Saturday, 10 March 2018

Fetch play outdoors

Wow, Mistress threw another impressively imaginative session yesterday, which culminated in fetching in the Finnish snow. The motivation for the not-so-pleasurable tone of the session was me forgetting the Women's day on Thursday :(

As soon as i got home She ordered me to kneel and remove all my clothes. As i had them piled She told me to take the pile to my clothes closet and wait there kneeling. 

With the session attire She had chosen She came in and tossed me the key, telling me to remove my cb and put on the red corset. As i had it on She taped plastic on my loins making me taped-on  diy plastic shorts. She also had taken the new bamboo cane and She used it throughout the session to keep my pace up, with occasional blow on my ass, thighs

or tits.

Now as i was equipped to Her liking my first task was preparing Her a zander dinner, and old leftovers for me. She also told me to pour two glasses of white wine. As W/wr started eating She told me to put a straw into my wine glass and pit it on the floor. Every now and then She told me to gey some wine and then i had to leave the table, get on my knees and drink without the use of my hands.

As i reported to Her after clearing the table and cleaning the kitchen She was sitting on the sofa with Her book. She told me to nestle by Her feet and  purr! i curled up around Her feet in my nakedness, and started making gurgling noises. First they were just plain odd, but gradually i learned to make sounds with my throat that resembled a purring cat. How odd it felt, my nose against Her socks, purring like a cat while She continued reading for a long time, with me purring and purring with my newly found skill!

Finally She told me to put on the gag with the toilet brush and leather bracelets above my elbows. As i had everything on She walked me into the first toilet whacking my thighs with Her cane. Next She supervised me cleaning O/our three toilet bowls with the brush in my mouth! She gave precise instructions as i pushed my head deeper and deeped in the bowl, whether to rotate the brush or shove it in and out. i came to think this is the only type of fucking i may do nowadays, fucking the sewer with the toilet brush. As She was satisfied, She each time took the regular toilet brush and showed me how to do it while my head remained down above the bowl, and She flushed the toilet. In the second toilet She kept pushing my head rhytmically into the bowl as i brushed it. The third one i did with my elbows fixed together behind my back. She freed them soon, before ordering me to cleaning other toilet surfaces, mirrors and faucets.

As i reported to Her after finishing the toilets She checked different places in each toilet, making me redo certain parts in each one. i had to wait kneeling in attention for some time next, before She told me to empty certain kitchen drawers where food is kept, to thoroughly clean and wash them. As i was ready She told me to kneel where She had been sitting and reading Her book the whole evening (the session always take 5-6 hours) , turn my back to Her,  and She fixed my elbows together. Then She told me to lie down on the floor on my side.

i had to drop my body on the floor from a kneeling position. Lying down was pleasant for a change, and i even drifted into a light sleep, but soon one of my arms (surprisingly not the lower one but the upper one) started to fall asleep, become numb. Therefore i had to twice roll over by raising myself and throwing myself back on the floor.

So, as suddenly as it started, Mistress ended my lying down by ordering me to stand up straight, and me complying promptly. She told me to get the insertable dog's tail, one of O/our newer toys. It was only the second time it was used. As i got it She told me to remove my plastic "panties" and shove it in. There was no mention of lubrication, but luckily my bum was moist from being inside plastic, and i could nearly insert it with one long shove, my bum  up in the air before Her. It was actually sexily humiliating to be made to insert a tail in your ass, and you have to do it before Her. It needed a little shuffling to and fro, but soon the flat base rested deep between my butt cheeks.

Now She told me to put on my bum freezer style coat (didn't know yet it was going to be literal this time) and bring my ankle boots to the backdoor. She also put on full winter clothes. i got an erection again as i fearing being "outed" and soon She told me to follow Her out, to O/our darkly lit backyard.  She lead me to a far corner which was not seen from other houses. She had Her cane and She used it, but no leash.

Now She took a small stick, threw it far in the snow and said "Fetch! With your mouth of course". i ran to it, holding the tail in my butt as it felt it could escape, knelt in tje snow with my bare knees and shove my face in the snow where there was a crack in the snow with the form of the stick. Nothing. i could just bite snow. The stick had fallen deep in the soft snow. i could do nothing but press my face fully into the snow, open mouth full of snow to get to the stick. With the third try i reached it and brought it back. Mistress took it and threw it again. This got repeated 4 times, before She lead me back frozen mouthed. I was trembling from the freezing temperature, bare legged, still holding the tail with my hands.

