Saturday, 14 October 2017

Ordered to edge myself

We had O/our weekly session already, as Mats is joining U/us fr the weekend.

Mistress said that She was looking forward to the session, and She might want more than one submission session per week. She requires absolute obeience during the session. As she had me strip, put on a leather bikini and a lacy white apron and kneel up, my hands fidgeted under the apron. She strictly ordered me to kneel still and look straight ahead, and had me kneel there until i was perfectly still a long time, including my hands, while She was talking about small boys with ADHD.
She had me spread newspapers on the living room floor and told me to fetch Her long boots from the basement and shoe polishing stuff. As She browsed Her phone and listened to some news from it, i knelt at Her feet and rubbed Her boots with shoe polisher. Twice She dismissed my work, making me continue polishing until i spread polisher all along the surface to the very top and rubbed them again totally.  i had to go through all Her shoes after that and clean all pairs that needed cleaning or polishing, and She inspected them all.  One pair of white plastic shoes has scratches, and i couldn't get them good even though i tried to clean them with soap after Her instruction. 

She used me for getting all the odd jobs done, arranging stuff, taking stuff to its place, even put a coat on top of my attire and run to my car to fix stickers to the windcreen.  She also gave me two minutes to suggest three jobs that needed to be done around the house.  i quickly teetered about to find things to do, and could manage to put together a proposal in two minutes: arranging and clearing magazines, stuff on the chairs, and floors that needed cleaning.  Then She made me do part of those and sent me to prepare supper for Her.  i have to concentrate hard as She itemizes things to use for Her supper, everything has to be right.  Cleaning kitchen fully is expected with every kitchen duty.

i made a couple of mistakes which made Her mad. She notices i had read a magazine while waiting Her tea to settle, and as She gave me permission to have ice cream with Her, i started eating before She gave me permission to start.  She is really strict nowadays with stuff like that and really scolds me.  Now corporal punishment this time though.  A lot of kneeling upright by Her feet of course.
She had me wor for Her for more than three hours, like She is used to, before telling me to remove my apron and get to upstairs in the leather bikini. i was told to remove that too, bring Her a batch of parchment paper and sit by the wall in lotus position, my back tightly against a cupboard door. She pushed a ball gag in my mouth and added a blindfold.  The parchment paper was placed under my crotch. Then She gave me the Hitachi vibrator, and told me to play with it, but no cummies!

It was fun!  i understood i could not touch my sissy clit with my hand, only with the wand. i found it easier to try to press my clit against the floor, which felt right too.  The more i pressed, the quicker i got to the edge, then i had to raise the vibrator.  She grabbed my genitals every now and then and twisted them violently do that i whimpered. She also teased my nipples which are sensitive due to my new Pueraria Mirifica use. The clit slipped easily so it was not so easy to do this with one hand. i tried also to press my clit against my belly but that was even more difficult. Eventually i had to lick the paper clean, i had leaked a lot of precum, but no cummies like said.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Laser hair removal

W/we have agreed that i will be undergoing full permanent hair removal on my bikini area. Today i auditioned for the treatment.  Of course it was a young female who i talked to. i had asked beforehand for a kink-friendly clinic, so i knew they would not raise their eyebrows on my wish.

Everything went fine.  She wanted to do a test, and had me remove my pants, and lay on the treatment table. Then She positioned the laser tool on top of my penis/clit and treated a small area.  I could only smell burned hair, the feeling was not strong. My hair is dark and skin white so i can well be treated with laser.

She told me to wait a few days because a few people get some side effects like rash. Let's see how it goes...

Friday, 6 October 2017

Pony play session

Last Friday the session started right at the appointed time at 6pm.  She educated me first in the exactly right way to clean a toilet. We have a few toilets and bathrooms in the house, so She superised the first bathroom, and then made me clean the second one while She watched, and made me clean a few spots again. The rest of the toilets and bathrooms i was made to clean by myself. She made me do a thorough job and follow Her instruction precisely, using certain rags for faucets, toilet bowl, sinks and so on.

Much later, after preparing Her more pesto and doing other chores it was time for my "real" session. she sent me upstairs befre Her, and made me undress everything on the spot. She fixed a collar on me and a long leash.  Soon i understood the theme for today was going to be pony play as She, with her whip handy, told me to march up and down in O/our bedroom.  i had not been part of actual pony play before, even though i had fantasized a lot if that subject.  She also took the long spreader bar, and soon used that as an obstacle i had to jump over.

