i have also an nasallang and a separate septum ring and big earrings, all 0G.
Finally Tom answered:
-See for yourself. mia, remove your dress.
i sprang up, uttered a clear ‘Yes, Master, Thank You, Master’, unzipped the dress, folded it on the floor and dropped myself back on my knees with a thud, awaiting next orders, making my boobs bounce and bells clatter.
-Display for Mr Jensen!
i hurried to comply, stood in front of the Man i had never seen, spread my legs wide, bent my knees to lower my butt, clasped my hands behind me head, elbows back, and pushed my titties and hips out like i was offering them for his hands to explore. i was now wearing only my corset that was wasping my waist, suspenders, stockings and pumps, and of course my Neosteel female chastity belt, a custom made model that was narrower between legs than regular, stainless steel. His eyes went to my smooth crotch first. On either side of the metal strip that dove between my newly formed pussy lips were richly decorated initials of Master Tom tattooed in bright red circles with black outlines that were actually cuffs connected with a tattooed chain that disappeared under the metal strip. Nobody could fuck me without noticing i’m Master’s property as a pair of similar cuffs had been tattooed also on each of my butt cheeks.
i felt Mr Jensen’s hand touch my crotch and slide between my legs following the metal strip. Soon he was tugging on the small batches of pussy skin on both sides of the belt. Both pussy lips were pierced with 4 rings, which were in pairs locked together over the metal belt so that the skin was drawn taut and thin.
-What are these, pussy lips, pierced?
-Yes they definitely are her pussy lips. And they are locked together because what’s between them is reserved for me only. But otherwise you can take her to bedroom and have your way with her.
-What are these?
He was tugging on the leads that run into the glans electrode with urethral insert.
-her clit is wired. Just attach her to et-232 and you can punish or pleasure her. And the little protruding tube is her piss tube. That’s the best way hygienically. mia, warm Mr Jensen up first. Wiggle your ass for Him.
It was so embarrassing to be made to warm up a Man so that He will rape you, but i turned, and started a wild ass wiggling show, like a bitch in heat i wriggled and twerked.
-Could you tell that ass apart from a real fat female ass?, Master asked.
-No, it’s perfect, not too fat, but mellow and wide, no mistaking that for a skinny male butt.
-The key is estrogen injection. she has got numerous injections directly to buttocks and breasts. I assure you. No implants.
i continued until a leash was attached to my posture collar and i was jerked out of balance with it and i was lead back bent to bedroom as i tried to keep steady on my heals and tilt my wrists.
Giving Him a blowjob was easy after so many hours on the Blowjob Trainer, the software that gave my penis head shocks for any fault in bobbing rhythm. Mr Jensen connected me to et-232 and only gave me pleasurable cycles as i bobbed my head on His cock.
After He had tied my ankles in a wide spreader and my wrists to the middle of it and was pounding my ass with His thick but shortish Penis, i was oozing precum, as the pleasurable waves twisted and fucked my deep-buried clit head.
i looked so used as Mr Jensen lead me back, tugging on my leash, that Master sent me to the bathroom to fix my makeup. i was so overwhelmed and excited, that as i reapplied lipstick i clenched my butt cheeks and clit muscles and emitted a little cry and a little spurt of prrcum as i could still feel handsome Mr Jensen’s thickness in my ass. As i returned Mr Jensen was still asking about my operation from Master Tom. He still did not knew what i was, shemale or female.
-I will show you in practise. I'll remove mia's belt and show you. mia, would you like me to remove your belt?
-Sir, please no sir, i answered because He had asked me a question.
-When why is that, He asked.
-Sir, each time you remove the chastity belt of a slave, it’s only to torture its pussy. i feel so vulnerable without my belt, Sir.
-Anyway, get your pedestal and prepare for removing the belt! Bring the short penis gag.
i hurried to get straps, a gag, a blindfold and the pedestal which is a low 4-legged round platform, half a meter high, 80 cm wide. i placed it in a certain place in the center of the living room, then placed a padded blindfold on my eyes and rested my back on the pedestal so that my head was just hanging over the edge. Soon Master appeared, pushed the short penis gag in my mouth, as i opened it up when i felt the tip touch my bright red lips. He fixed my neck to the pedestal with a strap, connected my wrist straps under the pedestal and fixed them to a ring near the center of the underside of the pedestal. At the same time He was explaining:
-mia would love to stare at her naked crotch which will soon be just above her eyes, so she is always blindfolded before I remove her belt. Of course she would never dare touch herself - her hands are fixed together purely to stabilize her - and for My fun.