At the door She had me remove Her shoes, and thank me for the session by kissing Her feet. Then i had to remove the corset and tail, store the toys away and get my wiener back into the can.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Session update

W/we had Lina spending a holiday week here so the next session was postponed to last week.

This time i was ordered to strip naked. She gave me the key, and told me to remove the cb for a cleaning. Normally i get to clean it every weekend, but a midweek cleanup is always welcome too.

She supervised my cleaning, and after that She became my personal trainer: She lead me through a training session with all sorts of strenuous positions and walking round using different gaits. She was strict and smacked my face to improve my motivation.

Afterwards told me to prepare supper for Her.  i was made to eat some old leftovers, on the floor, in the corner like a dog. However i liked every second.

There were no cleaning duties this time.  Instead i was told to read out loud Her book for Her. It was a book about animal rights, She is a believer of those.

As She grew tired of that, She told me to get the box of straps from the toy chest. She chose me the breast harness and the new wrist-to-thigh restraints W/we had not yet used.  She helped me to secure my left hand.  The velcro straps were quite tight and i could not utilize my hands after that.

She told me to get up (difficult with the straps) and stand with my back against a pole. Now She fixed my ankles with straps too, and fixed them together behind the pole. my hands stayed fixed, and the neck strap of the breast harness was tied to the pole as well. i could not move i had to stand straight.

Finally She produced a blindfold and put it on tight. She kept me standing up for about an hour during which She waled past me many times, and whacked my tit or clit (which was free the whole evening) or bit my ear or something like that so that i winced instinctically each time She got near.

As She freed me it was back to the chastity for another week!

Sunday, 18 February 2018


Interesting developments today...  W/we had a session that got extended from yesterday into today, and... got to cum... finally.

There was a week without session as W/we were both ill last week. This week i was busy at work, so i got home only at 7pm on the session night. 'It means your fun part of the session will be shorter, not my fun part, She said".

She told me to undress, and chose a backless short apron as my only piece of clothing for the service. It only just covered my cb. She checked that my cb was stuffed with tissue to prevent me from leaking precum on the floors.

W/we had already done some cleaning earlier, but the toilets were not cleaned for 2 weeks so She sent me to clean two toilets first. After that i reported and She checked my work - and found spots in the mirror. And in the faucet. i apologized and did them again.  After the upstairs toilet and bathroom She came to check them too, and did it closely, also finding fault in a hand mirror and especially on the surface which She described as "poorly cleaned".  i did a careful touch-up.

Next, before i was sent to clean the toilet in the cellar, She wanted some red wine, which She sipped while She watched X Factor. and i cleaned the last toilet carefully, afraid of a following checkup. As i reported, She just said She is not at all interested to do a checkup this time...

i was allowed a glass of red wine, kneeling at Her feet, while She watched more X Factor. Then She said that there's a big chore for me left. The main bathroom tiling had a lot of lime buildup, and She sent me to scrape it off with a razor blade.  Without my apron, in my chastity belt only. After a good while of toiling She showed up, and sat down near me on a bench, watching me sit and kneel on the tiles, changing position frequently to reach new areas. She complemented me for my naked moving body.

Eventually She told me to get upstairs. There She said, that the session will continue tomorrow morning, and She told me to open the toy chest and wait kneeling by it. As She returned, She fixed cuffs on my wrists, and a short strap between them. That was how i slept the night, with a very short women's nightie (not covering ass).

In the morning She picked up there She left. i was sent to make tea and breakfast in  my flimsy nightie.

Next She ordered me back upstairs, and get Her the blindfold. She ordered me to sit  down on the floor, then sent me to get  couple of terry rags, which She placed under my cb as i returned.

She blindfolded me and told me to sit spreadlegged, cuffed my right ankle to the foot of the bed, removed the strap connecting my wrists, removed my nightie and strapped my right wrist to my right knee.

Now She tossed me the key to my cb, and told me to remove my cage and wank, but with one finger only.  i could only open the lock with my left hand. It was difficult alone to get the key in the lock, but as i got it in, i could quickly remove the cage. i couldn't see it but my sissy clit sprang into attention, aided by the base ring, and i made my index finger into a hook and started massaging the underside of my glans with it.

