Sunday, 17 December 2017

Playing hurt-ball

When the weekly D/s-session starts, i have always no idea if it is going to be a ruined orgasm for me or just T&D, or some other play.   This time the event carried extra interest, because i have been again in chastity from 10th Dec, and this time 24/7.  Nocturnal erections have prevented my from sleeping in the Mature Metal jail Bird earlier, now i have already been able to not wake up at all.  Anyway W/we are considering a more secure device, as i could cum also  in Jail Bird (although not easily) because it is so open, and allows caressing the "clit" through the bars.

This time i was sent upstairs first to undress totally and only wear my new breast harness, which makes my small tits stand out rather nicely, and a pair of leather briefs - and the cb of course. This was my uniform for the next 3 hours service, i don't always get to wear something sissy.

First She wanted an apple. i washed it and hurried to bring it to Her, kneeling and handing it to Her until She took it (after a wait). Next i was sent to wash toilets. As i had gone through them, Mistress checked them all, and gosh, i had polished all faucets poorly. She could find non-polished chrome by turning the knob fully. Also one hand mirror was not cleaned. All regular mirrors, door knobs, light switches, toilet bowls and sinks were OK :) However that was not a good start at all.

She said that Lina (who has moved out a couple of years ago) is calling Her soon, so next She told me to look up the recipe for red onion compote, and prepare 1 kg of it for Christmas (and probably whole spring). She talked a long phone call during that, and i had even time to take a couple of photos.

After the phone call ended i was made to run small errands, getting Her stuff from Her study, from upstairs, from the laundry room... i was on the move all the time, moving swiftly and always kneeling.  At some point i got mixed up and did not kneel as i reported Her about a completed chore. She was sitting down, so i was even higher than She was, which probably pissed Her off royally, so She barked

-What the hell! Why the fuck are you standing there? Have you totally forgotten how to report? Get on your knees this instant.

i sobbed my apologies and was really startled about my mistake and Her sudden outburst. She kept me kneeling there for a long time without moving as a punishment.

Next was preparing Her supper, including washing all kitchen surfaces and loading the dishwasher.  The supper was served in candlelight.

Suddenly She ordered me upstairs, session was about to start. i was given a posture collar, and told to open and remove my cb and fix my ball stretcher to which one can also fix weights.  With straps i was steered downstairs, where i was told to fill a bucket (the one i used to clean toilets) 1/4  full of water. i showed the bucket to Mistress, asking if there was too much. i thought at that time maybe it was even 1/3 full (=3 ,5 kg).  Mistress took a look but didn't order me to pour out anything. Instead i had to take two straps and fix the bucket to both sides of my metal ball stretcher.

As i was ready i was told to stand up. It meant i had to lift the bucket only with my balls!  W/we have never put so much weight on my poor balls, and it felt bad, but i managed to get the bucket up, but i could never straighten my legs.  i just could raise the bucket some 10cm from the floor!

She looked at my trying with a smile on her face, and encourage me to try harder.  my ball sac was now long as a stick, with s small set of red balls at the bottom. Then She gave me two tiny strips of papers, and told me to take them to thrash can.  It was in kitchen.  i tried to turn around to start my journey, but the movements made water waver and the pain got so excruciating i had to rest the bucket on the floor.

She calmly told me to get the paper shred to the trash anyway, and when i get to the kitchen trashcan, i can lessen my load at the same time. So i  had to start moving in little jerks, lifting the bucket a little at a time. However that caused the water again to waver, and some even splashed on the floor, making me very apologetic again.  Then finally just pulling the bucket on the floor with my balls. Finally i got there and i could lift the bucket, and pour most of the water away.  As 1 litre was left, i noticed i could keep my legs straight, so i returned. i noticed the only way to move at regular speed without the bucket hitting my legs was walking very spread-legged, swaying from side to side,  like sumo wrestlers sometimes do. 

i reported to Mistress, and had to stand at attention, the bucket still providing constant agony to my balls. She sent me to blow out half of the candles now, another anguished journey there and back spread legged. Then some waiting at attention again, and She sent me to get Her a peer. Finally i got sent to blow out the rest of the candles :) my balls were so sore already. But i had to get back upstairs still carrying the bucket, and only there i was allowed to remove it.  Now i was tossed another new implement ball vice, and i was told to put that in good use.

At first time i managed to get my smaller testicle to slip from between the plates, and i had to start again. The Chinese vice was not of best quality, but second time i got it working.  She shackled me on all fours, pulling the plate behind me thighs, threaded a strap around my clit and started pulling on the strap quite violently, providing partly painful, partly pleasurable sensations to my clit

The stimulation provided to my clit was wonderful and the session overall more than die for, but She took care not to have me cum and did not even edge me this time.  However She took photos of me which has been very rare!

