Selma's pleasure - shemale slave fiction

The day had been good. i had managed to wash 10 windows, in spite of having to prepare a lunch for Master and Mistress. my work was also interrupted many times by Their Whatsapp messages. Each time i had to walk all the way to the beach house there They spent the sunny day, to cater to Their needs, to bring drinks, Her glasses, etc. But after lunch They had set out for a boat trip, and i could concentrate on the living room panes.

Bringing the drinks to the beach house is especially embarrassing as i have to use the indoor maid's dress. When i mow the lawn or weed the gardens i am allowed to change to High heeled rubber boots an outdoors maid outfit with boobies mostly covered and a slightly longer hem to better hide my package. i am never allowed to use panties, so it is always possible that my secrets are exposed: my backward bent clit that is locked to the quiche piercing with two foreskin piercings. To make sure i never get hard i am also wearing a custom made (very small) Jailbird chastity cage. my foreskin rings are pulled out from the tip of the device. They are pulled between bars, and locked together and to the quiche ring, so that the metal cage wraps over my balls, the tip pointing between my legs. Inside the Jailbird cage there are studs pointing inward, thus i have learned i must never get hard. I've had to learn to also take my pleasure limp. If i get hard the pain gets excruciating, as the studs cut small sores in my clitty.

The garden is quite secluded, but i know neighbours are often peeping and even photographing me serving my Superiors in my indoor black rubber outfit: barebreasted maid uniform with short pleated hem, extremely high heels, long gloves, and stockings with suspenders. my humiliation is completed with the heavy duty steel rings in my ears, septum and nipples. A chain joins the nipple rings and i have two lead weights as earrings swinging when i prance around.

Neighbours believe i am a female maid / sex worker employed by my Family: my former Wife and Her new husband Brad. Except for Bruce, the black neighbour who is familiar with my mouth and ass as i have been lent to Him a few times. Of course i cannot be sure Bruce has not told everyone else that i am a shemale in real slavery. And i don't know if someone has seen the welcome home ritual i have to perform to Brad: running sexily to Him to the garage, and licking His shoes. Or our puppy play sessions in the garden. Or the little sulky where He sometimes climbs and lets me drive Him around the garden. i don't need to know. i try not to think about it.

As Master and Mistress got back and They were having dinner i got praise for completing so many windows.

-'If you are lucky you may be in for a session tonight!'

After i had cleared the table and the kitchen was tip-top, i was ordered to get certain toys.

-'Fix the long spreader bar between your ankles'

-'On your knees under the pulley!' A cloth hood was yanked over my head first. i am always blindfolded when i get stimulated. It had open mouth and nose, and a ball gag was fixed next. Then i was fixed into a neck-wrist restraint that holds hands at sides of my head. Earmuffs are put on my ears. A posture collar that makes me hold my chin up. Someone grabs my package from behind, fixes something around it and pulls them further back, making me push my ass back. Then my head is pushed back too, and i feel tension in my nose ring. i have to tilt my head back until i my face was turned up, and then the ball leash is clipped to my nose ring. Tying two tender spots together make sure i am not trying to move an inch.

Soon groping around my ass continues, the piercing locks must have been opened, as i feel the clitty cage unlocked and sliding off, and the familiar feeling of my glans being fitted with a tight corona electrode, with an urethral insert. The cage is not replaced after this, to rule out shortcircuits, but the foreskin is drawn back up and over the head, and locked back to the quiche. i concentrate totally not to erect while being being fixed up. Now only the power lead now disappears into the still trapped package. Next my ass is violated with a butt plug electrode. The way my balls are tied to the pulley i must push back and accept the dildo without dodging it. It is a large one, stretching my hole to the limit as the bulky part enters, and inch after inch of a straight bulky shaft is then sliding further and further in, filling my rectum up, making me gasp into the gag.

Penetrated in all three holes i wait passively what will happen. Power is turned on, and pleasurable waves of electricity start fluctuating in my g spots, frenum and prostate, the only stroking i now know. i concentrate in feeling the delicate, but soon intensifying currents that i know will slowly but irresistibly take me to hands free orgasm. But suddenly and surprisingly everything stops.

i am left wondering what will happen next. Minutes pass. i hear nothing, see nothing. Suddenly something is done to my gag, and warm liquid starts pouring in my mouth. Strong pee! With my head tilted back i start swallowing fast not to choke. It's Master's pee, i know it as i have been made to collect it from the source, and store it for later use. He (or She) must have hang some in a enema bag from the pulley. i wonder how much of Master's pee i must drink before the session continues and i get a chance to cum.