Next She moved O/our play to the living room, where i could also walk in a circle between kitchen and living room. First She told me to walk, then gallop, and during each round at one time She made me jump over an obstacle, which She gradually raised higher and higher. Quite soon as i understood what She was doing to me, i got a hard-on and precum started flowing, and as i had no underwear i tried to wipe it and prevent it from falling all over the floors, succeeding to some extent.

It became even more difficult and i had to concentrate hard, and She ordered the  half-pass, meaning a diagonal trot, and different variations like half-pass to the left and changing it to the right after each step.  All the while i had to keep my hands at my chest like paws, and it was so hilarious she broke out laughing a few times, saying that She is alowed to laugh but me not.

There was no climax or even genital teasing this time.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Sessions have their risks

i don't have any pics of yesterday's session. Something happened so She couldn't take any. But i'll tell you all about it.

First W/we had a little bit trouble switching into the session mode. When does the session start? W/we didn't have that figured out precisely so i fidgeted about when it was time for me to surrender myself as a session slave.  As i finally knelt before Her, She slapped my face quite hard. Well now Mistress has given a rule that right at the agreed time i present myself kneeling before Her and verbalizing my status. 

This didn't have anything to do with the problem that i got into later, and a serving session started with me dressed in an white apron and  briefs only. First She made me clean the kitchen thoroughly, giving precise info how to do it to Her liking. First i went through the surfaces, but She didn't approve the result the first, and not the second time. She demanded perfection, and checked carefully not only surfaces but the drawers, microwave and dishwasher too.

Next She had me put some newspapers on the floor, get the copper detergent and bring certain copper dishes W/we have.  She kept me cleaning and polishing the copperware with the exception when She wanted a pesto sandwich, and sent me to prepare and serve it.

As the copper was shining to Her liking, She checked the fridge and noticed it still needs cleaning. i had to remove most of the shelves to get it done, wash, dry and reinstall them.

The time was flying and finally She left me kneeling in the living room as She went upstairs to plan the session part. As She was ready She told me to get there too, remove everything, and stand at the foot of the bed. She had me put on ankle and wrist bracelets and fixed a spreader bar between my ankles.  My wrists were connected behind my back. A leather hood was put on my head.  It has nostril openings but it is loose, so that it works as a rebreather (part of the early i exhale stays in the hood and i inhale it back).

From that on i didn't see what was happening, but She slapped my clit head quite hard making me cry, and soon i felt something was wrapped around the base of my balls and sissy clit, with many loops, and then something dragged them downwards. i tried to follow, bending at the knees, but She forbid that. Later i understood she had attached O/our 2 kg weight to my genitals.

Next electro pads were taped on my sissy clit (base) and behind my balls. i jumped as She turned on the electro quite high.  She kept on changing the program and intensity, and mostly it was pretty intense and kept me vocal. Then She chose a channel and kept it on, moving to the chest. Next i felt Her slapping my tits with a new implement, a spatula or a food turner. W/we had just purchased a standard turner from Ikea and a big barbecue spatula from fleamarket.  This was the large one, i later learned. i had quite a sting, Mistress liked that quite a lot.

She turned the knob but told me that i would face castration if i cummed this time (quite made the point).  Next i felt one of O/our new paddles on my buttocks. Hard blows with a heavy paddle (the one W/we just bought) and electro on my clitty were quite the combination, but suddenly i started to feel ill.  In just 15 seconds i started to feel sick to my stomach and i began to fear i could vomit in the hood.  i told Mistress, and She started unbuckling the collar and getting it off.  It was maybe a matter of seconds or minutes, as i started to sweat all over in cold sweat and had to sit on the foot of the bed.

Maybe it was the restriction on the air that made me suddenly feel ill.  One would assume that one could pass out in the session, but it turned out that feeling sick is what happens to me, and vomiting in a hood might cause suffocation so there are risks.

Obviously the session was ended, and i basicly did not miss much as it was already close to the end anyway, but I'm afraid Mistress now thinks She got too far.  Well maybe breath play is not my piece of cake, who knows. Anyway W/we are both well now and ready for Mistress's session.

W/we watched 50 shades of grey from the Finnish tv just as i types this.  Pretty boring movie though.  Nothing compared to the inventiveness of Mistress's sessions. She always thinks of new postures and combinations of things!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

"Candlelight supper"

Mistress had been angry for my unauthorized orgasm the whole week. She didn't take any chances during my next session Friday night.

This time Mistress ordered me to bring Her paper and pen. She was going to write down all the plusses and minuses during my 3 hour serving time. Both quality and speed were going to be surveyed.

i was made to only remove my pants and roll my sleeves, no costume this time.