Friday, 15 December 2017

Back in chastity

After a long while out of chastity W/we decided it is again necessary to keep me in chastity. This time i have tried it also during nights, and got used to it. However, a more secure device than my Mature Metal is now under consideration.

Today W/we had the weekly session and i was let out. More of it later with pics.

Friday, 8 December 2017

New red corset and a ruined corset

W/we have purchased a few items from Aliexpress, chinese toys etc.  Mistress decides what of them to use in the sessions. One of the items is a red corset, and yesterday i was told to wear it, and only it and a red condom (not to leak precum all over) for the whole duration of the session. i liked very much how especially my growing titties look in this corset, so i asked to take a few pics.
First there was the usual serving session. i was told to empty the dishwasher first, that implied to also fill it and clean the kitchen. Then there was some odd jobs, getting some stuff Mistress needed, bringing back some stuff, and each time i had to pass some of the windows which made me very self-conscious in my outfit.
i had to also keep up the fire in the fireplace, while i was told to dust the carpets in the balcony.  Fortunately the balcony faces away from the other houses, so nobody probably saw, me as i whad to go also to the cold winter weather in the red corset only.  i was also sent to check what we have in our extra freezer in the garage, and going there means i have to cross our yard.  i was told to put only shoes and an overcot on top of my scarce outfit. It was windy, and the wind grabbed my coat, and raised the hem, and momentarily even my condom was showing on the yard.
Back at the house She ordered Her supper sandwiches.  i had to eat mine from the floor without hands.  Somehow it made them taste better!  She didn't comment on my looks at all.
Finally i got the order to get to the bedroom, there my hands there shackled to leg of the bed, and a humbler (one of the new purchases) was attached to my balls.  she fixed it the other way, so that the curvy parts don't go along the form of thighs but the other way round. So the balls were pulled much more than then W/we tried the humbler first. Standing upright was impossible, and only on all fours there was no strain.
As i was on all fours with the humbler and tied hands, she grabbed my condomed clit from behind and started to milk it, bending it back.  It felt heavenly, and she continued it quite a long time, keeping a break, and leaving me for a while and then continuing.  She didn't edge me though. 
Next she took the electro kit, and started to put the electro straps around my clit. i remarked that condom prevents electro from penetrating, but she did not want to take the condom away, so she took a Hitachi, and told me to lift my ass up if i wanted to feel the Hitachi.
It was a very strenuous position, hands down, stooping on my spread feet, as she again bent my package back, and pushed the Hitachi right against my clit, repositioning it a couple of times nearer the tip. i was rock hard now, She also grabbed my balls, and soon i had to confess i was near the edge. She asked "How near" and dropped my package, and i didn't cum. But She grabbed it again, and renewed Her efforts.  i was soon nearing the edge again, and told Her so, and She removed everything again, pulling only the humbler, but i was now too far, and one squirt entered the tip of the condom.  i was sorry i came without permission, but She stated she wanted to give me a ruined, as i had been sessioned only 3 weeks previously (because of tigt schedules) and cum only more than a month previously.
The day before W/we had had a long session for Her, including me manipulating and licking Her nipples, licking Her pussy,  taking viagra and fucking with her without neither of U/us cumming.  She cums better with Her dildo, but She likes to cuddle with me.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Extra Father's day session

It was the Father's Day in Finland on Sunday, and Mistress told me in the morning that as a present i will get a 1-2 hour session, nice!

First She told me to undress altogether. Then go on all fours, but not on my knees, to the kitchen behind Her. There i had to cook fishes for O/our cat, and kiss cold fish first, yuck!  Cleaning the kitchen during the cooking was a given.  Next i had to assist Mistress in preparing Her luggage for O/our holiday that starts next week.

i had to act as Her seat as She had Her tea. i was in all fours again, on my knees, and She sat on my lower back, one leg at each side.  Next She told me to carry Her around the big carpet (my knees were bare). i could manage that quite well!

Next it was upstairs, opening the toy chest for Her, taking out trays... She chose clover clamps, and threatened to put those on my tender nipple, but instead but them to my earlobes. There is a chain connecting them, and She fixed a leathe leash to the middle of the chain so She could lead me from the clamps.

First She gathered the leash into a tight bundle, and kept Her hand low so i had to bend double as i followed Her, and keep 30cm from Her right hip! She was turning round a lot, making it difficult to follow and not bump into Her, but it was really fun, i started leaking precum.