Next i scream into the pee oozing gag as i feel a heavy blow from a wide-tipped riding crop in the middle of my right buttock. i jerk forward and hurt my tied balls in the process. I concentrate not to move an inch as the next blows rain on my naked upturned and spread buttocks. i can just hope my Punisher avoids my balls, and does not hit them with full force. The blows cover my buttocks entirely, then a few strong blows land on my backward bent clitty, making it glow in heat and pain.

Now my gag is suddenly opened and yanked off and my ear muffs removed.

-'How you are doing Selma?', Master asks.

i pant heavily, but answer very slavishly: 'Sir, i'm doing fine. Thank you, it's so good to get Your attention. Thank you for the bondage and for the pain, and thank you so much for the electro treatment as well, it was awesome, like always.'

-'I am planning to concentrate on your boobies next. What do you have to say about that?'

-'Sir, oh Sir, you have made me boobies so that i have more vulnerable and tender targets for your torture and punishments. So please, please go ahead, i try to be worth Your effort. i try to be worth everything You give to me’

my boobies are my pride, grown with hormones and implants, they are a C-cup, not mammuth but substantial, big tits, very full and round. The gag is replaced, so is the pee flow, earmuffs replaced, and in this pissy sensory deprivation i start to scream in my gag, as precisely targeted blows start landing on my breasts making them bounce and making me thrash about in my bonds, my hands futilely opening and closing in their raised position. Sir coats my breasts with the riding crop, slamming it against my soft flesh. A few times the crop hits the chain between my nipple rings, yanking on both nipples. Finally the nipples become the targets, hit again and again from different sides until i scream continuously into the gag and shake all over. As the heat and glow and pain in my boobies matches the feeling in my buttocks, the blows stop and suddenly nothing more happens. Only more and more pee is dripping in my mouth – half a litre, a whole litre? A warm glow lingers in my ass and tits, reminding me of the body parts that i share with genetic females. Kneeling, hands raised in a metal restraint, in my whorish barebreasted outfit, butt exposed, all holes plugged, drinking Master’s pee -  now i have time to go through my entire predicament.

After a break that may have been 15 minutes or 1 hour - i only know my knees have started to hurt hellishly during the silent moments - the restraint connecting my balls to my nose ring is removed, and finally i can rest my balls and neck. A leash is clipped to my nose ring and i am dragged behind someone. i walk in the most awkward way, in high heels kept ridiculously apart by the spreader bar.

Finally i smell warm moist air and the smell of musky sex lingers in the air. my gag iand earmuffs are removed, i am told to turn around and i am pushed on my back on the bed, then inched into a good position. Now i feel knees near my head, a knee moving over my boobs, a strengthening smell of sex, and a moist naked pussy plants itself on my mouth. This is so familiar, i know what to do now. Master has fucked my Mistress and i am required like always, to clean Her up. Sometimes i am even taking part in their lovemaking, like fluffing Sir beforehand, and even sucking Mistress’s nipples or fingering them, according to Her wishes, as Master bangs away in Her pussy. With a good routine my tongue moves around Her pussy, finding all the crevices there semen and pussy juice normally gathers, and licking them clean. New semen is slowly flowing down Her vagina, so every now and then i gobble it up at the entrance. This is the only duty there i tend to get so much erection that the studs start digging in. Not even when i am getting electro or a vibrator do i get this much erection, i have learned to enjoy and stay limp. But this duty somehow wakes up all the old instincts, and makes me function as if this pussy was for my clitty as well, not only my mouth.