Master took hold of my ankles and steadily pushed them up until my heels pointed at the ceiling and then further back until my ass was up and my feet were on either side of my head.
-GIve me a hand, He said to Mr Jensen. Rope was tied tightly around each of my ankles, and soon they were pulled further down below the level of my head. I felt my butt skin getting tighter and tighter as my back was bent more and more. Next They started pulling my ankles to opposite directions and i tried to accommodate, open up more and more and each time i found a way to yield They quickly pulled my ankles a little bit further apart and never allowed any retreat. The spreading of my legs alone was so cruel i started sobbing into my pacifier-like gag. The spreading opened up all my crevices and displayed my soon-to-be naked ass fully. Finally my ankles were fixed to rings on the floor, 2 meters apart.
-The pedestal is needed to get her ass at a convenient working height. Also, as you see, her feet can be drawn nearly to floor level even though her shoulders are up on the pedestal. This way there is enough room to keep her legs drawn so that she really has to bend her spine as much as it goes. And a little more next time. she could easily deep throat herself now, but of course we don’t allow such things for her. Instead she has been made to blow a strap on dildo fixed on her crotch. This is the only position she is allowed without her belt. We even wash her crotch in this position, we just take the pedestal into the garage for that and use hose and cold water. she never likes that because she feels like drowning. It’s also funny that if she oozes precum in this position, it drops on her nose.
-Oh boy, you really know how to handle a sissy!
-Yes, all sissies love to be displayed like this. Tied totally immobile and vulnerable, ass spread so that nothing is hidden.
-her skin is smooth. No hair, no follicles.
i felt a hand pet my skin tenderly from my buttock tattoo towards my asshole then tracing along my perineum and pussy lips towards the pubic bone where bush has turned into smoothness and two bright red tattoos with Master’s initials in the place where my ovaries would be if i were a genetic. It felt so good to be touched like this. i would have pushed back, but i couldn’t. i was so securely fixed! Another hand (who’s?) slapped my pussy forcefully and two fingers were pushed deep in my asshole. Master wants my asshole tight for His personal reasons, so he doesn’t make me use large buttplugs.
-Yes, her hair is totally electrocuted, Master said. ‘The whole body below her neck has undergone electrolysis treatment. I considered saving a landing strip, but had that removed as well. No hair is left, not even under the metal strip. Now let’s take her belt off and you can admire the results of the surgery. First i open the pussy lip locks. i keep them normally locked together as a symbol of her hopefully demure nature but sometimes i open the locks so that she can carry weights on them. I love the idea that what’s little is left of her sack is again stretched.’
-So you have removed her sack!
-’No, I just had most of the ball sac skin removed so that there was barely room for her eggs any more. her balls are still there, but deep inside her body cavity. I call them her ovaries now. But their route is sewn tightly up, they will never descend back any more.
-What does body heat to them?
-Kill the sperm, lower the testosterone production a little… But I want to keep her full sex drive, so she gets daily both estrogen and a little testosterone.
Suddenly the chastity belt lock was opened and the whole belt was removed in an instance.
-You see she still has her clit, but she is circumcised for hygiene reasons,  and her ampallang is permanently locked to her quiche.  her clit is drawn back along her perineum tightly and constantly stretched by the piercing. No erection is possible while it is bent so fully back. With the remains of her sack spread out like pussy lips it looks like she has an upside down pussy - clit nearest her ass. Ampallang is done through the urethra, but it has a hollow net-like middle to allow her pee to flow. Then she has a ‘Plunging Pete’ glans electrode with an urethral insert which is hollow, a custom order, so that she can easily pee while wearing it. And rubber pee tube extending from the end of the insert.
-So i was fucking a guy after all?
-Well, would any “guy” allow himself to be displayed on a table like this? Would any guy serve as My maid, cleaner and cook day in day out, then have himself humiliated in every imaginable way?. Have his penis pierced and locked away for good? You were in no way fucking a “guy”, that’s for sure. What you were fucking - I don’t know. Maybe a shemale slave is the best description.
-her face, full lips, her legs, her boobs, her narrow waist and ass, all as female as it gets! Even her gestures, Mr Jensen wondered.