It was the first time in 2 months and 1 week i could get erect! And so humiliating to be made to sit on the floor and masturbate with one finger of the "wrong" hand only. On a Saturday morning, at a time i had never chosen myself! i heard Her busying herself with something, but staying near, coming and going as i worked diligently.

However, it was not so easy to get off with one finger only!  So after a good while She told me that i could use two fingers (one on top, one under it). This made it easier and soon i got precum flowing in volumes, making it so slippery my fingers slipped off many times. i knew that all my precum and possible cum (if given permission) would land on the rag i had fetched on the floor.

i tried different styles, but i noticed wanking was now something i was not used to anymore, and i was not making progress towards cumming. my clit was a bit tender, and i could not get my foreskin moving: when erect, i could not bare my glans. Being denied of pulling it back has maybe turned my foreskin smaller?

Finally She told me to get flat on the floor on my belly.  It was not an easy task with my right ankle tied, but i shuffled further until i was on my stomach, legs spread, clit between my legs, pointing at my feet. my right hand was still tied to my right knee, and my right leg to the bed. She told me to keep my left hand behind my neck, as She plugged the Hitachi on.

She placed Her foot on my naked ass, pressed me flat against the floor, and started pressing my clit against the floor with Hitachi. That was so much easier to get off with!  It took almost no time as i was whimpering with an approaching orgasm. Before i could ask permission, She however placed the wand against my balls, giving me time to recover.

Soon She recommenced squashing my clit against the floor with Her wand, and i had to ask permission to cum almost immediately. She pulled the wand away, and the approaching cum faded away. But as She pressed my clit again, and i asked for permission, She just continued, pressing my ass with Her foot, my hand behind my neck, and i exploded, squeshed between the wand and the terry rag.  The amount of cum was surprisingly small, so She continued a long time, not noticing the small squirt. What a way to cum after 70 days of chastity!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Session in the snow

'Get undressed'
The session had just started and Mistress was rummaging in the toy box. She chose the breast harness and the same leather pants i used last week. She told me to put socks back on and get wool socks too, and put on my ski suit on my otherwise naked body. She put on outerwear too.
Soon i had to follow Her outside, and into the nearby woods. i was carrying Her bag where She had gathered some toys. This was going to be a different session night!
We had just had a lot of snow here, and as She directed me off from the road, W/we could see no tracks in the snow - W/we were alone. She took a chain leash from the bag, and connected it to the neck of the collar of the harness. Now She started to drag me behind Her, and it was really difficult to follow Her in the deep snow, i just stumbled along as She climbed on some round cliffs towards some higher ground.
She stopped at a pine tree, pushed my chest against it, fixed cuffs to my wrists, and tied them together behind the tree: i hugged the tree and could not get away!
She started opening my buttons, and tried to yank down my pants. It was difficult as my ski suit had suspenders. However She got my ass soon uncovered in the cold freezing night. Now She took hold of a slapper and started laying out some pretty hard blows on my buttocks. As it was a slapper the sound echoed around in the woods, and soon also my moans.
As She had had enough, She freed my hands and told me to sit in the snow with my naked butt and glistening chastity cage! As i hesitated She told me off in stern words and i could do nothing but descend and sit really deep in the soft snow, and stay where for a while.
As She told me to get up my ass was like frozen, it was just numb for a while, as i redressed, while some snow went into my suit, making me wet. As i was ready, She grabbed the leash again, and continued determinedly deeper into the forest while i tried to leap behind Her and follow while She held the leash short, and i had to keep my head down, and just try not to fall in the snow. She was very crude, and i got deep in subspace, as She dragged me in the deep snow through the small forest onto another road, where She removed the leash only as W/we approached the first houses.

She had saved me the weekly cleaning, so as W/we got back and i was undressed again to my breast harness and leather briefs,  She told me to start vacuuming the whole house, with the threat that She will check up certain places and if She finds dust i will know it in my hide.  After vacuuming i had to wash the floors on my knees, wiping them with rags. i did everything diligently, and i was happy i could reach many hard-to-reach places with my rag. She told me also to make hot sandwiches as a supper, and be ready top serve them at 9pm promptly!  i had to take care of the time myself which added to my burden. i managed to be ready at 8.59! After W/we had eaten the excellent sandwiches, She told me that there was still the toilets to be washed, so i took to that job next, without a murmur.
As i was ready She had me wait kneeling at attention for a while and then sent me to hurry up and dust some carpets on O/our dark balcony.