First She made me clean up the floor as She had been warming the fireplace with firewood and there was a lot of trash. As i reported to Her She came and inspected my work and made notes, not mentioning what She wrote. Thrilling!

Next was supper, with Her favourite kind of sandwiches. i could eat kneeling by the table. After clearing the table She sent me to prepare fresh pesto for Her, another of Her favourites. Of course this command included cleaning up afterwards. She approved of the pesto but - lo behold - She found a little pesto at the edge of the food processor and i was made to reclean.

She made me prepare Her a little pesto sandwich which i failed as i didn't put any tomato slices on it. While She was preparing to eat it She told me to get a canvas, spread it on the floor, get some tealights and matches.

The result was a long session, while i had to keep completely still while tealights were burning on my tits, thighs, pubic mound and belly. Gradually the tealights melted and started heating and finally burning. My thighs started hurting first, and as also belly candle started hurting a lot Mistress blew the candles. 

Result was some round burn marks, which are still showing.
Session pic

Burn marks next day
Here's a pic that inspired Her for the scene.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Session with an unauthorized cum

Next day was the session for me, and this time She wanted me en femme.  i was made to strip at once and carry the pile of my clothes upstairs. She doesn't like the maid outfit i have. i agree, it doesn't do my looks any good. Not a good purchase. Instead She chose a tight black and white striped soft tricot dress that clang to my curves and showed my ass off prettily (Her comment not mine). A wide tight belt accentuated my waist. She also told me to take my high heeled shoes from the closet although She said i cannot walk with them well enough and i was not told to wear them.

She made me prepare supper first, sandwiches and Her favourite mushrooms with onions and melted cheese. We are groeing herbs in the garden, and as i told Mistress we had ran out of lettuce She made me go in the garden with my tight knee length dress and get some more. Luckily the garden is very secluded.

This time i was made to remove my chair and kneel by the table using my hands to eat, no utensils for the sauce either, that was with mouth from plate. it was a bit messy, i was sent to wash face for more ladylike appearance.

After the meal it was wonderful to nd made to scrub the surfaes really clean. The rock surfaces tend to absorp everything and it took effort to get the kitchen sparkling clean. Mistress is already used to commanding me to do little things for Her like picking up what She accidentally drops, this time it was a few lids to freeze boxes.

There was a lot of work to be done, but i didn't half-run all the time like i use to. Maybe the dress made a bit more mature. As the chores ere done i had to fetch the footbath and give Her feet a long relaxing bath while i sang Her a song She chose from 3 candidates i got to choose. Then a thorough rub, drying and greasing was in order. i was sent to get Her woolen socks and put them on.

As a specialty She ordered me next to get the home barbershop items ready and She proceeded to cut my hair short, but first She tied a strap around my upper torso, just above my elbows. i was in bondage as She cut my hair short, as She wished. i was left to clean everything up, of course.

With the strap in place i was lead to bedroom. "Get on the floor on your back, your head to the footboard."  As i got on the floor, She told me to push my head under the bed. The gap was tight, i had to put my head sideways to get it under the footboard, and under the bed my nose nearly touched the bottom of the bed.

After this point i could not see what She did, but i sensed quite a lot.  She attached straps to my wrists and hauled them up and attached to the top of the middle of the footboard. The straps around my torso restricted my arms even more now.  As She next draw her foot to my crotch i felt very sensitive and nearly giggled as the coarse wool of Her sock found its way around and over my genitals.

Next She raised my legs and strap each ankle to the upper corners of the footboard.  She grabbed the hem of my dress and yanked it down, baring my butt and saying it was now easily at Her disposal. She but something in electric socket, and buzzing started. She applied the Hitachi to different parts of my exposed body, perineum, ass, balls and clit. Later i learned that She took the barbecue tongs and grabbed my clit with the tongs to hold it to the Hitachi. She never used Her hands.

The session was long. If She drew my foreskin back with the tongs, i could have gotten off quickly, but She didn't continue that long. At one time She commanded me to stop moving as i tried to push my clit against the Hitachi.  i was to be completely passive. She went back to  perineum to keep me from cumming.  Finally my hips ached so much that i had to ask Her to release my legs.

i lowered my legs to the floor slowly, as my hips really hurt now. She continued with my legs on the floor, pressing my clit against my stomach and rhythmically squeezing my clit with the tongs and pressing it against the Hitachi, after She noticed i got very excited from that.

She had told from the beginning i could not cum, and i must warn Her if i am nearing the edge. However, as i felt the edge nearing, i was already so excited, it didn't stop me from cumming that She took away the Hitachi and the tongs, in a serious of spurts i cummed on the striped dress.