-Don’t worry about that. It’s she who has to worry now. she’s out of her belt, she’s on the pedestal. she must feel the stinging alread. Like she said, she is conditioned to hate being out of the belt. I have chosen the same classic method used in ‘The story of O’ for female slaves who had their pussies, and ass holes whipped in exactly the same position, though not as extremely spread like she is. They were left spread like this for hours after whippings. Opened up like this, mia too has a pussy that i can whip, pussy lips, clit and asshole. Like in ‘Story of O’ I flog her vertically between her legs. As her ovaries are out of the harm’s way, I can really use force - and use this heavy duty dog whip.
As i heard those words i knew Master had the whip in His hand and right after i bursted in howling. He had hit my clit with full force!  
Even though i was hit repeatedly on my clit, pussy lips and asshole, i was tied down so well that i could only keep grasping air and fluttering with my hands and bending my toes. He was not playing, He was conditioning me and it meant severe pain, severe fear and severe but not successful wiggling. Oh why i allowed to be tied up like this...
After covering my crotch with blows in random order, He began a series of repeated blows on my asshole, then on my ringed pussy lips, pussy and finally blow after blow on my clit as i squirmed and squealed. Suddenly I heard the front door close.
-jane, come here!, Master yelled.
-Sir, yes Sir.
-Mark, meet Jane, sissy’s former wife I told you about. she’s just come from work.
-Sir, jane answered.
A sharp blow landed on my clit making me squeal in my gag.
-We were conditioning mia for the belt. Give her a few blows on the boobs and buttocks and then insert Twisting Tom.
my wife jane is Master Tom’s alpha slave. i have been developed into an exact copy of her, the same hairdo and colour, same costumes, same shoes, same boob size, same hip size, same waist size corsetted, similar chastity belts, similar tattoos, same piercings except only I have the nasallang - that’s the easiest way to tell us apart. Now she was thrashing my boobs and buttocks, all well displayed for the whip. Later the party present witnessed as she filled my asshole with a medium sized electro toy. Soon the random punishment jolts began to torment my clit and ass making me involuntarily clench my butt and pussy muscles.
-jane, change to your costume and bring us beer and prepare us hamburgers with fries!
-Sir, yes Sir, thank you Sir.
i was left there for an eternity, as Master and Mr Jensen spent time idly talking about many things, especially how Master took first me and then my wife as His slave. As jane served them the hamburgers, Master explained to Jensen about our orgasm regime.
-I'm not sure if I will allow mia any more orgasms. First I gave her orgasms once a month in very humiliating way. Then every 3 months. Then I kept her chaste for a full year and now it has been one and a half years since her last time. Of course she has got only ruined orgasms under my rule. Frictionless, totally motionless, electro only, no erection, with chastity belt on, and cumming on my permission only. I let jane cum a lot more often. Sometimes I let her cum when I fuck her pussy, and she never fails to do that. But more often I train jane to cum motionlessly. I'll show you what I mean later.
A lot later Master came to my continuously tortured body, removed my gag and asked
-Have you been unbelted long enough?
i was still being shocked and  i had to cry out each time volts screwed me. i sobbed:
-please Master, yes. Please belt me. Please put the belt back on me, Sir. Please Sir...
Mercifully Master turned off the power first and then i felt the tight but protective metal against my tender bits again. Then finally the devilish arching of my back ended as well as i was raised on my feet.
-Sir, thank you Sir, i said curtseying wobbly-legged to my Master.
Soon i and jane were fixed again. We were both without the maid’s dress, ass and tits bare while Masters remained fully clothed. A double penis gag had been fixed in our mouths so we stared directly in each other’s eyes. we were on all fours in the living room, legs and hands wide apart, carrying glass sheets on our backs, with Master Tom’s and Mr Jensen’s drinks on them. we were Their tables.  we were not restrained in any way, so we knew staying still was our own responsibility. They had even used bubble level to get the tables straight and They had commanded our asses up in the process.
-Let's put these clamps on them, said Master. Nipples, He said while severe pressure was applied to my ringed titties. Pussy lips, He continued, with guessable consequences. These go into the rear holes, He said handing a black bulky object to Mr Jensen who was outfitting me. Next i could feel the toy shoved in my ass with a firm hand, and simultaneously see Master do the same to my wife whose Neosteel belt also allows asshole opening, and see her eyes widen as a reaction as it was pushed home. In the same time, i had trouble with my plug, it seemed not lubed, and i gave way by moving my hips away from it. As a result the glass on the table nearly fell and Mr Jensen had to grab it in His hand.