As the carpets were ready and replaced, She told me to get Her a hand towel and tricot strip She had had me cut years ago. She made me remove my briefs and kneel up with my back facing a column, spread my legs and then push my hands through my legs. Now i felt Her sweet, cold hands on my balls!  They felt so nice, after not having my genitals touched by Her for a long time. She tied the strip around my balls, threaded them behind the column and back to my hands. my balls became tied to my hands while the tying strip went around a column. Now She told me to move forward on my knees, which was nit very easy with hands between my knees. And as i moved, my balls became pulled further away from my body and to the back. As the tension was right according to Her taste She told me to stay like that and She sat down on the sofa again, where She had been reading Her book.  But not before placing the towel on my hands so that possible precum would be caught on the towel.

i had to stay on my forehead and knees. The position was not comfortable to say the least. However soon the precum started flowing. And dripping. i was so hot i tried to get off by only tightening and flexing my genital muscles inside my chastity cage, which of course stayed on. Or by slowly rocking against the flexible strips. i had now been chaste nearly two months. As i moaned, She got up, and gave a thrashing on my butt with the same slapper, which can really hurt.  Next She gave a series of blows on my tightly drawn balls - first very light, then stronger. It only served to make me hotter, with no way to get off, not this week any way.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Nearly got to cum

It was session night yesterday!  i had also this week been to my second laser hair removal treatment for my entire crotch area. So it was smooth as baby skin again, but Mistress, probably deliberately, did not focus any attention there. She told me to undress totally and only wear my leather briefs along with my cb which i was told to cover so that it does not leak precum - i used a condom on the cage.

Mistress had made a long list of chores, She lied pleasurably on the sofa reading Her eBook , and dropped an order at a time.  However She was again very demanding. As my footsteps were not fast enough for Her, She told me off in severe words, She demanded She was served enthusiastically.  Even though She wanted me to run to Her after each chore was completed, She might leave me kneeling for a good time in complete stillness before the next command.

i had to steam all the floors this time with a steam cleaner, prepare a supper, change bedclothes, make Her a foot bath etc etc. Foot bath included drying and kissing Her feet and all toes as well. Once She asked me if i wanted some extra errands, and i was like "Well,i...." She got angry, and told me i should always be enthusiastic to do any extra chores She might have for me, and She got me deeper in sub space immediately.

Finally as i followed Her upstairs, She started to browse my idea files, and just told me to turn around so i could not see what folders She examined and how long. After a while She told me to follow Her to bedroom,. i got a poster collar, ankle and wrist restraints, and an order to put them on. As i was done She said She was happy i imprisoned myself again for Her.

Now She brought my hands behind my back and tied my wrists to the back of my collar drawing my hands near shoulder blades. She told me to fall on the floor, and get on my belly which i did. She hogtied my ankles now to my wrists and out on a blindfold and left me to ponder my uncomfortable position in complete darkness, my cheek and junk against the floor.

Soon She returned though, told me to lift my head off the floor, pushed something under my head and told me to eat. It was not something pleasant i found with my probing mouth, smelled like fish. Later i found out it was fish meant for our cat. However She guided me to lick the plate clean and the bits i had pushed off it too.

Now a change of headgear was in order, the complete leather hood was pushed on my head, and zipped closed. It works as a rebreather as there are only two small holes for breathing. i had to concentrate in my breathing.

She told me to shuffle on the floor on my belly, which was really difficult hogtied, but a little by little i inched forward. Finally She told me to stop and unzipped my briefs, exposed my butt. i was now position right for the Hitachi and switched it on.

Now i was allowed to try to get off on the vibration while caged!  She pressed it strongly against my balls, perineum and asshole. However this was the week i had been least horny during my nearly 2 month chastity, and i had trouble getting off. i tried to get my cage lie along the floor so that She could press it against the wall with the wand, but mostly She concentrated on vibrating my balls which of course was very nice and radiated to my clit, making me pant in ecstasy. But She got tired of this and declared the session was over! i'm still hot and horny now as i write this.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Puppy session

On Tuesday my first two new Chinese chastity belts arrived. One was the plastic device that was meant for play only (it has electrodes), but the other was out to use immediately, a metal device with shorter tube and 50mm base ring. The ring is also thick so it does not chafe easily. It was difficult to get my junk in the tube, but once i had it on, and locked by Mistress, it has stayed on until taken off for cleaning today.