She drew the nipple chain over my head to the back now, while i was standing still, and started tilting me to the back by my ears, until my back was severely arched to the back. She had noticed my excitement and She started now masturbating me in my awkward position, and She could have made me cum, but She stopped just short of it.

Now She guided me backwards to the bed using the leash, told me to sit and lie on my back on the bed, while She took wrist cuffs, tied them on me, and the cuffs to a belt on my waist. Now She removed Her panties and sat Her full weight on my chest, looking at my face. There was not much i could do as She raised Herself a bit, and moved to my mouth, i used my new pussylicking skills for a nice long time.

It was the first time for a long time i could lick Her from below like W/we used to in O/our early days! A good father's day present!

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Pony training 2

Yesterday was a session night again.  Normally W/we start at 6pm, but now She told me half an hour earlier W/we could start. i was in the middle of doing customs clearance in the net for Scott Paul humiliator gag system, but i just closed my laptop even though it meant i had to start the whole process today from scratch.

On my knees i get 'Slave ready for service'.  First She told me to follow Her upstairs, where She had took some of Her clothes out of the closet.  She told me to remove everything and put on a condom. She must have decided to put an end to leakages on the floors. Then She pointed at some black cloth: 'Put that on!' They were a pair of half-leg black women's long johns. That was my slave attire tonight.

She had saved cleaning toilets for me.  She told me i will have to ask for Her inspection after each of the three toilets is cleaned. She told me not to forget mirrors, doors, surfaces, bowls and their lids.  Then off i went to clean first of the toilets.  In inspection She noticed hand mirrors were not polished, and also the soup holder was not washed.  Next toilets i did more carefully, but She was strict and made me redo some mirrors etc.

Next was cooking supper. She gave precise instructions what to prepare, and how to serve, including candle light. i could choose from two yogurt types, and a lot of Puerari mirifica was added for me. As i cleared the table later, i already new to clean thoroughly the kitchen as well. i even started to clean the burned down dirt from the oven. i tried different detergents and tools and gradually i started to get it off the glass door of the oven.

At some point Mistress brought me an old rusty strap of a handbag and told me to sandpaper it for Her at the kitchen table. She came to read the newspaper by me.  A few times She inspected the work and told me to sand it further, then She accepted it and i could continue with the oven. She was happy i was finding work for myself.

Next She ordered a pear and as i got it for Her, i stayed by Her feet, and She spit stem in my hand and i had to run to the kitchen to deposit it to the waist basket and then again the core. Then started a long, long session of me reading Her book to her aloud, and finally it was my session time.  First it was pony training. She seems to like it. She told me to remove the pants, the condom became visible now. As a humiliation She improvised a head harness from a strap-on harness, and told me to keep my hands folded on top of my tits (which i however kept forgetting).

i had to bring downstairs her riding crop and a long spreader bar She is using as an obstacle. First it was rounds of low gait, then high stepping, then canter, then canter with an obstacle each round. She raised the bar each time until it was about 50cm high. It was becoming exhausting, and my sissy clit was flopping against my thighs, which made Mistress laugh. i got an erection a few times.

Next She told me to go find a dressage competition video, and plan a dressage show of my own to some music. A big carpet was cleared in the living room, that was the show area.  If the show was good, i would get a treat, otherwise a punishment. i planned and performed a show using the music from the dressage competition video. There were piaffe, passage, diagonal trot from corner to corner, Spanish walk, piaffe turning around, high stepping, regular trot etc.  A few times i had a problem with my balance but i think it went well. i was astonished when Mistress told me it was lousy, and i had not improved from last time. She told me i could rehearse the gaits during my free time, which i plan to do.

Well, next order was bedroom, where i was ordered on the floor on all fours. Only my wrists were tied together with wrist cuffs, head harness stayed on. A blanket was tossed on me, like the horse i was. i sweated under it until it was removed and Mistress fixed our newly arrived silicone electro loops around the middle of my sissy clit, keeping still the condom on the lower half of the sissy clit, and around my ball sac.  She used many different programs, going from mild to extra intensive. First all programs made me yelp, but i got the hang of it, and stayed clasping my hands together, the harder the more intensive the program. Some intensive programs drove me towards a forced cum, but She decided to stop before that, to keep my horniness intact.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

I had the first laser treatment "Brazilian"

It's official, my crotch is permanently laser hair removal treated now!  Of course it should take 3-4 more sessions to get it 100% hairless. i was surprised how quick and easy it was.

i went to the nice laser clinic last week, where i had already been to a discussion and test earlier. Now i had booked time for a brazilian treatment: laser hair removal for the entire bikini area, front to back.