- mia, nobody told you to move!, you unworthy slave! yelled Master. ‘Just keep that ass up like it was. you stay put as the toy enters you. Mark, keep pushing it in. There is even a drop of lube at the tip.’
With renewed stamina i concentrated in pushing back against the plug so that my ass remained up like it was. Little by little, in little thrusts my anus accepted the familiar intruder. It just seems Master is using less and less lube!
- mia needs to be punished for failing already at this stage, Master continued, as the plug rested all the way in my bowels. Let’s tie her ankles to her thighs. It will make it more difficult for her to keep her balance that way so it is a suitable punishment.
As my ankles were tied up, i just thought that now jane sees my spiky heels stick out behind me ass.
- Each toy has its own remote. Let's see which is which.
Now the clamps started vibrating one at a time. my nipples are my most tender spots after all hormone treatment and as my nipple clamps started wiggling i began to moan in my gag and noticed jane became distracted too. Then nipples were turned off and pussy lip vibes on, first low and then full volume.
-they know the rules, Master said to Jensen. No bells ringing, no shaking glasses, no waves in glasses,  no squealing - and no cumming. Especially jane has problems not to cum when all vibration is at full. she’s still learning.
Pussy lip vibes being on full jane started to pant heavier, her eyes staring into distance. With every exhalation she let out a little moan, and her breathing became quicker. she was already fighting orgasm, under the eyes of two Masters. she was a slave now. she goes to work but gets only a little allowance herself. Now she had to control her body, stay still though her pussy was shaken and rattled. i got aroused as well seeing her heat unfold before me, with no chance of touching her though our noses were nearly together and her breathing mingled with mine. my pussy lips were exactly that nowadays: pussy lips, my most important sexual organs together with asshole, nipples, buttocks and mouth. my ringed clit is only touched with whip. Even though i like tender touches, i love being taken the rough way. Strong vibrating clamps made my whole pussy tremble violently and i started to concentrate on not moving, thinking about the delicate stem glasses on our backs. Stay still. Stay motionless, i thought in my head, sucking on the penis gag.
- Now let’s give their pussies a break and give were asses a ride.
our ass vibrators became alive, as our Superiors turned on the power, their strong vibration could be felt even in our bones. It was so humiliating that we had to just push up our naked asses that were filled with powerful vibrating plugs, and stay put. jane looked concerned but was not panting quickly, it seemed that she was in control of her feelings.
- Let’s combine that with nipple fun...
Double tremor made things worse. i couldn’t concentrate in my ass as my titties required also attention. i looked at jane’s perfect titties as similar vibrating clamps were distracting her similarly. A worried look on her face, no, it was a pleading look, just inches away. Then the vibration power was still turned up a notch!
- And combine that with pussy clamps!
our poor pussies had to endure a new attack. Tender flesh was being cruelly clamped and shaken. A full hand of vibration meted out for stationary slaves committed to keeping their backs arched and asses upturned and operating as mere furniture for their Superiors.
- At full power!
If i had only understood that pussy clamps were only on half power! Now these poor slaves were in deep shit. No cumming. No cumming. No cumming. It was all i thought. i pressed together my jaws, and i strained all my muscles in a desperate effort to postpone the moment when body succumbs to the inevitable, when things just start happening on their own, when point-of-no-return nears. As the vibrations died altogether i opened my eyes. i had closed them at some point. jane was overwhelmed and exhausted, panting from pure fatigue.
- Let’s give them a break to make this a little more fun.
Master connected our septum rings together so that a little tension was pulling our noses together and prevented tilting our heads Then i felt my pussy lips being dragged towards the floor by strong weights, maybe 400 gr (?). They took sips from the glasses and placed them back on our backs.
-What do you think, should We put weights on the nipple rings as well?
-Do you do that usually?
-Sometimes. If big weights are used, their tits take a funny, completely different shape.  
-Oh I would like to see that.