Now this made Her angrier than i could have imagined. It was no play, She was really pissed. She hauled my legs back up liken they were, and She got something from the chest. She stepped on my balls to cover them and strong blows started to land on my butt. i didn't recognize the tool, and i got afraid as She used it with more force than i was used to, without a warmup, and telling off me for not warning Her and "playing along the rules". i howled as She lashed me, especially after She changed the implement and i recognized the cat whip.

Still angry She switched off the lights and left me in the dark.
Marks were visible until the next day

Mistress's session in a hotel

This weekend the session for Mistress was held before the session for me.  Her session included much of the same elements like before, but i was allowed to lick Her more. She doesn't like the tongie flat on her vulva, or licking Her intensively. She likes the silken touch of the tongue, light caresses along the edge of Her pussy lips and between them. i kept my head horizontal to Her pussy son that my lips aligned with Her pussy lips and i could lightly trace Hers with the tip of my tongue.  W/we were in a hotel, so She didn't have Her outfits She likes to cum in, and after me using the vibrator on Her while licking Her at the same time W/we stopped without Her cumming. She doesn't like to show me Her cumming, that's the other reason.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Serving and a pup play session

Because i didn't get a release last weekend, i had a nocturnal emission on Tuesday night. i didn't get a punishment as it happened outside our play time, but Mistress remembered that well yesterday when we had the second session.  Again i had no idea what it was going to be. Three hours of service was first.  She gave me frilly boxers to wear this time, otherwise i was to be naked.  To prevent me from dripping precum, i had to fix a cleaning rag again to my foreskin with a tight rubber band .
She gave me all sorts of chores to do, preparing supper was one of them, and she wanted a halloumi croissant. As i had prepared the table, with a pretzel topped with margarine and pueraria mirifica powder (She has ordered me to start taking pueraria mirifica for libido boost and hrt. i had originally ordered a 20 bag set for Her to use for female hrt) for me, She placed my pretzel and drink on the floor and told me to eat with the help of one finger only and a straw! God it was difficult, i had to eat lying down on the floor.
After eating She told me to get a wet towel for Her to wipe Her hands. After that She wiped my face wit it too, as She said it was messy. She told me to bring half a glass of orange juice for Her. i brought
Then it was cleaning the kitchen and doing small chores, but She also made me run to Her car in the garage in my frilly boxers and take some carpets there (i still don't know why). It was already dark, so there was limited visibility to neighbors. At times i just had to kneel up as She didn't give any commands but just read Her newspaper.
Next she told em to read her book out loud for Her, from the mark,  an exercise which took a big part of the 3 hours.  my foreskin started hurting so much that i pleaded i could remove the rag, and as She allowed me, i could not, She had to cut the rubber band with scissors. She made me look at the ceiling with my hands clasped behind my neck as She used the big scissors on me. A lot of precum flowed out into tissue and then the reading continued.
Finally She told me to get her laptop and the memory stick with the idea gallery, and while She planned the session, She sent me out to get firewood and to rummage in the cellar for some party stuff She wanted for the session. Finally She went upstairs to get the stuff She needed and told me to wait.

The session was to be pup play.  She told me to remove the knickers, gave me a ball strap and told me to put it on. Next She put an ornamental chain collar on me and tied a hairy mask on me that She took from the party stuff bag. Next She had me fetch and put on a belt and fixed a hairy tail in it. She is still considering purchasing me an insertable tail. As She had me ready She asked "how's a dog?". i woofed a couple of times and wiggled my tail for Her looking her in the eye. She just said "Why's the dog barking at me?". She had a tennis ball in Her hand, She fixed my attention to it, moved it around a bit and threw it as far as She could over me: 'Fetch, pup!'
i ran on hands and feet to get the ball, grabbed it in my mouth and brought it to Mistress. She guided me to drop the ball on the floor next to Her feet like real dogs would do. Then She would go on like She would be talking to a dog - using a pup-tone - "The puppy would love to fetch again, wouldn't it", and threw it again.
Later She told She had noticed an instant hard-on the moment the fetching started. Unfortunately there was nothing to prevent me dripping streams of precum on the floors. i'll make Her slip some day...
She started faking the direction She threw, making fake throws before the real one, like you would do with a genetic dog. Fetching was surprisingly tiring after 5-6 throws i was very tired, and luckily She let me rest on my side on the floor now for some time, while She used the toilet. As She returned She took the riding crop and started giving blows with it to my balls and sissy clit that were showing in my curled up position. The pain in my balls was severe enough to take  me out of my sweet spot.