Suddenly my rubber stocking-clad legs are hoisted in the air by the spreader bar. Further up they go, my ass is raised up, bar is removed and my ankles are tied to bed posts by my head. Soon i scream in the pussy as a cane bites my butt with hellish pain making me yield as far as i can. There is however nothing i can do to escape the severe cuts on my butt cheeks, my hands helplessly fixed to my neck. targeted blows continue as i sheepishly gobble the gobs of spunk that now flow at an increased speed, as my fidgeting under Madame causes the whole bed to jerk. my butt has been warmed up with the crop, now it is ripe for the cane. This becomes a prolonged session of creampie as Master finds new spots in my ass for welts. my tongue does rounds and rounds again in Her pussy, i even lick the outsides of the outer lips and feel the wonderful silken texture of Her shaven pussy. At a certain point my ankles are freed and Mistress raises Herself.

i am lead in my blind state back under the pulley and pushed to a kneeling position. This time my knees are tied wide apart and anchored to the floor. Soon my balls are drawn back and up again, this time they are tied to my pony tail still using the pulley. Now at least my neck is straight!

my mouth is still free, and the head of a rubber dildo is inserted in it.  After a while Mistress tells me ‘Time to start your blowjob trainer. you know the drill. and the fail-sound goes directly you know there’ i really do know this. If i fail to suck the cock properly, each time i fail the SBBJ software will emit a big sound, and ET-232 sound mode will transfer that into a big punishment shock in my ass or clitty. That is something i definitely don’t want.  i start taking the dildo in deeper and only as i have pushed it well against my throat, a small sound tells me it is ok. As i withdraw, another sound tells me when i have withdrawn far enough. As i get accustomed to the new situation i feel a stinging blow of the cane in my left tittie, below the nipple. Right then the electricity in my clitty and ass are turned on, and power is turned up, soon friendly pulses twist and screw my clitty and pussy in a rough but remotely pleasurable way. As i have throated the dildo again, and the sound finally emits, my right tit is hit by the cane! That certainly quickens the withdrawal.

So this is my pleasure time. Like tidal waves odd electric pulses manipulate my clitty and ass, making me clench at times, while i have to concentrate in blowing a dildo and get my large boobs beaten with a cane. Unable to move away, hands ridiculously held up by the metal restraint. Not to forget i am plugged in both ass and urethra, dressed as a maid, my balls are drawn back, my clitty is locked back over my balls…

‘Stay still, move only your upper body. No moving below the waist! you are allowed to cum’

i start clenching my muscles every time the current rushes through me, to catch the tide and ride with it to the finish. i still have the hood so i don’t see my humiliation, but everyone else will as it is certainly all filmed and put in the net soon.

It is so difficult to try to come with hands free electro, especially as i have to concentrate in deepthroating a large dildo to avoid a hellish electric shock to my genitals, and my boobies are beaten with a cane. Each blow with the cain distracts me and pulls me away from the pleasurable cum. i am so low. i am so much under Their control.

‘If your sucks fail, the game is over’. Mistress is now the one who supervises me. Each suck on the dildo is a possibility for a fail, severe pain and end of session. i concentrate now only on the sucks. i become a sucking machine. In, the sound, the blow on my tittie, out, in again. A continuous cycle. Teaching me to suck better, deepthroat a cock. Weekly the settings of SBBJ are changes so that i have to take it in deeper, or quicker. Punishing shocks on my genitals, sometimes i have received ten or more in one session. When i get one shock, i lose the rhythm and easlĂ­ly get two or more in a row.

Suddenly my monotonous sucking is interrupted by messages from my crotch: i am going to cum. Anyway. In spite of all the distractions, in spite of the pain from still continuing hits on my already red titties. i must not move my hips. i must - not - stop - sucking - the - dildo, is all i can think of. Suddenly i am cumming already. A small surge in my urethra, that is mostly blocked by the electrode. Something escapes, a few drops fall on the floor below my ass. An indifferent occurrence. Nothing changes, electricity still ramps up and down. i bob my head on the dildo until told otherwise. The cane lands on my left nipple, just above the ring, then on the right nippe, similarly. The excruciating pain makes me squirt still a few drops. i feel them pass through the head of my clit. In this position, balls drawn back, my soft clitty is pointing ridiculously up behind me, glans next to my filled asshole - both electrodes near by but not in direct contact. i have cum and i continue fellating, exhausted and now drained, until told to stop, and, inevitably, told to lick the floor of my Superiors clean and prepare Them supper.

‘Good gurl. you came when granted permission, and you didn’t let the little cummies interfere your work. Without the little leakage I wouldn’t have noticed at all that you came. your training is about complete. Excellent, Selma, my ex. Now that you can take your cummies like the shemale slave you are, I just might suggest Brad that We return to the old 2 month milking period instead of the 4 month period.’

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