-Let’s put big tit weights to mia. i hate the fact that she’s a fucking cunt that cannot obey a simple command.
i noticed that jane was watching closely as Master hooked 800 gr weight to the nipple ring of my left breast that has the heart shaped tattoo with ‘Master Tom’ written inside. jane saw my tits well as our heads were not tilted up that much. As Master dropped the weight i howled and got distracted from looking into her eyes and Master yelled
-Keep still you piece of shit. you nearly toppled the glass over.
Mr Jensen had to take a sip from His glass again as Master dropped a similar weight to my right tit, the one that says ‘Master Tom’s toy’. Then the glass was again set on the glass table.
-Now if there is even ripples in the wine, I’ll remove your belt again!
That’s the biggest threat nowadays. Next Master put smaller tit weights to jane, and i saw her tits turn into long cone-like forms. i saw her tattoos well. They were similar to mine: ‘Master Tom’s toy’ and the heart with His name. i thought about me looking exactly like her, but tits stretched even longer, and my couple of extra piercings. i felt precum ooze from my tightly enclosed clit.
-Let’s start again. Tits and lips first.
our job was to stay put. First half power, then full power. we were tried again. we were tested and trained. Kept in prolonged chastity we were full of need to cum, but knew that as slaves we cannot explode. Luckily weights dragging down on tits and pussy lips started to cause so much pain that the edge didn’t approach as quickly as before. Master said,
- Can you imagine this used to be a couple: husband Michael fucking wife Jane! And now they prefer to cum only on My command. Live on My command. Jesus.
-See, both are dripping precum on the floor. What sluts! Will they lick it up later, Mr Jensen asked.
-That’s for sure. Now let’s add ass vibes.
Now all vibes were on, with glazed eyes, straining all muscles we tried to keep the penetrating shimmying away and keep it from shimmying our backs and glass sheets where the important glasses still stood. we knew this was the most crucial part, when we had to concentrate regardless of all distractions, become immune to all the teasing, leave our bodies for a moment if that were possible. jane’s face had turned red and sweaty. i knew she couldn’t take this a long time. And yes, she started to mumble in panic in her gag.
-I turn down the power on jane’s pussy lips, said Master. she’s signalling she’s close to cumming. I’ll turn also her ass plug to half power. she can take that level for still half an hour at least. mia dribbles a lot of precum but actually it is very difficult to cum without vibration or electro on her clit.
-Last time she cummed she was as securely as she is now  in her belt doing a ‘Blowjob trainer’ based hour long exercise where she had to train pony gait by raising her knees time and time again on her nipple level where the camera was set. If she had failed to raise her leg in a required time the software would have emitted a loud horn sound directly to the et-232 which was set for sound input. she had a Plunging pete in her pisshole like today, and the shock would have been intense to say the least.
-  she was in full shemale pony gurl gear, hoof boots, tens electro butt plug tail, which i occasionally turned  on and off to distract her. i had also equipped her with small half a kilo lead weights in two of her pussy lip rings. her exercise made them dangle wildly, so it was fun to watch. And shouldn’t a shemale pony have something dangling between her legs! As it was a pony training event I also had my riding crop with me, and used it whenever the pony seemed to need some encouragement. her plump ass was an easy target as her hands were out of the way, tied to her opposite sides behind her back, elbows together.
- We were halfway through and she was doing her mundane horsey job perfectly.  No angry horn sounds were heard. So i put on a video of her blowing me and being trained on a tv screen she was forced to watch because of the way she was tied using reins connected to her bit and her blinkers. she was tied with the reins so tightly that she couldn’t move her head at all while she lifted her feet. Next i started playing Soft Cell's, you know the gay duo, Non Stop Erotic Cabaret in the background, turning the volume up gradually. Those days she was being conditioned to cumming only on electro caused by that album. While she continued her training, her clit started to get electric treatment in the rhythm of 'sex dwarf' and all the other Soft Cell music.I switched her tail plug on also and noticed  that the pool of precum that had been gradually forming started to grow much quicker between her legs where the tube ended. At the same time she was becoming tired so she started needing more encouragement of the whip on her buttocks. I started using more power with the whip, welts started to appear, but the flow of precum kept steady anyway. her tiny deprived organ was practically oozing under the belt during this insane hot scene.