Friday was O/our weekly session night.

Mistress put me into subspce by ordering me to remove my socks and run to the basement and back - three times, as i wasn't quick enough first to times! Each time i had to throw myself on my knees before Her to report.

She made me undress totally, and then fixed my serving outfit on me: clinging plastic film wrapped around my torso from armpits to hips, and some around my new cock cage, and taping it on.

This was my service outfit this time. i was even sent outside to beat carpets in it, but was allowed jacket and pants on top.

She kept me on my toes the whole evening. i had to be quick when Se sent me to clean toilets, prepare supper and do allsorts of chores. i was also made to wash Her feet in a bowl as She reclined on the sofa.

For my session She ordered me to bring the pup's tail, pup's cllar and leash. It was about pup play! i had to insert my pup's tail first. It's one of O/our new toys. It felt large first, but with the help of lube it went in, and did feel quite nice after that. i could fuck my prostate with it by clenching and unclenching my buttocks, and quite big amounts of precum squirted during the play, finally starting to dribble on the floor from the plastic-covered cock cage. Cage stayed on this session too, only my anus was played with. 

i had to be playful wagging my tail, and then She fixed the leash on me and had me heel Her as She walked about the house. Turns are always difficult, my nose should stay near Her knee.

She clipped off the leash, told me to stay, moved away, and told me to heel. She trained me to circle behind Her to Her left side, always. Different positions, difficult turns.  Some fetching followed, She threw my used socks around as a package and made me fetch them.  The tail plug made me feel super sexy and i clenched my butt around it.

Finally She prepared an obstacle track. She releashed me and guided me along the track. First i had to zigzag amongst some items She set on the floor, then jump on a stool, and crawl under a table, as She cheered me to do it faster and faster, repeat the track time after time.  As i was good, She gave me a raisin or a nut from Her hand. As a prize She took hold of my balls.

There was nothing more this time, cock cage was not removed, but She told me  could keep the tail in my butt until bedtime which i did!  i liked the pup play very much!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Mistress's plans

i got an anonymous email inquiry:

Does she want you to fully transition to female dress one day? Or just to have manboobs some cross dressing? 

Actually yesterday Mistress took me to a long walk in the evening and wanted to discuss O/our D/s so i answer in more detail.  She has been quite happy with the current arrangement. W/we try to have Her session on Saturdays in the future. Sometimes She may omit a session if She doesn't want sex. Towards the summer W/we will prepare some new bondage play facilities in a garden shed, where i can be hoisted up and hang from a beam, head up or head down.

Currently W/we have a D/s session once a week. She plans to add surprise weekend trips, where i will be in slave mode. i will not know beforehand about Her plans, i just have to chaeffeur Her, open doors, act politely etc. This could be partly public play as well. She will acknowledge my sub status at other times too, and She has already done that, by grabbing my ball forcefully in bed, while naked in O/our private pool etc.

She does not probably want me totally feminized. W/we have tried that, but it seems impossible to make me (at this age) attractive as a female, and first of all She wants me to look attractive. However, i am on a diet, now under 80kg, and maybe as i get a very narrow waist, She will test my looks again.  She does plug my eyebrows though, and i use panties often, and a soft corset nearly always. If i need a break from the corset, i just ask Her. Some of my pubic hair has grown back so i will take another laser treatment soon. So i am becoming a hairless sissy with real boobs, but mostly live as a male.

Part of my daily routine i eat pueraria mirifica on top of my sandwiches, and i also eat a new slave gruel once or twice day.

It consists of psyllium, cold water, soy kibble, vinegar for (bad) taste, little salt, and a lessening amount of honey. First there was more honey, now very little, maybe nothing soon. Just mixed together, no heating. A few weeks ago i had never heard of psyllium. It is a basic ingredient of gluten-free bread, it is 85% fibre so it helps lose weight. It is also used to cleanse bowels, e.g. it is used for horses that have tendency to eat sand.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Session with new toys

Mistress celebrated my one month in full chastity by keeping my chastity belt on throughout the weekly session.