Next the training started. A real dog collar was placed round my neck, a chain leash was connected to it. A tug on the leash got me on all fours, by Her left side. She let me smell my licorice candy which She kept in Her hand, and as She started walking, She pulled it away from me, thus indicating me to start walking as well. i walked by Her side on all fours. My unprotected  knees were taking quite the abuse, but i couldn't think of not following Her. She motivated me by letting me sniff the candy at times. She also kept the leash tight, even dragging my leash if i was following too slowly.
i was quite adept at heeling Her, which She praised me for, and pushed the candy in my mouth and told me to eat it, but She was not content with that. She ordered me to start observing Her hands, which turned out quite difficult as Her hands were so much higher than my eyes. While walking i had to keep my chin up and my head tilted towards Her, as the mask (let's face it, it wasn't a dog mask it was a cat mask, what an embarrassment for a dog!) restricted my view.
She stopped, showed me Her palm. i didn't know what to do, so She let me sniff the treat and then moved it on top of my head. As i understood to lower my butt and sit, She was happy and gave me another small treat. i stared now Her hands incessantly and a tap on Her thigh and a tug on my leash told me to get my ass up and start heeling her again.
Next She showed me Her hands fingers up, which looked so much like a "don't follow"-sign that i stayed as She moved to the other side of the room still holding my leash. i was learning my first commands, and because She never used the verbal commands, i was at loss, in the same way a real dog is, when learning what everything means!
As She tapped Her thigh i knew to start crawling to Her again, but She directed me by my leash to circle behind Her while getting on Her left side. i learned that quickly, only a couple of rehearses needed.
i was taken a break from pup play so that i could run and get a small towel for me to kneel upon on all fours. She made me retreat a little so that She could sit on Her easy chair and my balls and ass were within easy reach. Now i felt a few tugs on my ball strap as something was attached to it. Then She emerged with the treat, and She enticed me to move forward so that the ball leash She had tied to my balls became tout and started to draw my balls away. "That's it my little dog, pull on your balls to get to your Owner. Keep it that way."
She went back behind me now and soon i felt that something like a big strap bend my erect sissy clit roughly and coarsely backwards, and She started manipulating it with diverse ways, tapping it, pulling the foreskin back and wanking it, the next moment giving hard blows on it and my balls with the riding crop, making me wince. Again She wanked me furiously for a short time, but not even edging me.
Suddenly i understood She had tied my ball strap to the leash, and new rounds around the apartment started, this time i was being led by my balls. Training continued as well, as stay and sit were again rehearsed, and She was glad that i started to know the hand signals, and rewarded me with a candy, which She placed on my snout. "Stay" She hissed, and i had to stay so still that the candy stayed on top of my snout. I succeeded, so She took it and replaced it on the very snout. Another minute still, and i was allowed to try to hurl it in the air and catch it in my mouth, but to no avail. i could not learn that so after a few trials i was allowed to eat it from the floor.
She taught me that dog training is hard work for the pup, and that if your genitals are ignored for the most of the time, while mental play keeps you excited, even small stimulation like a pull on the ball leash will become an exciting sexual deed.
The evening session ended in a thorough whipping of my balls and sissy clit while being on all fours, leaking on the towel, sissy clit bent backwards again.

Later i looked up dog signals so you get an idea of them, but i am not going to memorize those, but let her train me:

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Saturday: session for Wife

O/our new system means one sex session per week is directed at Wife's satisfaction.

For the session She wore a tight short dress and undies only.  She directed me to bedroom and guided my motions with exact commands. First W/we kissed and hugged, then She told me how to feel Her thighs ever so lightly, going up to the side of her pussy lips.  She also likes the grabbing sensation at Her hipbones, and squeezing of buttocks, and commanded me accordingly.

She removed Her panties, and i could even touch the outer lips with my fingertips.  She liked the sensations very much and started breathing more heavily. She told me to proceed, and stroke also the crest of Her shaved pussy lightly.

Next i was told to keep my finger straight, and insert it in the pussy, then second and third, and finger fuck Her.  She was all the time standing and i was kneeling behind Her. However, She prefers Her dildo to my penis or fingers, so She told me to fuck Her with Her favourite dildo.  After trying that for some time She took control of the dildo Herself and told me to knead Her breasts while She uses the dildo.  This all had been very erotic both to me and Her, but She before She orgasmed, She threw me out and continued solo to 4 orgasms, which i could hear from the living room.

It was embarrassing to be thrown out of the equation at the crucial moment, but i was so happy She got off 4 times.  W/we have gotten off to a good start.