-As she had been raising her legs for a full hour in the relentless rhythm provided by the software I said that the training is now over but she is allowed to free-willingly continue, in which case I keep the Trainer and music on, and she is allowed to cum, actually cum, if she just can. I reminded her that if orgasm affects her leg raising, a horrible shock will of course completely ruin and probably altogether eliminate her orgasm. But if she continues to trot like a nice little pony all through that little distraction which other people would call orgasm, she is allowed to actually orgasm, relieve some of the pressure that has been built during the preceding 12 months in chastity. If she manages to cum, which can eventually be discovered by analyzing the colour of the small pool on the floor if not otherwise clear, she will be required to trot still an extra half an hour on the Trainer software. I gave her instruction to whinny twice if she wanted to stop, but she whinnied once. At this point I ordered jane to come and watch how her former husband cums this year. I also tuned the software so that the required leg raising pace became one notch quicker.
-you can cum now whenever you can, I said and she continued the revved up trotting, lead weights dangling even more wildly from her pussy lips, her boobs bouncing, me dishing out a forceful cut with the riding crop whenever I wished. I also turned the volume up a bit, and mia started to pant heavily and moan.
-Silence, I just yelled at her. 'If you whinny I turn the power off and this is over.'
That helped, music was then disturbed only by lashes of the whip and clatter of the weights hitting each other in the constant motion her legs provided going up and down. It took him a while to get close, but finally i noticed certain anxiety in her movements caused by the proximity of her orgasm, that she had been looking forward to during the whole preceding 12 months. i turned up the power of her ass toy, so that it became a bit too powerful for her, annoying, distracting her that way. That slowed her progress down a bit and I already thought she will not make it but then she started emitting very odd faint, high pitched whinnies, which prompted me to order jane to turn Soft Cell off to ruin her orgasm and give her butt cheeks a good walloping with the crop for breaking the silence. 
-Silence! you may cum, but no hassle! Keep trotting. No whinnying. 
I was intentionally very strict to humiliate her more. I thought pain from the crop would distract her and ruin her orgasm but it seemed the opposite. Each blow on her chubby ass seemed to cause a drop to fall on the floor from her tube. All the while she kept raising her knees to her nipples keeping the weights in motion. she cummed trotting like a good work pony. Even though this was her only cum of that year, she didn’t let it interfere with her task. I was proud of her - and of course Myself as a slave trainer.
-After that I left her to trot the extra time like I had said. It turned out she had no energy left after the orgasm and she failed numerous times during the last half an hour, getting so strong punishment jolts in her clit each time that it was difficult for her to pick up the pace again and many times she got 2 to even 10 shocks in succession before she caught the rhythm again. After the very long batch of strong shocks she somehow collected herself and got only one more shock in the end and when I closed down the trainer she collapsed in total exhaustion and was lead to the pedestal to rest spread up. Of course only after she licked up her little pool. I took that all on video, wanna see for yourself?
-Of course, that must have been the biggest humiliation ever! But you said she’s been denied for 18 months now, after that. Shouldn’t she be cumming in an instance?
-No, she’s got a lot of training. And when the periods of denial gradually grow, over time body adapts to not being able to cum, and the ability to cum actually starts to decline. Amount of  sperm diminishes. Now she can only cum after prolonged teasing and an elaborate humiliating scene. But that’s of course theoretical now that she will probably never again cum.
Telling about my latest orgasm was actually clever mindfucking, which got me all prepared to cum here without moving, holding Their glasses on the table on my back, if only They had turned my glans electrode on. However i knew that would not happen . i just had to concentrate in keeping still, on my bent knees and hands, ass violated and vibrated, breasts stretched and teased, pussy lips stretched and rocked, facing my wife whose identical twin i have been made. If i succeeded, if i was good, i get to eat from a dog bowl, sleep in a cage and keep serving my Master. If i failed, i could do nothing to save me from exaggerated and inhuman punishments that would follow like the night follows the day. i am fully conditioned to try to avoid punishments at any cost.
Last thing that comes to my mind is what Master left untold. As i had been taken up on the pedestal, having just consumed my latest cum, and i was spreadeagled there like i was today, ass up, spine bent, all crevices opened,  i was so tired i fell asleep right away in spite of the most awkward sleeping position. Just before falling asleep i remember Master telling me
- Think about what happened, memorize that because I am quite sure I will never allow you to cum again. 
And i remember thinking that although He never lets me cum, i'm anyway glad i lost my Freedom to Master. It is often hard, we have to endure more than anybody. But the sex is so good, with or without orgasms that  I would gladly fall under His power again.

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