She ordered me first to our toy chest where She chose the serving costume. This time it was the maid's dress, with stockings, panties removed and replaced with a suspender belt, and the red corset underneath, no shoes. The dress was locked on, even though i had no intentions of removing it anyway. i managed to take photos after dressing up. She locked bracelets above my elbows and connected them behind my back with a chain. The chain means i had to learn to push the other arm behind my back if i needed to reach up or far.

First 4 hours She made me do household chores excepy for one long break while i waited for a new command on my knees as She worked with Her laptop. Actually long kneeling still is really difficult and makes my back hurt and makes it difficult to start moving again.

i did a myriad of things, mostly running small and meaningless errands, the largest being cleaning surfaces in the kitchen spotless. She approved it otherwise in Her check, but the bottom of the sink and the metal sink trap and the sewer under it were not gleaming, so She ordered me to get Vim and polish them until they shine.  i was of course very apologetic for this.

After the kitchen was done She pointed at one of the large drawers and said "Empty this and clean the bottom!" my only question was "Madam, did you point at this drawer?"

After doing the laundry, and preparing Her (not me) a small supper, She told me to get Her a couple of tools from the shed that is located at the ack of O/our yard, the route visible from many houses. i just asked  in my maid's dress "Will i go like this, Mistress?" "No, put on your short overcoat"

It meant my lacy hem remained partly visible, also the ends of my apron ribbons at the back, and i had only stockings on between my mid-thigh and shoes! They could be considered sports leggings from a distance so the risk of getting caught was small. However it was exciting She is no longer so secretive about my status!

After that She did some glueing jobs and i had to press each glued item until the superglue set. Easy but boring, suitable for a slave.

Each time i had fulfilled Her order i remembered to throw myself on my knees, as She reprimanded me last time for neglecting that. Once, after i did that, She told me to get on all fours and expose my ass.  With my hands tied with the chain behind my back i noticed i had to keep my shoulders low and my forehead to the floor. She had a ruler and a stick in Her hand and She gave me a series with the ruler, told me to rate it. i said "mild". Then She followed with the stick, and it was a bit more stinging. It was a punishment for my fails.

my supper was only five mini-sized spelt crackers with cheese adnd pueraria mirifica. i was sent to eat them alone on the laundry room floor.

Eventually i was told to wait on my knees in the bedroom while She browses session idea photos. i looked at my image in the mirror while i waited, happy with my new slim waist. i have lost 6 kg now.

As She returned, She unlocked my dress. i was to continue in my red corset showing off my tits nicely, and stockings. There was no reference to my chastity device. It just stayed on.

She told me to get the Humilitor gag from the chest. We had invested in Scott Paul Design's tray  and toilet brush attachments, but had not used them at all yet. She buckled the tray in my mouth and sent me to get Her a 1/4 glass of apple juice from the kitchen. Keeping the tray balanced means i have to keep my head up, and as the tray hampered my vision i had to keep hold of the rails while going in the stairs.

i filled juice in a plastic glass to be safe. Balancing it on the tray was surprisingly easy. It is just necessary to bite on the gag quite intensively. Even climbing stairs went without accidents. i knelt head high by Her and offered Her the tray. She scolded me for bringing more than a 1/4 glass.

After drinking it She placed the glass smartly on my tray again and told me to bring it back to the kitchen and get toilet detergent. My mistake was to nod, the glass tumbled over but i caught it still on the tray. i mumbled an apology to the gag, and moved swiftly downstairs with the empty glass on my mouth tray.

As i returned, She changed the attachment, fixing the new toilet brush to my gag.  It was humiliating to notice my head became a toilet brush stick. She told me quickly to get to the toilet, put detergent in the bowl, and start brushing it. After my first tentative attempts She guided me to nod my head and do up and down movement with the brush along the walls, gradually covering the entire area. i had to push my head far in the bowl, my maid's dress revealed my ass as i stooped. As i vigorously moved my head, She started feeling my balls with each nod, in the same rhythm i was brushing the toilet. She then told me to start brushing under water level, meaning i had to push me head even deeper in the toilet. Her touches to my balls became slaps, She was slapping my balls, which were very well presented while my clit remained squashed inside its little cage, now filling it to the brim.