The nice lady nurse is a straightforward person. "Take your pants off then and on the table". I could keep my socks and shirt.  We discussed the area a bit, she was a bit surprised at the big size of the treated area, and also wanted me to confirm that i wished even the ball sacs treated, but of course i wanted, those are most difficult to shave!

She drew some lines on the skin, and put the cool air blower on my crotch and started.  The smell of burning hair was eminent right away even though i had shaved everything off that same morning, like instructed.  The smell comes from the burning hair follicles.

My white skin, dark hair combination seems perfect for laser. Luckily i have no grey hairs yet.

As she had treated my front, she told me to stretch my penis to the side, as she treated the side of it. So she did not touch my junk herself at all.  Next i had to stretch it the other way, and then towards my navel, as she treated the underside of penis.

During the test i had been able to stay 100% limp, but to my horror i noticed that i was getting semi erect! i could however hide it those crucial moments under my hand, and thinking about work stuff i could get it fully limp again. Close shave!

She asked me to say right away if it bites too badly, which i did as she started to treat the area between my penis and balls. She turned down the intensity for that area, i think.  That was the only area there i noticed burned hair a few days later.  i had to stretch my ball sac skin next that way and the other as she went through it as well as she could. When the machine does not give sounds, there is no more hair to be treated, and then she moved on.

Next she told me to take me knees to opposite directions, so she could work my perineum and the crease between thigh and perineum.  At no stage did he order me to lift my legs from the table.

Mostly the treatment hurt only a little, but a few times i jerked from pain, like when in the final phase she had ordered me to turn around and lay on my belly, and she opened up my buttocks and treated my ass crack and the area right around my anus. The darkish seam between buttocks hurt namely a lot. the reason is that darker skin also sucks up part of the energy.

Now after 6 days it seems to have worked very well. Some hairs are left, some fall out and next i will contact the nurse again, and ask if i should keep the hairs that grow back intact or shave them. But overall i am very happy about the results, and maybe some other areas like my chest will be treated.
Smooth as a baby - forever!!

Friday, 3 November 2017

Carrying a bucket of water with my balls

During the next "my" sessions, She has restarted an old habit W/we had, me reading to Her. She is reading a book, but during a session She shows me where to start reading and i read out loud to Her. i know nothing of the book, have not read it, but it is not for me, it is for Her. Some tens of pages at a time.  The "pre-session" when i serve Her according to Her every whim, has been becoming longer, yesterday it was 4 hours, starting at 6pm till 10pm.

After that She goes through the idea pics, (i could post all the idea pics if you like), and decides what to do to me.  This time i was told to fix a ball weight, when tied standing up legs spread and tied to the corners of a bed, hands behind my back and tied to the collar. A blindfold was added. She added some weight to the ball weight, then i understood it was an empty bucket, because i heard Her pouring water and there was more weight to my balls.

After 1 litre of water my balls were in agony. However She added half a litre, and left me to suffer.  i asked if i could sit on the footboard of the bed, and She allowed it. Even though the bucket was still above the  floor, that eased things up, and i said now i can even take some more. She added half a litre, but told me to stand up!  That was agony, and i asked if i could sit again, but She said no!  i had to carry 2 litres of water with my metal ball weight. Then She took a whip (turned out to be a riding crop) and started hitting strategic places of my body in random order: clit, ass, balls, tits, back...

She uses these pics as a model.  my hair is shaved like in the pic, and also the weight is similar, though i have rings in my ball weight which were used to carry the bucket.
Finally i started to feel sick, which She noticed and let me sit on the footboard bar. However that didn't help, and She called the session off.

Going down on Her

Mistress used Her option for Her own sex session yesterday. First W/we relaxed in the sauna. Next She settled on the floor and had me grease Her dry skin from neck to toe, and had me pay extra attention to Her toes.
Massage made Her well relaxed and She put on stockings and a suspender belt, nothing else. She wanted me to swipe the tender skin of Her legs and thighs, then concentrate between Her legs. After a lot of sweeping i could finger fuck Her, first one, then two, three fingers. She does not like to be actually finger fucked, the fingers need to be rotated inside Her.
Finally She asked me to lick Her clit lightly, again no flicking, no fast moves, but slow, continuous licks, and my fingers inside Her as well. She finished Herself off Herself.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Pueraria Mirifica

W/we have purchased a big lot of pueraria mirifica and i'm taking some 500mg daily. It's a big source of phytoestrogen so it's hormone replacement therapy and keeping my estrogen levels high. It is in the form of powder and i put it in my sandwiches on top of margarine.