Finally She flushed the toilet and told me to rinse the brush in the water. The last part was shaking my head to bang the brush against the walls to dry it. Who wants to drip toilet water around?

i thought i had survived the ordeal, but She told me to go downstairs, and the affair was repeated in the downstairs toilet.  Now, as i was bobbing my head up and down, She took hold of my entire ball sac with Her cool hand, taking a firm hold of it, and yanking it at the same speed as my mouth and head moved inside the toilet.  Needless to say my pace became more anxious, and so did Her hand. i was so full inside my cage, last ruined orgasm in more than a month ago. i so wanted to be teased, to cum. With renewed energy i bobbed my head in a frenzy. What a devious way this was to make me degrade myself! But She didn't give me more than i could chew. Her groping changed again into slapping on my balls, as i continued to fuck the toilet bowl with my brush like a madman. i continued to rush the brush, but then She just stopped slapping my balls. i could not guide Her, She did what She wanted. i continued unnecessarily long, but She did not recommence Her assaults on my balls. Instead She checked the bowl and flushed it. This time i knew to push my head so deep that the brush got thoroughly rinsed, and my hair caught part of the flood as well. it was a new experience to have my head in a flushed toilet. Like a pro i then shook my head like a dog to dry the brush against the inside walls of toilet bowl.

Now Mistress told me to get into the laundry room toilet, where She removed the attachment and told me to clean the brush, which i did carefully with my bare hands. it is an expensive toilet brush after all. The session was over. After a week i may have another chance to get satisfaction, and until that i will have to cope being inside the chastity device.
humiliator upside down

humiliator gag right way

EDIT: Added photos of the humiliator gag worn the wrong way like W/we did and the right way. The wrong they i drooled more

Thursday, 11 January 2018

247 chastity break in period over

my problems with sleeping in the Jailbird are over. Now i have been in 247 chastity for a full month, of course with no release to cum. It is miraculous that body adapts to the device in a break in period of about 3 weeks. Maybe skin hardens too behind the balls and now my only problem is mentally adapting to the fact that most days and even weeks you cannot get hard at all, no matter how excited you are. i still insert an entire sheet of tissue paper through the bars into the top of the cage to make my 4" cage shorter than 3".  i emit precum from my flaccid dick, the tissue practically collects it as well.

My temporary string system and my everyday waist cincher 

Yesterday i gave my spare key to Mistress, as during the last week i have needed the key only for cleaning. Last night i woke up, not because of nocturnal erection, as those have been gone for long, but for a thought i can not get out any more, The device is now like a wedding ring stuck in your finger and mot possible to remove and it can cause anxiety. i think i entered the mental break in period now.

W/we have decided to tie the device to the body by the base ring. It actually feels better that way as the ring sits tightly against the pubic bone and an erection can not push the device off the body. W/we have found so far that the best solution is a belt tightly round your narrowest waist, and a shoestring tied from it to the front and back of the base ring. It can be so tight the ring is pressed slightly "into" the body. The only problem is pressure of the string against the tail bone when sitting in a car, but it motivates you to sit straight and not slouch. W/we use a soft cloth square in the crack under the string because the back string has to be extra tight to take pressure of the base ring off the back of your ball sac.

Base ring tight to the body

Back of the base ring tied to back of the waist through the ass crack

i can remove the strings and make them tighter or loser, but i rarely do as i can have number two like they do in a Neosteel, by pulling the string slightly to the side. i go to shower each morning with the device on and Mistress requires a thorough daily was through the bars. The strings and the belt strap dry quickly against body heat. i grease the skin around the base ring after the shower and before sleeping, so that the device can be rotated easily.

In the
In the shower

With the strings tightly in place it is impossible to pull out as well, which used to be my problem, Well W/we will go to even more secure belts in the future.

i have added photos which i took of my morning chores as i have time to upload them. i will also upload a video of me learning to excite my growing nipples and tits. They are available to me all the time and form an obvious substitute for masturbating my locked clit.
No bulge, sideview in underwear

Boobs don't show much under regular clothes

EDIT If the back string puts pressure on the tail bone, it is too tight, and can cause swelling. The cage must not be pulled too far between the legs as it can restrict blood flow.